Monday Monday

Well – hello … it’s Monday 😑

Why would I ever think I could come in on a Monday and have it be chill? Nope cause just wanna make sure I am awake

Last night the alarm system tripped that there was a medical emergency at the home 🤨 there was not and there was no one there… but I am 2 seconds away so I went down and checked it out and locked up and set alarm 🚨

This morning when I came in – my screen was black and no way to enter my code and then the loud ass alarm goes off with burglary alarm and tells ALL bosses and then I have alarm company calling me asking do I want dispatch

Omg I am awake 😳😳

And then it wouldn’t shut off so … I’m pressing some button on side and nothing… finally shuts off after 5 minutes of that… but I had to prop open the front door and put a sign DO NOT CLOSE cause would make alarm go off again and again

Anyway – have it mostly ok… someone coming tmrw

So that was my Monday morning wake up and cardio lol ✌️

Yes!! 🤨 Monday!!

Other than that – I doing millions of things – but it’s like you work work work and work all day but end of day – you feel like “what just happened to the day? And what did I get done?” Today fly by too fast!!


I did not like that Monday morning wake me up…

It reminds me of when I was a teen and my mom bought me one of those stupid alarm clocks with the two bells on top ⏰

I tried it ONE time at 15 years old and told her nope

I swear I almost had a heart attack at 15 one morning!!

So nope 👎 never again have ever allowed that alarm clock in my vicinity lol

I don’t know that this following ringtone would wake me either but I do like it … I know is some horror thing because I read the comments lol .. but I don’t know from what… don’t follow horror or anything … so I just like the mellow of the music 🎶

Sounds super natural- ish lol … I didn’t think horror until I read the comments lol 🤷‍♀️

Actually I use the lol … nuclear ☢️ alarm to wake me up lol … set several times lol because I snooze 💤

It is very hard to remove myself from bed because it is freezing cold and no one wants to come out from covers, on a Monday especially, for that.

Omg the more I want spring the more I don’t have it … but I don’t know how to NOT want it so badly 😮

I just do way better and am way more alive in warmer weather – cold weather makes me slower – my blood freezes I’m sure of it lol

But I do have sun ☀️ ❤️❤️❤️

The nights are cold 🥶 daytime I can somewhat handle

Also if you let me gripe for a minute … I have PG&E and omg my electricity rates 😮😮 you know why?? Because they have monopoly here and we the customer get to pay for all the lawsuits they have

Where is government protection on that shit??

Griping all done ✔️ just wanted to mention ✌️🤨… cause I don’t like them – they suck!

Every time you turn around they suck even more – every turn!! I really don’t like them ✌️ is poster child of greed – so many lawsuits against them

State should take over – ok I’m done – no more …

They are awful. ☹️ evil

But ya know – at mercy so 🤷‍♀️

Anyway… moving on to other things …

When I talk to military … there are things I can not speak of at all … I can not physically speak certain things at all because the wave of emotion is way way way too much so no…

He is ok with giving me time

But it’s just weird – I will think I can speak it and try but then no… I can’t so 🤷‍♀️ doesn’t need to be spoken anyway. I just don’t like that is like that.

It’s not that I’m not at ease … I am … is the emotional wave that is too much with certain things and I can not even – but I really don’t see need to revisit or awaken any devil – I can not 😮

Interesting huh? Physically impossible to speak of 😮

Well anyway just sharing because we talk and then sometimes I will try, but is always that I can not speak certain things or moments …

It is slightly frustrating to me? Cause I can never speak something … but that is good right? Is peace anyway.

So I dunno – also just mentioning that cause is little odd

I also have things that I avoid because of same thing… I also can’t speak that either

But I can’t do anything about it I just can’t … so – we can deal with that later

So… yeah I have many thoughts on that. But not for now. I’m too tired 🥱 😩 … this is why I have to use the nuclear alarm lol

Ok… now Tuesday 👏 please be good 🙏🙏🙏

10 thoughts on “Monday Monday

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      1. Absolutely no down sides. They send a bill online and I pay for it. No extra charges and no bullshit. They take care of everything else. We just need to *pay* for the actual electricity we use. Nothing else.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. One of the biggest problems with no governing body on utility firms is the greed factor. Many of the British utiliy firms were privatised under Maggie Thatcher’s government, it was the biggest mistake ever for the British public.

    I use the explosive ringing alarm clock 🙂 But l have two, l have a sun clock and the clanger. I slept through the nuclear alarm type.

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    1. Yes I would prefer to get my electricity from the government at this point!! PG&E are nothing but greedy murders who can’t take responsibility or be held accountable – and then make the public pay because they didn’t fix or check their shit and killed many people

      We pay for that. Not them… regular people. So we always in danger from them and they make us pay for that!! Disgusting

      Shame on California government … and federal government – where you at? This totally can not be legal! Yank that shit from them they can’t handle their business – how many times in bankruptcy?? Take it from them!!!!!!

      It’s all about the almighty dollar 💵

      Hahaha do you use that alarm clock? How funny!!

      What is a sun clock? A clock that gets brighter to wake you with light? That would not wake me

      I either need the nuclear or the one that sounds like an old fashioned phone lol


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