Alright so after trying out Anubis lol … it was too much too say and too easy to call him Noobie.

So we do not want to name him after the Harry Potter Character – he’s just not cute at all and this little man soooooo adorable! It doesn’t fit

But since he look like mini Doberman – we gonna call him Doby … way better and easier 👏 and he responds lol

Omg he is amazing everyday ❤️👏

I needed him ❤️ like when you didn’t know you needed until happened 😮❤️

He is funny and quirky and makes you play with him ❤️ I do kinda have a shadow now.

He is doing really awesome with the potty training ❤️ no accidents yesterday OR today ❤️👏

And he doing decently with the nipping – he so tiny still – but my oldest say he looked bigger than when he came over the very first day – baby boy has large feet! 🐾

My daughter say he looks like English Toy Terrier – look at the ears – his little ears

Or mini pinscher??

The mom was a breed of Terrier – medium sized about 35 lbs … so ?? Not really sure what he is? many things he could be.

My daughter say – do dna test lol

Eh I love him regardless – that just be curiosity – not a priority currently

He has spurts of playful energy and then needs naps lol

I didn’t realize just how much I needed something to care for and devote time to ❤️ I miss that

Every morning he wakes at same time we do for work… he’s been holding it all night so I take him out… this morning as soon as he was done – I just let him come sleep with me lol ❤️ we sleep few more hours 🙌 he’s so chill – he melting into the household very simply ❤️

He’s very loving with me and I kinda have a little shadow now.

I have these cut offs that lace up the sides and the strings hang down the leg … I WAS wearing those, but someone constantly wants to eat the strings, too tempting since they dangle – so I change lol 🙄

He’s mellow but playful ❤️ is like my little man ❤️🐾

I think he is happy with us ❤️

I am the one caring for him and playing with him … he is attaching to me and I am attaching to him ❤️😮

I let him go out back by himself and when he is done he comes back up the stairs and opens the screen door all by himself 😮👏

He just leaves the door wide open lol 🙄😄… we will work on that.

I just love his little face ❤️

My middle child… was so happy to see him, he wouldn’t stop smiling and loving him ❤️ … right now Doby is same size that Chico was and when he walked in the door – Doby went right over to him and started acting just like Chico … so he won his heart – one and done lol … Doby made him light up which he hasn’t done since Chico died ❤️

My daughter is also falling in love with him the softer he gets with us ❤️ I think he only nips when his gums hurt from teething – I tease him that I will call him “chomp” if he doesn’t stop lol … he’s not too bad and it’s actually stopping because we won’t play if he does – and is like toddler he either bored or tired

We distract him with toy or chew stick and he does good. His little gums must hurt

Yesterday morning I was outside with him and a hummingbird came right up into his face lol … he stood there completely frozen – while the hummingbird looked at him for a minute and then flew all around him , checking him out – he just sat there kinda stunned and not sure what just happened lol – it was very funny ❤️

He chased away a baby snake 🐍 for me ❤️ it looked like a really long worm 🪱 squiggling really fast … and before I even saw the snake – he was on it! 😮

He just comes over to me and looks at me lol… his little face ❤️ I love his little face ❤️

He is like a little toddler … he has moments of mischief lol … and he will know – he will peek to see if you looking and try to steal your shoes or socks or even try to do wires … but he listens when I tell him no … he’s really good listening to when I tell him no … he will just try to see what is ok and what is not. He’s a really good boy though ❤️

He has a funny little skeleton toy, and his teddy bear he got on first day which is like his little buddy lol… and then I have this GIANT teddy bear that sat in my room – well he just loved it and loves to wrestle with it lol – so I just let him have it ❤️ he love it so much ❤️

He’s so adorable ❤️ his little personality is just too cute ❤️ he is a sweetheart that melts your heart – playful sometimes nippy one lol – but then if you distract him with toys or chew sticks – then afterwards he gets licky 👅 lol

I love him ❤️🫶❤️

I had been watching some puppy training videos and he start watching with me lol – so then I put on some show on Meerkats and he was totally into it lol – he is so funny ❤️

He just needs me and I didn’t realize how much I needed him ❤️

He kinda makes me happier ❤️ I never thought I needed him like I do ❤️ 🤷‍♀️

I just love his little face ❤️

I have no idea about anything else at moment so 🤷‍♀️ ** heart stolen 😮

Lol … A story about a woman and her dog 😄😄❤️ how he changes my life 😮😮😮😮

He is very different than all other dogs I have – different breed so all new stuff – but he’s already bonded ❤️

That went fast lol … I am loving and trusting him and he trusting me, so I love the little guy, who will someday be big.

