Crazy Green and it’s a go 😮

Alright … soooooo… I know what color NOT to wear 😮😮 oh my goodness!!

I usually wear shades of blue with black, also have white with black, browns with black, floral designs with black lol … everything with black

I do not usually wear green, but I have a kelly green outfit… with black of course 🖤😘✌️ so I wore that today 😮 I just bought it

Whoa 😳😮… all day got attention everywhere and my people keep saying you should wear more green – but no because is soooo much attention

It was severe 😳😳

I walked into a store and ALL heads turned 😳 omg

I like to be under the radar – that was NOT the case with green – people lost their minds

Ok so if I want to turn your head – I’ll do green … but mainly no lol ✌️😘 royal blue has same effect… so I usually do navy blue 😉 😄✌️

Funny how colors make crazy like that!!!

Kelly green is NOT a color to hide with or attempt to fly under radar. 😳😮😮💚

That does not work with THAT color!!


So that happens 😳 who knew green be so insane 😳😳

Also… I speak to someone.. he say it’s going through HR now – he forgot to message and tell me the interviewer loved me and the staff already knew me and was already wanted ❤️👏 ok 😊 I just have to wait for formal offer 👏❤️

So secretly I got the job 👏👏 I’m not supposed to know yet ❤️✌️ but I know everything lol – I’m kidding …only sometimes 😘✌️

We are funeral people and very personable with each other … plus … is such a small niche of people – since we all talk – you learn info. 😮 you know what goes on


Ok so… things are happening 😮

My friends say I should take 2 weeks vaca, and then on day 1, e-mail resignation – NO!! I could never do that – I can be professional and I don’t want them to fail – I will set up for success as my last impression. ✌️😘

Ok then … new adventures 😳😳😮😮

I would say go slow – but it’s not gonna go slow 😳😳😮😮


2023 is only on its 4th month 😳😮

Omg my life 😳😮 … but yay 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

31 thoughts on “Crazy Green and it’s a go 😮

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  1. How does it feel to get so much attention 😄. I think sometimes it’s fine but if a lot of people keep bombarding it’s overwhelming, isn’t it.

    Also, congratulations 🎉👏🏽. New beginnings soon and I wish you all the best. 🙏🏽

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    1. It is awful when you are not prepared for it… when I am trying to NOT be noticed

      When I command it – it’s fine lol … but not day to day – it’s a problem!!

      Very overwhelming – I am more quiet and obviously very protective

      When I am not expecting is very overwhelming

      Yes I will give 2 weeks and then maybe take 1 week vacay for self 😘 ❤️👏 self care to gear up for change? And to recharge after I put in 2 weeks 😮😳

      I am excited for change ❤️ 🙏 all new 😮❤️

      I’m excited to see different ❤️👏

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    1. Yes … it was contrasting with the green black and red

      It was really classy though … and that’s the other thing… I live in small little old west town … so mainly people do not dress up. It is small country town

      I dress up for work. Is funerals – we have to dress up. But then that turns heads – you should see when I have to go get hearse washed 😳

      Yes is about a 30 minute drive due to traffic – 15 minutes without any traffic 😉

      Currently my commute is .04 miles – which I love – and I love my community and my location very much!

      The new location is in next town over. So I give all this up

      It’s worth it. I’m ready to leave / I’m done with this corporation – they burn people out, chew them up and spit them out

      I’m good. Bye 👋

      So death keeps me – but gets me out of that ❤️

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      1. Yeah life is in a phase of change 🙄

        Well where was it you were looking at? Was it New Mexico?? I can not remember 😮😮 😳

        Where would you want to go?

        Is there something you want?

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      1. I’ll go to Crescent City and make burlwood art.
        But seriously… thete are a lot of options out there. Except home repair and knee surgery – they’ve failed tooooooo many times!

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