This was Friday 😮

At funeral home 😮


I am good with water right now ugh … omg … yeah I’m good

You could add fish 🐟


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  1. We have had similar here too and the inevitable memes are doing the rounds. My favourite, so far, is a picture of a farmer talking to a hiker above a caption that says “Brittany without rain is like butter without salt” 😉

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    1. Do you have your rain all year? Even in summer? Do you get a lot of yearly rainfall?

      Lol that’s funny

      I prefer butter with salt myself lol… although healthier without …

      But does that mean it rains a lot there?

      😮😮😮 I just googled that … ahhh I see

      Ok tips for survival then?? Your ground might be able to handle better than mine? My area is usually dry lol … we are usually like a desert 🌵 our ground is some sand some clay ? It hardens unless you have a yard but you have to water (just not this much lol)

      And we’ve been getting hit since New Year’s Eve … Californians are not used to this lol ✌️

      Since New Years Eve!! January basically 💦

      Do you get flooding? How does Brittany prepare?

      Any special tips?? I will take medieval ones 🏰 ✌️🙏 😘

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      1. Yes, we do have rain all year but it is heaviest between November and March. We do get some very dry weather and threats of drought but really the very hot and dry weather is over within a month in the summer. We do, every year. get waterlogged fields and rivers that burst their banks but things usually subside in a few weeks. 🙄
        Over there, you seem to go from one extreme to the other. Well, over the course of a year! 😉 Hopefully, better days are ahead!! 🤞

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      2. It is only this year that is like that… last year we were not like that… is the 2020’s … you never know what you gonna get lol 😉

        Is their lots of damage when you have your storms or are you so used to that you have made so there be no damage?

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      3. To be fair, it needs to be an exceptional storm for any real damage. You are not allowed to bui;ld on flood plains and can get fined if you do not keep your drainage ditches in decent order. Both those help!

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      4. Ahhh – I see

        We don’t really have drainage ditches? In the country yes… city no…

        We have street gutters … you do have to clear your leaves and things but the city comes around with a leaf sucker upper lol – big giant truck with this elephant like hose that sucks up all the leaves when they fall – right before the storms that truck was everywhere!!

        No idea what it’s called 🤷‍♀️

        They don’t fine people though – or if they supposed to – no one seems to enforce?

        But generally people are good with keeping the gutters open and caring for their yards

        Well 9 storms since New Year’s Eve and a total of 10 storms since Christmas 😮

        That was pretty exceptional lol 😄✌️

        Our storms are now crossing the United States 😮

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      5. Hahaha I know – well in many years we dry and isn’t like this… but rains are our winter

        Southern California is warmer and nicer temps

        I am Northern – the state is pretty big

        Nor Cal is different little bit – from So Cal

        Usually people think of LA or San Fran when say cali and yeah sun beach surfers lol – stereotype lol

        We have that – but inland is farm land or desert or mountains – we even have a dormant volcano lol

        Mt Shasta – it is still an active volcano 🌋 but currently dormant thankfully lol

        There is soooo much here – ghost towns, caves … we have the San Andreas fault line, gold, there is so much things with Cali

        Don’t forget earthquakes – we have those lol

        But yes that is common for people to only think certain things of California

        See I’m not totally spoiled lol ✌️😄😘 it’s bad here sometimes lol

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      6. Yes, it is remarkable how Hollywood etc has projected these images so well that when you say California, I immediately think of surfers or Flower Power! 🙄 That Pacific coast drive from north to south is on my bucket list though! 😉🙏

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      7. Yes – well they are the Golden State 🙌

        Hollywood too…

        Surfers are on coast… flower power hippies well you can still see places in San Francisco for flower power – California tries to be very progressive with saving planet and being healthy

        Inland … is mostly farmlands … cows, maybe some window power mills spinning in the wind

        And we have the Sierra Nevada Mountain 🏔️ Range

        There are many yuppies here – not so much hippies anymore

        Every area of California is so different

        The pacific coast drive is incredible and will take your breath away! Is stunning, and fun!!