He wants to be wanted and loved – cause I show him that and then he bonds more lol … I be excited to see him in the morning and he loves that… and then I give him little freedom outside and he loves that, and we play and he loves that ❤️

I think he really happy ❤️ I smile to think of him too – his little personality lol

My little man is fearless – nothing bothers him … he’s just fearless 😮

My little Doby Anubis ❤️ lol – I still want that but is hard name to give dog lol … little weird to call out and he just really cute so needed really cute name 😘❤️

I am all about him right now – he needs care like a mom and I miss that ❤️ so he’s perfect lol

I teach him love – he teach me fearless ❤️👏

He doesn’t know how to tug of war yet lol – or he just really sucks at it lol he doesn’t pull – he gentle … only today he learn to pull little bit… he doesn’t bark? He knows he can make noise but meh doesn’t try lol … fine with me 👍 I know one day he have deep bark lol

So I have a side kick lol ❤️ I did not expect a little side kick and I did not totally expect he be mine? I kinda got conned but now I love him ❤️ I didn’t know I needed that

He brightens my world 🙌🐾❤️

I love his little face ❤️

We have a name!! 🙌❤️

Shall I keep you in suspense or just tell you ❤️🙌❤️ hmm lol … just kidding… if I am excited I will tell you … but I have to dangle for one minute lol

We both LOVE the name! So we gonna run with it…

Ladies and Gentleman – introducing :


If you know your history… Egyptian history … Anubis was the Egyptian god of death, mummification, embalming, the afterlife, cemeteries, tombs, and the underworld. Was the protector of graves since the 1st dynasty. ❤️

In the 7th century BC, the god was known as Anpu or Inpu – The root of the name Anpu, in ancient Egyptian language, means “a royal child” ❤️

The root of the name “Inpu” means “to decay”

When I was little – I was a little Irish girl obsessed with everything Egyptian lol … I always watched the documentaries and I wanted to be archeologist – how amazing would that be?

Their burial practices and beliefs was always always always interesting to me, and always have been drawn to it.

Totally NOT Egyptian lol – at all … but the history of Egypt 🇪🇬 always stunned me …over all other histories – even as little little girl – even though I was little red headed Irish girl – I was sure god got it wrong, and I was supposed to be Egyptian lol – surely I was Cleopatra reincarnated lol 😉 … I was really little lol … my dad watched a lot of National Geographic – he even got the magazines … so ya know 🤷‍♀️

Anyway… so we picked Anubis ❤️ I am the master of Anubis lol … omg yay and now I love him even more!! He looks just like Anubis … the ears ❤️

Tell me this isn’t Anubis sleeping lol ❤️ look at the ears!! Omg

And then he is black mostly …

Black was a color that symbolized regeneration, life, the soil of the Nile River, and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming.

I am in love with and protected by Anubis 🙌❤️ I am thrilled with him and his name ❤️

And he’s perfect ❤️

My little Anubis ❤️👏👏👏

My daughter says – wait … what are you gonna call him for short?

