Let life flow

So this is my life :


Ugh it’s so fuckin rainy!!! Have I said how much I hate winter??? Omg

Ugh … I am in the foothills – we being pummeled 😮 so much flooding and problems!!

Let me just repeat …


After this weekend there should be sun ☀️ omg glorious sun ☀️


After Tuesday 🙏🙏🙏

I just have to get through Saturday Sunday and stupid Monday ugh 😑… it’s just a little longer

We soooooo flooded … it traps you!! You can’t go places you need to because roads are shut down

Omg and cemeteries 😮😮 trees are uprooting 😮… and when they dig a grave even with a tent – the water pours in – they have to pump constantly 😮😮😮

You don’t think of that do you??

We had some locations without power and having services by candlelight 🕯️… it was quite beautiful and had a element of old school 😮 I kinda liked it … but you know… am old soul so 🤷‍♀️

We have service on Sunday 😮 and Monday 😮

We so water logged and damaged – a lot of damage and flooding everywhere already!! Winds are insane!! And then add that rain we have had SINCE NEW YEARS EVE!!! Omg – killing me!!!

Doby does not like the rain either lol


Please just go away!! This is why you need to spread it out across the year!!! Not ALL at once!!!

I’m just really tired of rain and flooding everywhere – every day you just soaked – and you can’t use roads – only the main roads are somewhat drivable – but even they get shut down 😮… so then we cut off from places 😮

I wonder if the underground of Sacramento is completely flooded ? It must be!! I’m sooo curious!!

Well anyway – I have no idea what is happening anywhere else cause of work and floods 🫤

My fence is mostly still standing – once section fell – it will need to be replaced. Few other sections are iffy – there is nothing I can do at this point – “act of god” so whatever … it’s still destroying my gazebo so also whatever – as long as no trees or power lines fall and hit my house 😮🙏

Ugh almost done 🙏🙏🙏🙏

It’s just powerful sheets and sheets of rain – please don’t break my windows 😮😳

Here is a video from outside my front door 😮 this is our rain … look to the side of the video and you see Doby looking out and then being like “nope” 😄😄❤️❤️❤️ oh he is sooo my baby!! I have now placed pee pads by the door because my back yard is a small lake 😮

But check it…

Hahaha he is sooo funny 😄😄❤️

He does not like not going outside – he has too much energy NOT to go outside omg … there are lakes everywhere now!! Omg … my whole side yard one BIG lake!!! You can Wade in the water 😮😮😝😝 omg gross!

Is slightly flooding my garage 😝 ugh – please no roof issues 🙏 so far am ok there

I also hope funeral home doing ok 😳🙏 ugh

Ok well – I won’t have to water my shit for long time lol 👏👏


I be back in little bit – let me just situate stuff in garage 😑 meh – life making me have to go through things 🫤😑


Meh … I say something to my people at work about how exhausted I am… and they say “Trisha – you can sleep when you dead” 🫤😑 ahhhh funeral people lol 🙄 ✌️

10 thoughts on “Let life flow

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  1. Ooh, I kinda like the funeral by candlelight vibe! 🙄
    Haha, that is just sheet rain! Does it fall as heavy as that for long? I love Doby’s look coz he really is saying ‘that’s interesting but nope, no thanks’ 🙂 Take care and hope the weather eases for you 🤞

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    1. I will post for you how Friday at work was lol – you can see the rain – it’s been little bad over here lol 🤷‍♀️ … the wind also very strong

      Sometimes yes it does fall like that and with high winds 😮

      It’s insane – why I complain lol ✌️😄😘

      He wants to go outside sooooooooooo badly!!! He loves darting around front yard ❤️ but not today lol 😄😄

      I know his little mannerisms and personality are hilarious ❤️👏

      🙏🙏 me too!! Omg

      Thank you 🙏🙏

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      1. Hahaha I know – other peoples dogs usually don’t mind lol … Doby like “Nope” lol … not sure where he gets that from – that’s a little humorous lol

        But I will make him go out for poop because nope – not in my house lol – he will but he doesn’t like and comes back immediately

        I know that wet dog smell – yes and I literally just give him bath and he stink again 😑

        Not to mention …thank god I do not have carpet!!! omg 😱 I am washing floors ALOT currently 😑

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  2. I hate driving in the backsplash white-out! A big section of VERY wide freeway (total of 16 to 20 lanes) was redone and went from draining and clear to pure backsplash). Asnear as ai can tell, freeways are no longer grooved with lots of little rain channels. Prob safer overall but I avoid the spots I know.

    Doby acts just like my cats! Today LBK ran out, then right back in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know he was so hilarious through all this rain ❤️

      He usually runs right out cause he excited to be out front … but he check that rain and was like “nope not today”

      Awwww he is just like his mama lol ❤️😄

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