        California’s beauty is beyond words! And we have so much!!

        It is expensive here though … probably just Alaska and Hawaii more expensive than us for obvious reasons lol ✌️

        That would be like a week trip to be able to really take it all in

        I know San Fran and the things you wanna see… been many many many times lol – is 2 hours from me by car

        There is so much to see – it gonna blow your mind lol

        You should come do that!! Before another pandemic lol you would really love it

        Hollywood is actually pretty cool – you should really see that too

        And Disney is right there 😮❤️ it’s a small world after all lol

        Is a huge state … but really worth it! So much to see!!

        Would be quite a trip 😊

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      8. Lol … well ALL of France is actually 1.4 times bigger than California

        France is about 1.2 times smaller than Texas

        With France as the country… and being so large… do you have many different types of landscapes like us?

        Do you consider yourself part of France? You are different than rest of France because you have a strong Celtic heritage ☘️ right? 😉

        Was Brittany it’s own country once?

        Yesterday I heard Paris is 2024 Olympics … that is exciting!!

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      9. Yes! It’s a very diverse country with flat landscapes in the north to rugged mountains in the south and Alpine peaks in the east!
        It is a complicated history but yes, part of France definitely. Lots of moves afoot to get back the chunk of historic Brittany that was taken away for administrative reasons. There is also a groundswell of support for the Breton language and getting that taught to children once again! Yup, Brittany was independent until 1536!

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      10. The Alps must be amazing!! 😮

        Sounds very beautiful

        Was the language fading out?

        Gaelic was supposably fading out too but has been a revival in recent years ❤️

        Is your own history deeply in Brittany? I would think so since you are seemingly passionate about the traditions and stories and language? I’m gonna guess yes lol

        I have the same love for Ireland 🇮🇪… the stories and the languages… some traditions (but I have never been there)

        It was not the French Revolution that Brittany lost independence or was dissolved?

        I didn’t know this until I was looking things up – but Brittany falls into the 6 Celtic nations 😮 I had no idea – that is pretty cool to learn about Brittany 😊👏

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      11. Oh yes, the language was definitely fading! I guess that is unfair as it took years of hard efforts by the government to push it to fade – banned from the courts, forbidden in schools and even from church services. Thankfully, in the last thirty or forty years, people have funded private schools that teach Breton and local councils have put-up signs in Breton. Still no Breton tv or radio stations but hopefully, one day!
        I am glad you discovered Brittany’s Celtic heritage!! 🙂 I can see that I need to revisit some of my old posts to make sure that was clear! 😉

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      12. 5.5% in Brittany can speak or know Breton? Is that true?

        Can you speak and understand it?

        How many languages do you know?

        I mainly ONLY know English …but can pick out words and ask for your name, ask how you are, in Spanish

        If a Spanish speaker speaks SLOW I can pick out words and know what they generally saying

        In French – I only know bad words or bad sayings lol 🤭

        Very interesting though with bringing language back to where from and supposed to be.

        Would be devastating to lose language!! I’m glad to hear they are breathing new life into it – I hope it fully comes back!! 🙏

        The domesticated dogs become wild again 😉

        It sounds very beautiful

        Our government tries to control sections of our lives too… but we just don’t listen, fight about it and then find way around it lol … cause government should not be involved in these matters

        How you speak, how you do, who you are, what you wear, how you pray, or our own bodies – as if government gonna say what that can or can not be – that be a fight and is sometimes lol ✌️

        Never let up and bring it back ❤️😘

        Retro is always the most awesome stuff ❤️ and that one is heritage

        I just never would think “Celtic” in France 🇫🇷

        Like you see California … the way I see France is Paris and the Eiffel Tower

        Lol … France tourism makes it all romanticized and center of the fashion world lol ✌️