I said “I dunno ? Noob? “ lol he is a bit of a noob at the moment lol

She said “MUM! Do not call him Noob” lol

I was only teasing … we can say Anpu or Anu maybe Nubis? whatever – I will try not to call him Noob ❤️… except when he pees in my house!! listen noob lol …I’m kidding – I love my little Anubis ❤️👏👏

I just like the whole name so … so far … I have her going with it 👏👏

I think she let me have it cause today at work was really hard – so I was little beat up… so when I suggested – she say yeah ok… that’s fine… then I got all excited with Anubis ❤️

And since he come to work with me – how fitting ❤️

Also – you should see how families react omg … it’s incredible! They come in crushed – we help them through and then we ASK if any allergies or aversion to dogs …and if they would like to see the new mascot and emotional support. Literally everyone just lights up to see him and he eats it up completely – like he’s a little star or something ❤️

Now I have a name to introduce him with ❤️🙌 and it’s brilliant ❤️

He escorted dead kings into the afterlife ❤️ my baby ❤️ my little Anubis ❤️

I am so very delighted ❤️❤️👏👏👏


Some people want the accent marks on their names – to be proud of heritage.

Ya know – that is one thing I have always been offended by – I also have “a special character” … mine is an apostrophe.

Government forms or ANYTHING will never recognize my apostrophe … so then that’s not really my last name then, without the apostrophe … I am always offended they won’t do my special character!! Still am!!!

Totally random and just saying 🙄✌️😠

Just a small little pet peeve 😘

Ps my guy is settling in ❤️✌️


Ok first of all – we can not agree on a name!! Syrup was not right name and finally daughter say ok… we pick another, Syrup doesn’t fit him, and I don’t want to be yelling for him and then comes this Doberman lol … it doesn’t sound or feel right with Syrup

…It has to pass me and daughter – so far I have tried …


Lol… she said no

I also tried “Midnight” cause he is mostly black

Ember – since he born in July in California and we got him when Mosquito fire still burning

But no and no

We have to find something 🤷‍♀️ any ideas?

His mother was all white and beige … she was decent sized … she was calm gentle – not in any way excitable. Just calmly sat.

They don’t know what father was … but after being with him and always looking at him and watching his behavior… I do believe I have a Terrier / Doberman mix 😮😮😮 … so … that’s definitely not a chihuahua lol 😳

He has not found his bark yet 😮 and he is soooooo teeny tiny right now!! Chihuahua sized lol

I’m already totally in love with him – completely ❤️ he has such a gentle look to him … his eyes just capture me …he’s just amazing

He can be a little toddler – dude is into everything omg – he is so fricken curious lol ❤️

And he’s teething… so there is little bite thing going on … but he’s doing good with it and I’m socializing him with people… he’s stopping thought – just notice it if he is tired or over excited – I am working on it with him

He is very loving 🥰 ❤️ yeah I love him very much ❤️

Wow what if he is Doberman ? Cause he’s looking and acting that way? I read all about their puppies and dogs … is identical to how he be! His demeanor and personality.

It’s says you can train them very easily to be amazing … he is really smart ❤️ I already feel connected with him

But I have never had a fierce bigger dog – guard dog type … I am used to chihuahuas…

Ok so new adventures lol

Their personality is just so amazing … he snores lol … and sleeps in weird positions sometimes lol … I try to take tons of pics – to look back and say look how little you were!! Lol 😮😳

He comes to work with me … and today he make many people smile… they see him and instantly fall in love with him… and he just eats it up lol omg ❤️ he walks into the funeral home like he owns it already lol ❤️

See ?? Does he look like Doberman ?? Omg his little eyebrows ❤️ I love those eyebrows ❤️

He has little baby BIG features – but he’s really little lol

Oh those ears too ❤️

I will have to get a good pic of his eyes for you – cause just wait til you see his eyes ❤️ I love his little eyes – and they look like people eyes … sometimes I am not sure if he understand things here and there? … he pee inside so I say no and take him out … well we were out there forever so he come over to me and cry because he wanna go inside …

So I said “No, not until you go potty – when you go potty – then we go inside”

And he ran over to the grass … peed and then comes right back to me lol … like he understood- his timing was perfect lol 😮❤️

He naps a lot… he will wake play and play – wear self out… and pass right out … he totally fits in because a bomb couldn’t wake him – just like my kids 😉 … at home he is my little shadow and if we sitting nicely or he sleeping and I try to get up – dude is on it!!! Lol

Boom he is right there with me lol … he love to play. He fit in so well ❤️ at work, everyone loves him

