Land mines

So I kind of observe and just listen.

I like everyone. I am very easy going and relaxed.

People tend to be very comfortable around me very fast… and also freely tell me things – everyone does this… I know many things that others don’t.

If is personal things – it is not my business and I keep to self.

Everyone tells me everything 🤨 I am just there and that happens 😳

So I know things … and then sometimes I learn things about stuff and because I know things I can see situation little better and see how could be from?

Sorry I don’t mean to be cryptic

Also… when it comes to how I take a person… I take them how they are with me.

Someone else may have issues with them, but if they are good with me – I don’t have a problem personally – I will make my own decisions with how I feel towards someone.

And I am also protective … and I like everyone. I don’t want any sides – just let me be with that – I am very neutral

When I was little … my grandparents were huge in my life – they didn’t like my mother because she took their son away from them – but my father loved her.

Anyway… I would be with my grandparents and they would speak really badly about my mother… I was a child. I have always just listened ✌️

I knew what had been said, knew how they felt …

But that was my mother, I love my mother with my whole heart – there was no way I would break her heart by telling her what they had said. Nope. So I kept it.

Families do that I guess – or I suppose I should say people? People do that.

Anyway that is an attributing factor as to why I keep what said to self.

I can see things when people tell me everything… I can see what could be causes and the more stories they tell… the more I piece together the puzzle 🧩

It is strange.

I will still take each person as they come at me…

And I do really like them all!!

I just know a lot of things in every direction 🤨

I like to just be happy, come in, work, laugh, be done, be happy and leave lol ✌️😄 see simple – no shit, nice and easy

But drama – I am not sure how to figure them out.

I am just not that way. That makes things too heavy for me.

I am the buffer…

Because I currently go well on both sides … both sides work really well with me so let’s hope that continues.

But there is a severe line between both groups? I am sort of smack dab in middle 😳

Both sides tell me stories about the other 🤨

Anyway whatever – I am just mentioning. I step carefully here – both sides are like land mines 🤨

8 thoughts on “Land mines

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  1. You do too mean to be cryptic!!

    In your work situation, as mgr, I’d eventually start asking probing questions during complaints… stuff like “why do you think they did that?”, “why does it bother you so much?”, “what part of it bothers you the most?”, “what would you do, or have them do instead?” Hoping to figure out a root problem that can be addressed. Asking people how they’d solve the problem they’re bitching about often goes a long way in getting them to give you a workable option OR get them to accept whatever it is.

    I’m having tons of fun NOT sharing personal info with my “supervisor” (TIL she’s just a higher titles coworker… only supervising me till I learn systems and can work on my own). I learned we have a lot of history in common but I didn’t tell her. The last thing I need is to feed her theory that we are similar!!

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    1. Lol – well I have to be somewhat cryptic

      I hear why they think that, and what/why bothers them.

      And I get it… I understand their issues – but they don’t have to deal with it anymore, or have to deal with much at this point

      They used to work with the other girls – they believe the other girls just f’ed the whole thing up

      I dunno … I hear both sides – my girls won’t back down so I try to divert away from any of that

      Oh I am curious what you have in common lol … that is funny lol


      1. Raised very near each other, similar thirsts for knowledge, not afraid of public speaking, very direct with people, strong IT knowledge, willing to stand up to people to get work done correctly – and make them do their parts, lots of gay friends in the past… stuff like that.

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      2. Oh wow!! So extremely similar … but just politically and generally different lol

        That is funny

        I will have to check you out and see how today went lol


      3. After I specifically told her NOT to send shit to my phone, she sent a “cute cat shirt”. And just as our entire day went, I already did that! (its ugly IRL) I’m ignoring the msg. If I reply, she’ll take it as an invite to send more msgs.

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