        Funny how they make us view when don’t know 😉

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      13. That figure is maybe about right. I know that it has steadily delcined over the last century 😦 At the turn of the 20th century, the figure stood at over 60% but there has been no systematic surver until relatively recently.
        I can speak a few languages with varying degrees of fluency but then I have lived in a few different countries. 😉
        Ha, yes, this little corner of France is quite different from the rest. A famous comedian once said that “Brittany is nice and it’s not far from France” – which kind of sums up its distinctiveness well! 🙂

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      14. The people over there in Europe, live in multiple countries like it’s nothing 😮😮 – the same way we do “states” – you do countries lol

        That’s crazy! Make sense but is crazy to me… all the different governments lol

        I have one crazy government lol ✌️

        I can’t imagine rules of multiple lol 🤷‍♀️ and I’m American so that would depend on how that goes over too lol

        You must be very versatile 😮

        I am only USA 🇺🇸 … I am versatile with different states – but not languages, countries or governments

        That must be amazing experience 😮

        Mine is all same language, all same government

        Spanish is our second language

        French maybe some in New England area because of Quebec Canada being so close

        I only know bad words or bad things to say in French – from high school of course – when one is immature and your friends are taking French lol ✌️

        I wanted to take French but my dad said no because Spanish would be second language- not French… this was back in 80’s

        Well whatever so I took Spanish – I can say general high school level sentences lol … I can sort of understand more than I can speak… but they need to speak slowly!!!

        Yeah I am not language versatile – I could NOT say that I am bilingual – I am surface speaking Spanish and shaky at best

        Hola, como esta? Muy bien, gracias – y tu?

        If you go further you must go very slow lol

        😮😮 ahhh I see 4 hours away … that is nice to be away from all the insane and be able to go there if want to lol

        Is it that Brittany wants it’s independence back? Does it want to be part of France?

        Brittany sounds very beautiful and magic garden type peaceful 😊❤️✌️

        Way more rural maybe?

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      15. Haha, yes and it it crazy the differences just within countries here. In France, even though most of the old regional languages have been almost killed off, the accents and outooks are so different.
        Some here want independence but I would say the majority just want the old boundary back and more autonomy. Needless to say, the govt is not keen.
        Oh, yes, apart from the immediate hinterland of a few cities, we are still very rural! 🙂

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      16. The United States has sorta similar with our Native Americans – many of their languages disappearing

        Our Native American Reservations govern themselves & they take care of each other… even in death 😉❤️

        76 California Indian Gaming Casinos… owned by 73 of the states 109 tribes

        😮 💵 🎰

        I was rural… now is more the ‘burbs 🙄

        … urban sprawl 😝

        Now is all up and coming when used to be quaint … I remember when was tiny little shit kicker town

        Now is about somethin … has best schools in area – still cute little town that holds on to its heritage … just so much yuppie neighborhoods and many Karen’s 🤦‍♀️

        Makes me kinda wanna go up the mountain more lol … but then there is risk of fire in summer and snow in winter lol … so damned if do and damned if don’t lol

        They ask today “does anyone wanna move to Texas for a corporate position?”


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      17. 109? I had no idea there were that many distinct tribes in California alone. Remarkable.

        Yes, sounds like there are – as with most things – pros and cons! Texas? Isn’t that where your mother is? Hope she is doing ok! ‘🙏

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      18. Currently the United States recognizes 574 tribes in the 48 states and Alaska

        The Navajo nation has the largest number of pure blooded Americans

        But I believe Cherokee is the largest tribe?

        Yes they are in Texas! But I can’t … my daughter and my kids are here

        But was a quick thought in my head – really fast… then I remembered reality lol ✌️

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      19. I have to admit that I googled after I posted my response earlier 😉 Thank you!!!! 😍

        Yup, I realised that the kids would make that impractical unless maybe they split the role between states? That said, is corporate your thing? You do seem a very people person and the thing that always comes across most when you talk of work is helping people! I know you can still do that in corporate but it is, at best, several times removed.

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      20. Ah nah lol … the job is making sure people are doing their jobs to state and company standards and regulations – I would like that lol

        I just don’t also have all the training – I would have to know embalming side too and nope not for me

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