** he crawl up and snuggle with me on couch and we fell asleep together ❤️ my daughter woke us up to go to bed at 11:30 😮

Anyway – if have name suggestions let me know in comments 😊❤️ … for now I have to go back to sleep 💤

I love him so much ❤️ he’s such a good dog already ❤️

He is VERY different from a Chihuahua … I like that though…

I said to my daughter tonight … I am alone… by myself – if was chihuahua – what a chihuahua gonna do? Yes they attack – but ya know 🤷‍♀️ what does that do? It’s a chihuahua lol

But I will have bigger dog now – and he will probably have deep bark 😮😳 but is good – he be like protection for me ❤️ only he’s charming and friendly lol … the look and bark maybe scary eventually – but he soooooooooo sweet ❤️ total sweetheart ❤️

We training and gonna sign up for classes (obedience) so he gonna be soooooo amazing ❤️

Ok sleep – I need sleep so bad – work and puppy are kicking my ass lol

I have stories – but reminder for me about the older woman when she see him – I can’t I’m too tired

Good night 💤🌙😴 ❤️


Love, Shakes & Temps

OH MY is he a little handful lol ❤️ up in middle of night and lots of poop and pee.

But his little face ❤️ omg … and his eyes 👀… he has people looking eyes? I don’t know what to tell you – but he has little people eyes – and the way he looks at you just melts you heart ❤️

I am used to chihuahua big eyes lol … his eyes are people shaped and colored like a persons eyes … they look more like people eyes than dog eyes. 🤷‍♀️

It makes him be soooooo adorable ❤️ and he is smart and listens and loves ❤️ omg I love him ❤️

And he’s sooooo tiny ❤️ omg so tiny!!

Ok so I have been absorbed with him 😮❤️ but he is little so we kinda need to spend time raising him so that he is well behaved and amazing dog ❤️ which he is incredible already ❤️

We decided to try another name… but we dunno what yet?? So earlier tonight my daughter went to call him and says “hey, one with undisclosed name yet, come here” 🙄😄

We are LOVING him ❤️ his little character coming out

I try to put news on sometimes but is either fire or Queen and ugh – sorry my total respects to England and the Queen – but that is an AWFUL lot of media coverage – it is history, so warranted – but is still a lot!!

I do funerals for work daily already – so I already know the intense loss. Hard to have it constantly on every channel – yes even here.

Because – the Queen of England is always the most well known … and she reigned for very long time… some Americans adore the royal family… so again is warranted due to many things – but I need away from so much

And today we had rain and flash flood warnings – but that did not happen – just tons of rain for moments … which is good and also helpful for the fire … but still burns …

76,290 Acres

39% contained

Active for 12 days!

And then also – earthquakes 😳😮

Whoa 😳😮 … California will be rocked – I always worry! Not for me, cause I am not overly close to those areas and generally stay away from…

San Fran is 2 hrs away

But I just don’t like the severe big ones like Mexico City just had… they lucky not many dead – that’s scary!

LA or San Fran 😮 they gonna get rocked … we just don’t know when or which one.

The last major earthquake in San Fran was 1906 – but Loma Prieta was 1989 😮

And not sure when LA last had massive ??

It makes me nervous and I think of the bridges swaying and my imagination takes me to Hollywood with an earthquakes destruction

Largest earthquake I have ever been in personally was 4.5 … so enough to rock you little bit – but not too much damage

Sacramento had an earthquake not this summer but last summer – was 4.2

Rumble rumble – prepare!! Is coming… don’t wanna be the doomsday person – but kinda am ✌️on this yes…

We speaking of the whole earth here… is adjusting – look at all the earthquakes!

How they not figure out how to predict this yet? How is this not down to a science yet? How do we not know the earth that way? How is that? Hello? Science?

Work today was/is insane omg 😳 let’s just not go there! Way too insane!

So let’s just end on that note ✌️😘 I don’t remember anything else currently 😮

Well – we have had rain lol … it’s colder now lol

My high tmrw is 74 lol … down from 115 two weeks ago lol

Now that’s all I think?? Too much happening!! Omg

Gnite 💋❤️✌️

Well then …

So … I have a weakness …

Yes … I am weak in a particular area 😮

So… little by little I have been preparing to someday have another dog. Just little things here and there. So I have things and be ready – instead of all at once.

