Ok then – Monday

I took today off for stuff … I told everyone last week that I would be out on Monday – please plan accordingly!!

Do you think any of that happened … no… it did not. My phone BLEW up all day long – and my staff left funeral home unmanned … had no supervision … didn’t tell anyone … ugh 😑

One day… I just ask one day. And they can’t even survive. OH MY GOD!!

And this is what I am talking about – see and I bust my ass so hard … for what? Cause it’s not pay… they definitely do not appreciate what they have … or probably even know. Or care 🤷‍♀️

And who has MY back? So ya know…

When I was in domestic violence – the first time I was just in shock cause he wasn’t like that… but then he was

And we had kids so… I just believed it would get better and was just one of life’s hard moments – but you stick together and get through it …

It never got better – worse actually… each time worse than the one before

So this feels like that.

At the same time… I do love this community and I love that location… I just have no support for me. I am ONE person!!

I get called or texted all weekend, I can’t be sick or take a day off – I will still get blown up. I’m tired – I am one person. Who makes nothing … so why waste my life here?? why let it take my life so much, for what??

Well anyway … I had my interview – it went really well … it lasted hmm 🤔 3 hours lol

Also… I know so many people – they had already done their homework on me and asked people about me… lol … my ears have been ringing lately lol

I have a good reputation and treat people well no matter who they are.

Anyway – they asked about when I could start, we say maybe May 1st – so I get them all squared away to handle themselves without me… cause I’m not gonna leave them hanging but they better hustle.

I already knew staff who is all smiles lol ❤️👏 also hardworking – I know many in this corporation already and they are all from MY corporation!!

He talked about onboarding process and things. The interview alone was 3 hours lol… And I got call from a big wig I know who putting in word for me – he is excited to bring me on board also

Would be raise – they have structure

Is about 30 min away… so little commute and I will have to juggle daughter – but think they are willing to work with me on that ❤️👏

I think it would enhance my life, I know they treat their people really good

It’s weird though … I worked so hard for the one I have – I wish they were better.

So I feel good …

It will just be change and ya know … change is hard – this has been my life since Covid so – I’m gonna be all changed. Will it be ok? I’m sure it will

But I do deserve to be treated better. So ya know, is good move. I am excited – just at the same time I feel like I will throw up – trauma bond

So is good, I know I will be happier – I am somewhat more hidden, everything will not be on me… and they actually appreciate their employees

I will miss my community and location, but I do believe it will kill me if I stay. I’m not willing to give my life. So 🤷‍♀️


I just need better conditions… it will kill me if I stay. Not exaggerating – I can feel it … they can’t even handle ONE DAY!! ONE DAY! So yeah. It will kill me and they definitely do not pay me enough for that! I’m not willing to give them my life

So while I am loyal to a fault – I have to learn when to leave before it feels likes it’s taking your life 😮

Just weird – exciting but weird … change … I’m not the best allowing change lol

Makes my mind think of a lot of things

But ok – welcome to the 2020’s – yeah it’s gonna be the whole decade – it’s gonna make me have a ton of experiences and change 😮 gasp 😮


19 thoughts on “Ok then – Monday

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  1. Well l am super pleased that you have said this “So while I am loyal to a fault – I have to learn when to leave before it feels likes it’s taking your life ” This is what l meant about feeling guilty for taking time off.

    I worked for a family firm years ago, l was dedicated and loyal [l didn’t know back then that my autism made me work like a bloody robot. So working 7 days a week 15 hours a day, taking no days off and making sure that everything was covered was burning me out] I was a young manager who cared for his staff, for the brand, for the people, for the community. But the moment l started to get ill and needed time out and irrelevant that l felt guilty, they made me feel guiltier because they never planned or made plans that allowed me to take time out. I left and instantly my life and career was better. I stayed because l cared. Well life’s just too short to not look out for number one.

    Sadly l am falling into that path again – not to the same level, but caring for something that is slow to recognise loyalty, this week however l think l am leaving Gazen Salts.

    You need better conditions Trisha, you need a company that looks out for its people and cares – l wish you the very best of luck 🙂

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    1. Lol … thank you always ❤️

      I see your point lol

      I thought that same thing – my corporation is not going to care about it’s employees – it’s a corporation and bottom line is profits to them.

      They don’t care about own employees or have any structure with that. This is why they can’t get or keep people.

      There is something to be said about profits when you take care of your staff

      The numbers at the new job location are 6 TIMES larger than any of my corporations numbers … their employees are happy 😮

      Right off the top and new is better than what making currently and there is structure

      Ohhh you running parallel with me lol

      🙁 I’m sorry about the Gazen Salts – you have done amazing work there 👏

      Nothing lasts forever sadly … even things we love so much. Sometimes is time to move on And make new vision of life 😮

      It’s really hard when you love something to let it go 💔

      But you never know if life has a better plan for you ?

      But I’m sorry – I know how much you love ❤️

      Yes lol … I do need better conditions and care.

      Thank you 🙏 ❤️

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      1. Awww 🙁 I’m sorry, that’s too bad.

        Only one bad  apple ruins the bunch ☹️

        I know how much you love that and make such a difference ❤️

        Are there others you can join?

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  2. Good decision. It’s absolutely not on you. You cannot help if you don’t get help. And money matters a lot in today’s world. I know you will make good use of the extra income you will get that you were missing out on earlier.

    All the best! You have seen everything. You can do it. God bless you 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    1. Hahaha well we funeral people – some are talkers lol 😄😄

      He was very nice, I felt very comfortable and was relaxed interview and enjoyed the interviewing conversation and we know the same people lol

      But I know 😄😄 I have never had a 3 hour interview before 😄😄🤷‍♀️

      I hope so too 🙏🙏 I think it will 😮 which means I have to give notice and they will freak out lol

      The fun is not over 😮 lol

      Thank you 😊 ❤️

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