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This is one of my areas 😮 I go here 😳😳 I don’t live here, but my new job will be there

Also it’s spring break 😮😮😳

Sigh 😞 … I wish this would stop. It won’t – cause it happens so often and they never do anything. They will fight about it … but not solve it.

Tougher gun laws are not gonna help you… they NEED to make stricter punishments… sorry but yes. Cause what is the deterrent? There is none – and mental health is issue today… and if they were serving an arrest warrant – the person already committed some kind of crime to have a warrant … and if cornered in a grocery store parking lot that was a possibility 😮

Now this will be all over my news – and then when they arraign the person in court – that will be on the news too… when it should be about the victim who died… tell me about THEM – not the coward who used a gun and killed an innocent – he was willing to shoot a police officer

Stop making jail a vacation from the streets, stop the courts from being too soft, and stop making the shooters celebrities!!!

Your stricter gun laws are not gonna do anything – what they care? Get a good lawyer, have some vacation time, be a celebrity – it’s just ridiculous

I went to watch news one day and saw was a school shooting recently in Tennessee – so when are we gonna handle this? Can I have a system that handles this before more die and it gets worse? It’s already out of hand – hello – you are handling wrong!!

You can disagree with me and that’s fine – discussions on how to fix is good… I just would like it to stop, and think they do it wrong

Now a family just lost their loved one 💔 you never know when your last day will be – “cherish” the life you have

Life is precious!! It only takes one moment to be taken away!! You never know

This is a good city… very family oriented – good place to raise a family…it can happen literally anywhere cause people are hellbent these days

So protect your citizens! Can we stop this please???

And you wonder why I like to be away from the world ✌️😘

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  1. “Stop making jail a vacation from the streets, stop the courts from being too soft, and stop making the shooters celebrities!!!”
    Very important words. At this rate I think its a helpless cause. The leaders will never do what they should do.💔 💔


    1. Well you can put in tougher gun laws but that’s not gonna help – people get hands on guns anyway – law or not

      Quite frankly – there is no support BEFORE we get to this point…

      Government has no clue how to operate programs for people and with mental health rates climbing – it will get worse

      Schools keep operating the same way they have since forever – instead of adjusting to time and era

      How about teaching children how to survive the world today? Give them skills – and how about a better a mental health balance – teach them, know them, listen – protect, but give skills

      But we don’t and here we are

      Of course guns and people can kill people- the way of the world …

      We in the 20’s – how about some massive change ??

      It starts from the beginning!! And we all have a cross to bare with this!

      If they don’t change – neither will this.

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      1. I agree with you Trisha. The way forward is to teach today to the generation of young that guns are not the answer. We don’t have guns here legally, and yet we do, gun crime in the UK is nowhere near the States or other countries, but it’s on the rise.

        I fear what the world will look like in the next twenty years. None of my thoughts for that period are good or calm.

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      2. Well many children still suffer from abuse and that can cause serious mental health problems – added to a system that does not fix crap or know how – a young mind is sooooo impressionable!! Also kids are resilient and smart – we can and should be teaching them their worth and giving them drive to make the world better

        Our constitution protects our rights to bare arms – because the forefathers knew a government would try to control and we should be able to protect ourselves … even from others

        There are those who practice responsible gun ownership

        Like anything else you only hear about the bad

        So much comes at us now – is not just guns – it’s internet and social media and this new AI thing

        We need teachers who can guide kids with morals and empathy – and kids need parents who parent and give love and sense of security – not entitlement or instant gratification

        We are the examples that create what comes next

        Well I don’t think be good either – but my oldest reminded me of the mid 20th century with factories and production lines – how fast that came on at that time

        We are in another period of massive growth but do we know how to handle?

        Nope and that’s why future be shaky 😮

        But we are older – we knew a different world 🤷‍♀️

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  2. Our constitution protects our rights to bare arms – because the forefathers knew a government would try to control and we should be able to protect ourselves … even from others – well that’s the American way and other countries that allow guns.

    But is it right?

    Do guns make people safer? Do guns stop more crime? Is gun control the answer to school massacres?

    But each country is different. I understand the whys, l am not in support of guns, but l am not anti-gun, l am in favour of more education of today’s young. I think more laws should be passed that concentrate on reducing gun violence. More should be done and invested in smarter tech for guns and more research should be undertaken. Gun manufactuers should take more responsibility.

    And no more Trumps should be allowed in.

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    1. I don’t know how they would even reverse that – I just posted with something about US vs other countries 😮

      DEFINITELY – WITHOUT QUESTION – NO MORE TRUMPS!! uGh!! Talk about ruining the country 🫤

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