I was really just starting the journey of looking at dogs … I was researching mixes of chihuahua … I wanted a mix of that… nice and small – manageable affordable

I had already been to the shelter websites within a 50 mile radius lol …

This morning I drove maybe 20 minutes to someone’s house who was selling crate – and I tell daughter this – she wanna go… well ok cmon. She’s asks if we can just go look at animals after that?

Well since I had already been on website and knew the dogs offered / or thought I did … I said ok… cause was no chihuahuas or little ones

Thought would be fine… I could be strong – let’s see

We pull up and the house is a mansion Omg – like insane mansion!! 😮 my daughter was like “damn!”

So we get the kennel and then head over to the SPCA… first of all – wow what a beautiful facility and animals so well cared for ❤️ is a rescue ❤️

So they say – just go ahead and walk around – if you would like to see one, let us know…

We started walking down ISLE ONE!! And it was over 😳😑✌️❤️

In a room with glass windows there was 8 puppies 😮😮😮😮😮😮


Ok – life did that on purpose!!! How I supposed to resist that???? Omg – done ✔️

Ok well – my mind went a thousand miles a minute, while my heart is screaming and already falling in love – omg!!

I think ok – I dunno – this is not a chihuahua … and also let’s be realistic – this is a puppy and while we are falling in love – that is going to be like having a newborn omg – what am I thinking ?

But she wanted to see him… so we ask to see him

He was the runt of the litter ❤️ I liked him instantly because he has a calmness to his puppiness ❤️ just something? He was smallest, and calmest and sweetest – all the others were all bundle of energy crazy wild – he is not ❤️

He has his bursts – but he is tiny still – he was born July 16th, 2022

Well the minute we see him – it was all over – and done ✔️

Yeah. So that happened lol

So ok… can I do this?? Cause is like little baby lol

I have never had a dog from extreme beginning before so we gonna train from beginning.

So… he had already been neutered … they do that yesterday (Friday) and he’s had all his shots for now – except rabies which he too little for.

I sign all the paperwork and they come around corner with him and put him in my daughters arms 😮❤️

So we drive to pet store to get just few things, he pee in car on way from pet store to home but whatever – I clean it already – there have been couple accidents … when first got home … but I do not have carpet – THANK GOD for that!!

His name at pound was Daniel – but I do not want a people name … just no

I would like his name to be Chance ❤️ by Chance we see him today and before the puppies were gone

By time we left the shelter – all 8 puppies adopted 😮

My daughter wants to name him Syrup lol 🤷‍♀️

We seeing what fits him still.

He is adorable and quirky – omg I love him

I show him to everyone!!

And guess what? I can bring him to work!! We have other homes that use animals as emotional support animals – he could be our mascot and support animal and people will fall in love and he be socialized and I can see him all the time lol ❤️🙌

😮😮😮😮😮 Omg I love my life ❤️❤️❤️

I do not know what he is?? His mother was there – she is white and beige … approx 35 lbs. not big… on smaller side of medium

They say some sort of terrier mix possibly?

They have no idea what father is.

He trips over his big little feet 🐾 … and he has these Dumbo type ears – they are adorable on him ❤️

He plays and plays and is curious – then wears himself out and then he’s down for count – he naps nothing startles him when sleeping lol – except the sliding glass door lol … he does not like the sound of the sliding glass door opening and closing lol

He does not bark yet

He is not familiar with cars so must have been fostered in country area – cars kinda frighten him when they are on or driving unless he is inside lol

Also… if you crouch down… he LOVES to make beeline for that little tunnel your body just made – he is so weird with that lol ❤️

Ok so … If there had not been puppies – I maybe could have made it to ISLE TWO? Lol

But life did that on purpose – no way I expect to see puppies!! Omg how you do that to me??!!!

Also… I could NEVER work in place like that – I would have a million animals omg!!

