Thursday stuff

On Tuesday … I will be interviewing someone for a position 😮😮

Me… I sat there one year ago, come February. In their exact position (only without Covid crap just yet)

I really lucked out with how I got the job and there was very few applicants at the time I was hired.

What do they say? Right place, right time? It just went my way. It’s been a ride lol (boy has it been a ride) but I have loved it ❤️ I have enjoyed it… it was hard sometimes and frustrating – but it’s been really amazing so far… I got a little of everything ❤️ and here I am now.

Look how fast I moved up and positioned myself ❤️

Anyway… I will be interviewing someone. Is my very first 😮

I have never interviewed someone for a job before 😮 my boss will be with me. This is my very first time

I should do fine because I interviewed my own boss when she interviewed me lol – I wanna make sure it fit, ya know? Lol

So I will interview her… and then I will have her meet my girls.

She will get to see the funeral home. I hope goes well. This will be her second interview – my boss been doing interviews for all 3 funeral homes … she thinks this woman is perfect for my funeral home lol

Ok let’s see – her resume seems really good.

So that will be a new thing.

Oh I have the funniest story lol… ok well I ran a few errands for the funeral home today …

My last errand was to take the funeral van to the car wash 🧽 (which is right next door)

First of all, it needed to be washed inside and out – is the flower van. So I dropped it off and said I would be back to pick up van and also pay our Bill. We have account but I have to pay the Bill.

So he calls me and tells me van ready so I walk back over and go to pay… I brought both October and November bills.

I asked if he could look up if October had been paid?

Instead of turning to the computer right there 😳…

He grabs a ledger 😮😮😮😮

😮 wait … what century am I in?? Lol omg … I haven’t seen someone pull out a ledger in a very long time!!! that was really funny

Another added bonus of this mask thing …

At first, ya it’s annoying cause sucks to breath and speak and I do kinda miss my naked face lol 😄✌️

But – I do like the mystery aspect … cause you can’t see my face lol

And … for things that are crazy … people can’t see how huge the smile is lol

Although 🤨 my eyes also smile 🤨… you can still tell 🤨

But that was so funny with the ledger – omg that is just … it blew my mind.

I can’t even imagine how to operate a business in this time period – only using a ledger 😮

But whatever – it’s a car wash – not a bank, thank god lol

I am on call tonight … already had one. Ok no more 😳🙏 no one else die!!

And then… for Christmas … umm … the kids and I have things we do together for Christmas … but we can’t do any of those things this year with covid.

So whatever we were just going to have a pizza Christmas at my house – nice and easy.

Well I stopped by my landlords and gave her a Bday present and also rent … her sister was visiting when I got there

They ask me what I doing for Christmas … cause they know I do these things with the kids. They also know – because of covid … we can’t

It’s usually just always me and kids – that’s it. Is really awesome ❤️

Anyway I believe she want to make sure we have a Christmas and invite us over

I wasn’t able to finish talking because I am oncall and had the death call come in…

She whispered as I left – we will talk about Christmas later – I just think they gonna do that.

Anyway … I have to open the haunted mansion tmrw morning … that is the furthest one from me 😝

But it actually works out …

One of my errands today was to go to the post office and get 4 Veteran’s flags … well the one near us was out and they say only post office who has right now is over by the haunted mansion …

So I will open haunted mansion and then when arranger finally comes – I will run to post office and grab the flags 🙏🙏🙏

We have flags for the funerals of veteran’s… you have to apply – and the department of veterans affairs will need your discharge papers

We drape those flags in honor of the veterans, over their casket ⚰️ 🇺🇸… or if cremated – placed with an urn ⚱️ 🇺🇸

But yeah anyway I have to go… I am opening haunted mansion tmrw

Busy day and it’s Friday ✌️❤️

Gnite 😘✌️

Ps… from 1 year ago: – they were speaking about 2020 and how it would go. 😮😮😮 (before anyone knew anything, before 2020 even happened)

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