Happy Friday the 13th


I’m so busy and tired – another storm this weekend



That’s newest update

Omg make winter stop ✋ I’m over it!!

I live where??? California 🙄 … where is my fricken sun?? Enough – I swear to god if anyone says drought this summer!!!

Anyway… alright well we see what happens

One more crazy day and then stormy weekend and I am not doing ANYTHING!!!! Zip zero nada

Ok more storm – this is fine

I will be back probably tmrw as long as my house not crumble, blow away, power lines fall, tree falls – I don’t even know


No – no I can not stand the rain much longer – omg please stop ✋ ugh 😑

Ok well I have to work so …

Happy Friday the 13th 😮😳

Also… rest in peace Lisa Marie ❤️💔


Very heartbreaking 💔

25 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th

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    1. I am always ok ❤️ thank you for checking – I survive usually always so far lol 👏

      Yesterday at work someone called me and the caller ID read “Wonder Woman” 😮😮

      I said to my coworker “what?! How do you have your caller ID be whatever you want!?”

      I would have wanted Wonder Woman – now what could I be ?

      And she says “hmm, bat girl”

      Lol no – although I did once own Wonder Woman and Bat Girl underroos lol ✌️😄

      I just don’t wanna be Bat Girl lol no

      I will have to think what I wish to be announced as – this is awesome 👏 I didn’t know you could do that

      I could be Aquawoman at the moment lol

      But thank you 😊❤️… I am innovative – I survive lol ❤️✌️ … mostly 🙏🙏

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      1. Aquawoman is appropriate for the moment but not for all time … mm a challenge, let me think too 🙂

        “Bat Girl underroos … as in like the Bat cave? Oooher

        Glad you are okay, l had been watching that last post of yours making sure you were good 🙂

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      2. Yes… batgirl from 1970’s lol

        I can’t add a photo in comments … I don’t know how?

        But they were cute underwear from the 70’s – after superhero’s lol

        Yes soaked and have had enough rain!! For sure!! I’m gonna have a lot of clean up and repairs when is all done – but all of us will. It’s been a little crazy!

        Taking break on us at moment but more coming

        Thank you – been hard for me to get on here because work is crazy busy and flooding makes me have to secure and protect stuff lol – both at home and work

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      3. Wow, so not your thing now then hahaha 🙂

        Well l am glad you are back, but l know exactly what you are going through on certain levels, we haven’t got problems here with floodings, but many parts of the UK are under water.

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      4. Hahaha – I didn’t say not my thing – I might have Wonder Woman panties lol – you don’t know lol

        I have American 🇺🇸 Flag bikini lol … so ya know why not

        I like fun cute things

        Oh??? So your weather been severe lately too?? 😮😳

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      5. Well not like yours severe, although you may remember us discussing November which was perilous.

        Oh, now that is intriguing – are you saying you might have Wonder Woman panties on then Lady Strong? 🙂

        American flag bikinis are quite popular though aren’t they?

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      6. Yes I do remember that…

        … yes perhaps I might own a pair lol

        Kinda ? I guess? With the flag bikini 👙… I have not worn mine in forever – when I lived out in middle of no where there was that creepy neighbor… do you remember? He had the boxer swimsuit version and once I saw that I never wear that bikini again because “no” lol ✌️

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  1. The state is currently down from level 6 drought to level 2. Whether or not we get out of drought will depend upon remaining rain vs snow in mtns. We need snow pack. Were in similar situation last year (??) but rain in Feb/Mar wiped out the snowpack.

    Bits of sun here today – rain due on Sat.

    Glad you’re okay!

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    1. Lol we flooded 🤷‍♀️

      It has paused at moment… Doby just went out and he’s all happy now lol

      And work has been all crazy!! So much!!!

      So between work and floods omg 😱

      We probably met the mark now 👍


      1. Yeah… steady rain today but not hard and no wind. We’ve also had breaks between storms. There’s currently no rain forecast after mon morn.

        I hope the lakes get refilled – last I saw, they’re better but still below norm.

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