Causes and heels

I kinda have a lot to do tonight…

Ya know… When I watch death… it comes in spurts…

Well used to come in spurts better… now is blending

For example… there will be times where our entire board is FULL and we are going crazy, we have all those heavy restrictions and we on 3 week lockdown tmrw I believe?

We pray for no one else to die! Cause it goes nuts …

We had just gone nuts… it started to relax for a moment… was like for 2 days lol I will take 2 days – let’s us get a handle…

We had a first call last night and I believe 2 from today…

Just today got 3 new – so here we go again

It’s like waves at the beach. hits you… rolls back a little … hits you again – yes that is an accurate assessment ✌️ they will keep coming

Someone called the funeral home today just to ask a question. They wanted to know if Alzheimer’s can be listed as cause of death on death certificate.

Yes. It can be the main cause and/or the only cause. The causes are provided to us by the decedents doctor…

We are the ones who will handle the death certificate… so we need all information because that must be approved and filed with the county.

You will need copies of this death certificate to transfer any accounts, holdings, etc… you can order them through us.

All names must be spelled correctly, all information must be correct, we need dr sign off and causes, many things. It is a process – we send you a proof of what will be filed – you ok that and make sure dates and names are correct, then we submit

With causes you can have 4 main causes – what was the most contributing factors to your death?

The doctor will need to provide us with causes and how long patient had causes. Duration that the patient suffered with the ailment

And then there is also another line where we can add any attributing factors

So like if you have a main cause… but was there an underlying attributing factor?

We have to know all of that.

I have seen some with direct cause being covid …

And I have also seen some with covid being listed as underlying factor. But not main cause.

So… Covid weakened? And something else killed them

So covid was considered a contributing factor

But I wonder how that works in with the stats ?? When they are looking at covid deaths ? What are they looking at?

Are they looking at main causes? What about the underlying ? And would the “underlying” cause even count? Because only attributed to the death, but did not directly kill?

I don’t know …anyway – could Alzheimer’s be a main cause on death certificate – yes, yes it can.

It’s weird being in this business – and then I look at my dads? It’s weird… cause that’s my dad – and I know what those issues are.

My dads main causes were:

They are going to be listed from top (being biggest cause) to bottom

Myocardial infarction (heart attack) … 1 hour ☹️💔

Coronary artery disease (clogged arteries) – 5 yrs

Pulmonary Hypertension (high blood pressure) – 5 yrs

He had 3 causes… the coronary artery disease and the pulmonary Hypertension which led to the main cause of the Myocardial infarction ☹️

He had underlying causes too… his underlying (or attributing) causes were:

Hodgkin’s lymphoma (he had cancer for 20+ years fought it, won and had been in remission for about 7 years before his death)

He had a lot of surgeries during that time period. So his body had been beat up for 20+ years. He had a lot of scar tissue and problems … he also had chemo and radiation during that and that chemo… that is poison – we save our lives with poison but sometimes it works. I guess there is a price for buying time ☹️ but anyway…

He was in remission. But his body went through hell for years and was not strong – so that was an attributing factor.

The other attributing factor he had was hyperlipidemia (high concentration of fat in the blood) so due to clogged arteries, plaque restricting blood flow, build up of fat in the blood.

They were always healthy and active… my dad always had high blood pressure ?

They lived in a retirement community and loved it… they had moved all the way from Maine to Arizona

That was 4 years prior to his death.

Suddenly when they retired … someone replaced my parents with unsupervised teenagers 🤨😄✌️

Suddenly they out gallivanting around, going to dinners and parties … we could never reach them 🤨

And they would say… we can’t be sitting around waiting for your call now lol … what lol … but why lol – I’m kidding … but they did say that when we say anything about never reaching them lol

They also did tons of bucket list trips…

My dad had one trip he always wanted to take … he always always always would talk about this Alaskan cruise 🚢

My mom would scrunch her nose lol … she is not a fan of coldness either lol

But right before he died – they had just gotten back. They had not even unpacked yet 💔

But he got his trip before he died ❤️

My dad wouldn’t like that song lol … but I remember that song- and you should do whatcha like… what you want. Be happy like that.

Umm …

Oh the heels 👠… ok well I was really tall and leggy today so I didn’t like that – it makes me uncomfortable

Also… I must walk carefully. 🤨 see I’m not the most coordinated person… so think about how to walk when walking … you try heels 👠

But the heels were comfortable… very cushy!! Also they accented my arch and looked really nice … just don’t have me walk lol 😄✌️

Also… driving a car with heels is interesting 🤨 I didn’t like that either lol

I much prefer comfort and flats 🥿 … the heels were very pretty though – just not really worth it. I don’t really need them… I am perfect size – I don’t like being taller – and can’t be smaller so I am just right.

The only reason heels are worth it is because they do accentuate the leg, and it does look hot… but ya know – not for me at work ✌️

Lesson learned – stick to what I love lol 😄✌️❤️ I am kidding but on some things just yes lol ✌️

I have something else to speak about… but I will do another post on that.

Ok well I will do that shortly ✌️

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  1. I’m so happy that your dad got to take his wish-list trip before passing!!!

    So, say I commit suicide without any foreshadowing to anyone. Primary cause of death is obvious – whatever means I used. But duration? And what would they put for 2nd 3rd, 4th factors?

    I don’t mind the feeling of driving in heels but hate that it ends up destroying the back of the right shoe (from rubbing on floor if car).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah me too ❤️

      You don’t have to have more than one cause … you can just have one main cause and that be it… no others and no underlying cause

      They have to put a duration – and for something like a suicide it would probably just say “hours”

      Hahaha yes totally but I don’t like driving that way either – I always worry the heel will get stuck lol


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