The Weekend

So it is the weekend – that was a week 😮😮

I have never seen them ask for someone to stay. I expected to turn in my resignation and be done with the circus 🎪

I did not expect them to counter offer, just to keep me. I saw none of that coming – usually people are replaceable – but they didn’t do that here. 😮

I got everything in writing this morning.

There were many factors that influenced my decision, and I discussed everything with all of my blood family … (my brother, sister in law, kids)

My commute is nothing currently – I can walk to work if I wish. So I don’t need much gas at all – and if have any car issues – it’s not a problem. I’m not wasting money on gas ⛽️ so there is savings there

This IS my community and I have grounded that location – they apologized to me for not focusing on my location and for what I have had to go through. They promise to make it more of a priority.

They will immediately be putting seasoned people in place. And I have the new LM starting Monday

They have increased my pay and giving me a bonus to stay. 😮

I know my job and do it very well… I just can’t really be the only one doing it!!

How do I say no when they believe in my work and willing to appreciate that. So I also appreciate that.

I will have belief that they will follow through – and be better … I do want success for this location! I was sad to leave to begin with – but stress and lack of support were huge issues, they have promised and assured me – the location will be focus now ❤️

And the other is less money, no bonus, and a 30 minute drive

So more commute – more gas ⛽️… less money

Trying to survive ✌️

I appreciate the strength and opportunities that presented this week 😮🫶❤️

I would have loved other place too – had some really amazing people I was looking forward to working with and being team with.

It was a very hard decision anyway – the prospect of new and appreciation was a draw… I had a weight lifted?

They lifting weights for me … and since is my community, and I’ve poured so much of myself into this – if they wanted me so bad and realize that … then ok I will trust – with that in writing lol ✌️🫶

So I will stay. If they give me strong people – we can own this town … I need strong and dedicated 🙏

Also – I had ZERO idea the crazy shockwaves this week from the funeral community lol … I forget how we all know each other lol … never before had I pushed like that so …

Alright then… I informed all this morning. I still kept connections and was sad to turn – even just for the opportunity given ❤️

So wow …

I can trust they taking in a more serious direction and provide with support!

And this morning, I took my walk with my girls ❤️ they been friends together – I’m soo happy they doing so well – faces full of smiles now ❤️👏


(That field makes me want to start at the top and run down like they did on Little House on the Prairie) lol ✌️ … we did not see any mountain lions thankfully ❤️

And Train is coming … my life is pretty lush at this moment – and … “I” do that …sorta – life will kinda throw me things lol … sometimes it is bad – and sometimes … it is amazing ❤️🫶❤️

Right now I have amazing – lots of change and things but good. So far 👏👏 we see – it’s a journey right? Ya live, ya learn 😘😮😳

I do think I made right decision – not just for the money – but the money was a huge factor! 😮

Alright – longevity so we see – ride or die? Lol

Now I get ready to do something tonight 😮 maybe dinner and movie or dinner and comedy club?? Depends who I go out with

My oldest or a friend or both 😮

No movies at all interest me lol 😝… but I really love comedy so I would prefer that if I have to be out among live people lol ✌️

I not a “go outer” like that. But it is beautiful sunny day and it’s warm and not winter anymore and no atmospheric rivers anymore …

Now I come alive lol – little bit ✌️

I’m just less alive in winter lol – is a warm molecule thing lol 😘✌️

But I think is good and will be better – so … alright let’s see how my decision making feature is lol

I just chose my destiny so we see 😮 risks and chances – we see

Ok 23 – how’s it gonna be? … if life could maybe be little less dramatic lol … that was a very dramatic week!!! 😥

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  1. Congratulations 🎉 Having everything in writing is so important. It’s awesome about the pay increase and bonus. You are obviously a very dedicated and hard worker and they can see that. It’s a shame it took so long. I hope the girl working there now is transferred to another location so you don’t have to deal with her. Best of luck☘️

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    1. Thank you 😊

      Yes, absolutely on the having in writing ✍️ especially with this corporation lol

      I think are headed in good direction hopefully 🙏

      I don’t believe she will be at location – she will not be my issue anymore

      Thank you 🙏 deep breath lol ✌️


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