My fence fell

And there we are 🙌 🤨


So now I will need help 🤨😝 meh – if my chest was normal I would do myself … but I won’t be able to

Ugh it’s pouring and I keep hearing loud thuds… like fences or trees

Ok just a little longer – then we see what damage is totally and try to at least somewhat fix before any other rain 🌧️

We will have break Tuesday and Wednesday … supposably small tiny system on Thursday 😑

And then I think I have one week… before more 😮

Well 2023 is certainly washing shit out

Ugh 😩 little longer – yes I am whining – is winter and is this …

What natural disasters does your area have ?

If you live in tornado Alley – I will never live there because I could not handle that… I do not like tornados … wildly destructive – nope 👎

But who has the least natural disasters??

To google it tells me Monaco and Andorra

This is my most recent forecast …

Monday evening 🙌👏👏 and it’s mostly done ❤️ and again … no one better even say the word drought here over summer!!

Almost ready to dry out and then repairs and things I will have to do.

I’m so excited it’s gonna stop!! We have had 9 storms since New Year’s Eve – it has rained literally all of January so far!!

Almost there 🙌 ❤️

I have so many repairs to do 😮 my fence, gazebo, my yard – and check the rest out

This weekend I did almost nothing mostly ❤️

Just cleaned 🧽- but I have to cause someone (🐾) with the rain …leaves footprints all over my floors and that drives me up a wall

He actually slept with me last night – it was pouring and he just snuggled up with me, and he was being so good and very sweet so thought ok – I will let him have a night lol

I just don’t wanna start a habit cause usually Doby FULL of energy and when I have to sleep I can’t have him all energetic – but since he was maybe little over the rain and really tired yesterday it was fine – he was a good boy ❤️ stayed in bed with me whole night and then this morning he did not want to get OUT of bed lol 😄🙄 yeah baby see how is? Lol 💋

Ok so Monday tmrw 😝😝😝

I just love that woman’s voice so much… I love all their songs because of her voice – is so perfect ❤️

My favorite is this one:


Her voice ❤️❤️❤️ I just love her voice above all others always ❤️ since I was a child I love her voice

I also love this one ❤️


I wish she didn’t die so young… she was 32… because of an eating disorder.

Great loss! ☹️ but in life happens – you never know

Military is still around my life … I forgot something and he had every right to be really mad at me! Normally satan would have been furious and called me names and said mean things … made me feel bad …

But military didn’t … he didn’t even flinch like was big deal 😮… he was like that’s fine whatever, it’s ok, not a big deal 😮

I was surprised little bit – but good

There gonna be some things that he will run into with me… things like that…

And then, I am slower than him… I need time – which he is also fine with so far

I’m honest with things – I will say whatever I think …

Sometimes he has me quiet cause he makes me think?

He keeps mentioning my 👩🏻‍🦰 red hair… he has a red hair thing lol … and freckles

Also ??? He loves my knees lol he says they are perfect … no one ever has commented on my knees lol… legs yes… smile yes… eyes yes … body yes… but never the knees?? That is funny – odd – but funny

One time in band camp lol – I’m kidding … but once when my daughter was in a band concert they had to wear long skirts that covered their ankles because teacher said ankles were too sexy lol

“Ankles” lol ewww whatever

But that is WAY better than seeing how they dress at school in high school now 😮😮😵😵

I’m not even sure there is a dress code anymore 😳😮😮

I think back… what was I like? I did mini skirts – loved those … I would push it sometimes sure lol

Once my grandparents (yes my grandparents) bought me a bustier a colorful pretty one with roses 🌹… was a summer shirt

I fricken LOVED it lol … omg it looked so amazing and I just loved it ❤️❤️

My parents however – did not 😄😄😄

So I would have it in my backpack and when away from home change lol 🙌… ahhh girls lol … but was also awesome gift from grandparents ❤️

I did the same with make up – I wasn’t allowed to wear make up … but I would put make up on while riding the bus lol

And take it off on the way home lol ✌️ I may have been a handful of teenager lol

I was also in gymnastics so one day I went to jump and flip off the vault and I had a spotter … I jumped … and flipped … and when I came down spotter thought was fine but I flew back up and mat slid out and I came down on ground 😮

So they call my mom lol I broke my leg

I had been crying and black mascara ran down my face (I had forgotten I had put make up on 😮)

So she see me and says “what’s that black on your face?” I say oh I been crying … she ask have you been wearing make up? Ohhh my leg and then she felt bad so she just let me after that lol … I was maybe 15?

