Oh shit

They match what I want, are immediately transferring seasoned staff…

I went down my list and say what I thought and the problems I see and the hell I have been through

They promise me anything I want – they do not want to lose

Increase is more than other position and I got increases across the board for other staff that is core – I told them if can’t take care of own family – how take care of others and I want a company that matches my morals and ethics 😮

I say I lay it down on Monday after thinking over and discussing with my family 😮😮

Gasp 😮

8 thoughts on “Oh shit

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  1. Still too late truthfully.

    You need fresh pastures Trisha. New start with more progression and forward thinking not reactio only which is what your company is now doing.

    Yes you have some decisions to make – however you need to look further forward than they are currently looking.

    I had this situation years ago with the family firm l was working for. I tended my resignation and suddenly everything l was moving to they offered. The problem is, that l should not have gotten into the position in the first place and they allowed me to. So my title of official dog’s body got all sorts of things offered but l would still be a dog’s body just on a higher scale – l decided to leave and l never regretted the decision.

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    1. I talked to my family last night – my brother, my sister-in-law, my kids

      I have put a lot of thought – I’ll post my decision later – but I do have thousands of things to do today! 😮 Omg … but personal things – not work related … so that’s ok lol

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