Thoughts of the day…

Alright well … it was Monday – I hosted all the big managers for this big meeting

Went well… so I announced I would stay. Everyone was happy. ❤️

And the new guy came – only …all day long I was in meeting with everyone and the whole time I am sitting in the meeting – I am thinking “omg I have a million things to do!!” Lol 😳 – I had to leave twice!

I told big boss this is what you do!! Listen – put it in an email! I’m gonna need ME and HIM … please don’t do meetings meetings meetings or I will complain – do not make me a complainer lol – we have work to do!!

Tmrw he has him – and Wednesday … on Thursday he’s mine!!! Maybe Friday also 🙏🙏

I’m ok through on boarding but hurry up!! I need him jumping in!! ASAP!!

Today was unproductive mostly … cause I was in meeting all day!! But ok – first day and Monday – is leadership and changes… fine

… I just need HIM at the location lol … I am impatient lol

Omg it’s like a carrot 🥕 dangling from a string!!!

I just have to be patient

I do have help now… they all jumping

It’s just that the house of pain in effect y’all ✌️ but I will be patient for onboarding – trying to be!!

Patience – I have that … usually that of a saint 😘✌️… not really in this area lol ✌️ but ya know almost there 🏃‍♀️

I am excited it will be good! I like him – I think we will own it!! 👏

Please bring the fire 🔥 🙏🙏🙏


Please have a fire 🔥 🙏🙏🙏🙏 … I think he has a fire but we see

Ready buddy?

And those are my thoughts of the day lol

No pressure lol 💋

Bring your A game! Let’s own this!! 🙏

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day…

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    1. Well – I got a new job offer somewhere else … but then my company counter offered so I would stay.

      My job is still currently same – but I have more help now, and getting a new guy. I just don’t have him yet because they are training and onboarding him.

      Is same job – but they give me someone strong (and he’s got strength to do this job) we won’t have any issues – and we can help all the families

      I need someone who cares and actually wants to work… he seems that way…

      The other one that was working with me is not that way – only cares about self and not the families, the job or the coworkers.

      Late everyday- can not be on time to save life … even for services does not care to be on time… and on top of that always an excuse as to why can’t come in or why have to leave early – I’m tired of excuses

      Also lies – will lie directly to your face telling you things are done when they are not!!

      Doesn’t post contracts or have families taken care of

      Omg it drive me crazy cause it cripples me – I can’t do anything if they don’t do their job!!

      I am exhausted by all extra work I do because that one does not work. If I don’t do that families will suffer and I don’t want that – so they take advantage – well I am done ✔️ not my problem anymore

      So I just have a new guy I am dying (no pun intended) to let me have!! Omg I need him so bad

      I had my boss there going through all the cases and they are all insane or not done! We fix most of them and record the issues

      This was a problem location! But I can’t keep stable without someone who is strong! So I need this guy and fast cause I can not hold it all up all by myself!! And cases keep coming – I am one person

      So anyway my company countered to keep me – increased my pay and gave me a bonus to stay… also promised to make better and have this man lined up for me… so I am somewhat patiently waiting lol ✌️

      The other job offer was also funerals but further away and they couldn’t match what my company offered me… so I stay but we see

      I actually care about my job and the families so we see 🙏

      Not everyone is cut out for this job. You have to be strong and need a team – if one person is not a team it can throw everything into tailspin and families suffer

      Lol it is interesting job though if you strong enough ❤️✌️

      And the team work is amazing when you have it and it works!! Is only way to survive it!

      But yes it is all very interesting 😘❤️ I wouldn’t do it – if I didn’t love it or believe in what I do ❤️


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