My father had a hard time with me growing up lol

That’s me… and then one day I became a woman lol … he did not like that one bit lol

Yeah he had a really hard time with that. And those are fairly recent within a 5 year range in my 40’s – I never change

When I was little it was fine … people would stop my parents just to comment on my Irish ness 🙄 they loved it lol

But as I got older people would say oh she’s gonna be a little heartbreaker lol – they didn’t like that so much lol

I have never been a heartbreaker

Never heartbreaker… I was more the sweetheart ? I was nice to everyone and protective … I fit in all groups usually …

Recently my daughter said to me – you were a popular girl

I said no I wasn’t

And she says “yes you were – you have that vibe” 😮😮

No I was always new girl – I had to fit in real quick

She asked … did everyone know you?

Well fricken yes lol … I was always new girl – you always noticed when new – everyone wants to know who you are … girls wanna see who you are and boys wanna see who you are too lol … of course I was known lol – that does not make me popular lol … just a curiosity

I was sporty – track, swimming, volleyball ❤️

But she insists I was a popular girl 🙄

Whatever – I was not – I didn’t have time ever to become part of any group – I was just known always because I was new and also kind

Funny how she judge based on either my looks or personality? Or a mix of? But interesting

I’ve always had a fire and spirit

But I am this:

And this:

I also think that pulls military in cause I am little different – he has commented on that also

I tell him I am very boring – but he doesn’t think so… I am boring

My lips are devil red … and I do live la Vida Loca … I have infectious personality that will make you fall quick – but I am boring

I love to be boring lol

He thinks is because I was hurt lol – ok maybe

But I love being away from world in certain aspects

He can teach me to live life and I can teach him boring … I think he needs a little boring – I like to take in the peace of life – I have needed it – but also strong spirited so I don’t seem boring

I’m pretty sure I’m mostly boring ✌️😄 I just have spirit

I was always little different always – cause I so new always

But I like the peaceful and boring aspects ❤️ will just take me awhile ✌️

Just remember “boring”

I just have to convince that lol ✌️I am boring…he just doesn’t believe me

Also my funeral people are all up on me to throw that housewarming that I should have thrown a year ago 😮 maybe we see – let me handle my damage first

Then we can do a party

Little by little people!!! Not all crazy please 🙏

Just slowly is good 😊 with everything except rain – that can finish fast! 🙏🙏🙏

I just like to take the world in slowly since been through a lot ✌️

I do promise you I am boring – every time I add something I think that is not boring – but I am – just go with it ✌️ is spirit that isn’t boring but I like boring

This weekend I have totally enjoyed boring ❤️ I am always begging for that week in March!! Ahhh to be boring ❤️ and not noticed

He is opposite of me with attention. He likes attention – I do not lol – that’s a little funny

I live a crazy life in death – he doesn’t know this yet

He knows what I do – but he doesn’t know

He will learn lol ✌️😘

26 thoughts on “My fence fell

Add yours

    1. Awww thank you – very Irish ☘️

      Yes 👏 thank goodness the rain is done for a minute

      We have quick small storm on Wednesday night and Thursday

      Then no more until end of January

      All of January has blended for me 😮 just been storm and craziness the entire time!

      I am glad that is over!!

      Thank you ❤️

      I hope you are doing well also – I should have time tonight to stop by and read ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You mean like sexy ankles?

        I was astonished that a teacher would say that .. who finds ankles sexy? It’s mostly bone. Well of course paleontologists find bones sexy if l remember Ross from Friends.

        I don’t think it’s the same thing when thinking of bones and boners though and certainly not for ankles. I am not that great about feet either.. I get the knee thing though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well it was a symphony concert lol – so he wanted all the girls in long skirts / he probably didn’t want all lengths and that was easiest way to make them do it lol

        I am not an ankle person lol … lol a boner on ankles that’s hilarious

        Feet are not my thing either

        Really? You understand the knees?

        I have just not heard that one before

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well back in the days of me being a male escort, the female escorts would place makeup on their knees to either award more colour or look less shiny.

        I am not a huge knees fan; l am a legs fan, as in the curve of legs but not any specific parts. There is, of course, the hidden agenda behind why some men like knees, but for the better claim, some men find knees sexy for a variety of reasons, from knee fetishism to shape, to leg middleism, to knee visualisation, to well who knows or perhaps that should read ‘who knees’.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wait wait wait …

        What would the hidden agenda be?

        I did not know knees could be a fetish lol … noted lol

        My legs are toned and my knees look normal – I never looked and them and thought “ooohhh I have sexy knees” lol that seems little bit humorous to me but whatever lol

        And make up on knees – ha! I am not doing that ever – that sounds like bad to me … I cross my legs a lot so… I would like to not have make up everywhere – but maybe it’s different for escorts

        (I use escorts at work but not same kind lol – that always makes me giggle lol) ours are police escorts lol … very very different

        Although I have googled escorts – not thinking of your kind …only mine and I have to specify is POLICE escorts or I get crazy things lol

        We have spoken of that before, I 🤔 think?

        Liked by 1 person

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