That place is dangerous!! ❤️

So… my little funeral buddy ❤️ welcome to my world little man 😮😮😮

No we have not stopped smiling ❤️


What are the chances there would be puppies? Omg

And he has the teeniest tiniest little bum 😄❤️ is so tiny right now! I know it’s gonna get bigger – he gonna grow fast 😮

We have teething toys for him and bought him a squeaky teddy bear 🧸 … which he completely loves ❤️

He is so adorable – we just want to play with him and kiss him omg

My daughter is claiming ownership rights lol – I say well what gonna do when go see dad? And she say … well few more weeks here be fine lol ❤️🙌

Damn – that’s all it takes

But then yes cause me too lol

Lol ❤️🙌

Introducing – little guy we not sure what to name yet lol … Syrup? Chance?

Oldest came over tonight to meet him, but both are coming over tmrw, as well as, some of my daughters friends lol

And Monday’s won’t be so bad with an emotional support animal lol 😘❤️✌️ fricken yay!! ❤️

Ok so – that was Saturday ✌️

Little boy gonna be socialized ❤️ I also will be training him as well – so ok

I just had another child lol ❤️😘

Also do you remember the convo with my oldest about it not worth the excruciating pain of loss?

I thought he would lecture me – but I call him over and he always suspicious I want him to help me with something lol … I say no just come!

He say why? I say I can’t tell you til you get here but is good – come see lol

He knows I also do these crazy things sometimes lol

So he come and he see him and literally instantly you know the cartoon “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”?

The scene where the Grinches heart grows and bursts with love ❤️ … that is what I see in my oldest lol … instantly he just fall in love. Not even remembering to lecture me or anything else – little man just charmed him 🙌❤️

It will be at least 10 or more years so… yes … it’s worth it ❤️ we gonna raise this one 😮🐾

I am going to get massively attached 😮 so in at least 10 …but hopefully more than that 🙏… you will listen to me cry about losing him ✌️is how it is.

I’m ok with that ❤️ we gonna make memories and all kinds of things with him ❤️… so yes worth it.

And Friday he will meet Emmie… the other dog… I want him to meet her ❤️

She will hate him lol … she is chill and low key… not a puppy liking dog – like a little old elderly lady – she does not want to be bothered with playing – but she is sweet and well mannered ❤️

She is last of original crew of dogs ✌️ and we call her the ambassador because she is the most incredible dog always – always has been … she was originally a show dog – so nothing bothers her

Except maybe puppies but she basically just rolls eyes and ignores

He will be thrilled to meet her ❤️

Currently he is tinier than she is and she is a pure bred apple head chihuahua. (Also sorta a rescue)

I only do rescues. Breeders too expensive and the most incredible dogs I’ve had all my life are rescues …

He is kinda innocent of that – he was never treated badly because he been in their care since birth ❤️

It was the mom who was a stray … but we adopt him

Anyway… so… I have a dog … my daughter has dog… funeral home has dog lol ❤️ he is gonna LOVE it there!!! ❤️ omg everyone gonna love him ❤️ he melt you instantly and he quirky ❤️

He just fit

So that did not go how I planned lol

But I will say – I do know my weaknesses and knew this was possibility – so that’s ok – I am ready ❤️🐾

But life did that on purpose! lol ❤️

Omg I love him!!! 🙌❤️

Oh yeah… here he is:

He literally found the tiniest spot he likes

I hate to tell him this – but he IS NOT gonna fit there for long lol ❤️✌️

Happy Saturday! I failed lol ✌️❤️

Worth it 💋❤️🐾🐾

Just looking 😳

Just looking … or so I say… pretty sure – unless we fall in love 😳

Ok … try NOT to fall in love 😳 I am very bad at that with furry animals

But we see – I be smart – ish 🙏🙏 we gonna see how smart I am lol

Ok … here we go 😳

My post later will be interesting or you won’t hear from me right away or maybe overly excited and right away?

🎲 roll it


The things of today ✌️

I want to build someone’s confidence

Every day they impress me… every day the grow into their position – I couldn’t be prouder!! ❤️

I believe whole heartedly in this person and I make sure to randomly tell them these things – to build their self worth 🙏🙏 because they could be incredible if they confident – I gonna teach them that ❤️✌️

I want them to OWN it!

They do… but there is a level of confidence I want to help with. They are not totally confident within themselves

So… it will just take some time… once they come into their own – they will hit it! ❤️ I know they will!! I see drive … let me give you the courage and strength

They are young… but that’s ok… they just have to find their own confidence. They don’t see themselves in confident way yet – but they will …

I gonna have a champion ❤️

Be confident in your own self … know you can do it and do not listen to anyone who says otherwise. Believe in yourself!!

We are underdogs … is me and 2 others … but we kickin it! You have to walk in like you own it and then be confident with yourself and your words… I will train that

I see the amazing in them!! So I want THEM to see that

My champions ❤️✌️

And then tonight with my kids… we play this board game – called Find Planet X ?

A particular person was very excited for this new game lol … they start telling me about the game and show me the box – it had a name of creator on box and the name … yes I will play that because of that persons name lol ❤️😉😘✌️

It was cool but I didn’t understand really what doing at first ?? I have to download some app… then do research things lol and guess where Planet X is

Is the millennial version of “Clue” lol 🙌 … but with planets lol

It was fun – we had fun.

My boys bring over a dog recently… since Chico passed away…

At first they do to make me happy and also make this dog happy …

I love this dog! ❤️

They only bring dog recently… but now the dog is funny because when it notices the boys getting ready … the dog follows them and makes sure they remember to bring it with them. Otherwise it will follow to garage so can come lol ❤️

And then the entire time is here… it doesn’t leave my side – unless I go down hallway?? For some reason the dog does not like the hallway?? Interesting – that makes me have flashbacks to that Funeral Home movie trailer

But anyway… then dog doesn’t wanna leave lol – is an elderly dog ❤️


I have other stories about tonight but I am too tired – I can not keep eyes open anymore!!

❤️✌️ good night 💤😴🌙😘

Hey, remember when…

I have something to share…

It’s from a long time ago ❤️

My phone shows me things… every so often… it’s like “hey – remember this…?”

Sometimes it’s ok for it to do that… like this time is nice ❤️ I am ok with it THIS time. 😉

But… maybe it could filter out all my death and cancer? I really don’t like those memories – could maybe somehow understand that?? …those are BAD memories??? Where’s your fricken algorithm for that?? Weed out the bad shit!!

Don’t be like “hey … remember when your dad died” … ok – do I have to explain? Cause that really dampers!!! Can some genius fix that?

But anyway … this one is cute one

That’s my little one a million years ago ❤️

Now she knows everything 🙄🫤

But my baby ❤️❤️❤️… she was 3rd grade? 8 years old…

Does NOT look “8” anymore 😳😮 … 😳😳😮😮

But yeah this makes me smile ❤️

I was FOREVER telling her “stop eating your hair! You are gonna get hairballs!!” Omg that woman! She does not eat her hair anymore 🙄👏👏

But wow. 😳 time 😮 … so fast!

My baby ❤️

Fire and Funeral things

Fire news:

20% contained 👏👏👏

Work was crazy… cause I miss yesterday so I spent all day today – doing yesterdays things and trying to catch back up 🤨

They wanna know what I thought of the training – oh I will let you know don’t worry – I will write that up tmrw 👍

And then lol … I told my staff I getting you new chairs (I’m not really) but I said – these are them:

Lol … but fitting right? Lol ❤️👏

Totally wish!! Was only teasing them lol – they didn’t like them anyway 😄😄✌️

Also… omg 😳… I was looking for something else and look what I find 😱…


Ok now… I don’t know I even wanna work in a funeral home after seeing this!! 😳😱 it’s in Spanish, so I didn’t understand the words in the trailer – but doesn’t really need words 😳😱

Completely creeped out without understand language 😳😱

This is not how is… but will set your imagination for scary 😧 😳😱

Who makes that kinda movie?! 😳😱 … I have to work there!!

So… my day was scary and crazy at same time! But I stayed alive so far – knock on wood!

Thank god for now 😮😳🙏🙏

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