Doby ❤️ he’s gotten so big… some would like to see pics … here is my baby…

In the beginning … 😮😮❤️❤️:

Lol ❤️❤️❤️

And now…

My little boy is growing up lol ❤️

His legs really long like mine lol… stretch 😄😄

His body is SOLID!!!! But everyday he more and more my baby ❤️

He is sooo funny ❤️❤️ also very heavy now. On occasion he be an asshole lol – but whatever – he listens and loves 💕 ❤️ I love him ❤️❤️❤️

As far as our weather, we under area flood watch because yes we have flooding. Currently it has paused raining … we will have one break from rain on Friday and then 40 days and 40 nights lol – kidding but yes for many many days

I am rained out… bleh … I need sun!!! I am dying for sun!!! 🥀

Here is my area info:

A lot of clean up of branches and trees and flooding in back road areas.

Monday they say be really bad … ok so we see

I would say we were taken by surprise on New Years Eve… we did not expect that much rain like that… and today was just boring rain, not pummeling

Here is another channels forecast :

Ugghhhh much LOOONGER for spring???

God I need sun!!! And warm ness

California is USUALLY NOT this insane

And DO NOT even mention drought, come summer 😶 !!!! I do not want to hear that this summer!!!

Ugh winter … cmon … enough… I am ready for spring ugh please enough … I need sun and not be cold and wet all the time!!! I look like crap every single day …

At home look great … leave house and be drown rat 🐀

Things with military are going well.

But he wanna move really really fast and that is just not even a reality at this moment ??

I have a daughter I am raising… so … I’m gonna need understanding and no pressure with that

I enjoy seeing him yes … I like him and feel at ease … but work also kills me …

My life always just work and kids … so … is different to have someone suddenly in your life? I got used to not having that…. So is an adjustment – but would be that way probably for anyone while I am at this job.

And he’s like 40 min away… and storming

This week at work killing me!! But when is it not?

And I have daughter… so not gonna see him for awhile?? Not sure?

I like him and that’s fine with me… not that I don’t love being around… is ok to have life too? Happens

Meaning realistically – like tonight for example… I got so beat at work today!! Omg sooo busy and nuts and crazy… so I come home exhausted – it had rained all day

So ya know… I just wanna go home and get in my warm Jammie’s – and be all cozy comfy warm

… my job exhausts me and it’s winter and rainy!!! You lucky on a good day lol 😘✌️🤷‍♀️

And I work sooooo hard for years and years … to build and live HERE. So… my days of driving were over 🙌

But now I drive again – he’s worth it … but my job is so incredibly draining … so …. It’s just something to get used to??

I don’t wanna burn myself out completely – I would like to NOT become my own customer!! 😮

It’s just a very draining crazy job sometimes

We talk but this week with rain and then my week has been nuts – let me introduce my world

I don’t respond sometimes too … because omg I am in middle of crazy or something and sometimes I am only one there … so … is not because I don’t like… it’s just a crazy job and I respond first chance I get

So we learning

Well anyway – bedtime again 😩 I can barely keep eyes open they hurt

Since weekend storm maybe I get to hunker down and veg? 🙏🙏🙏 we see – I want to do nothing

😩 I just wanna be lazy for a day!!

38 thoughts on “Doby/Rain/Learning?

Add yours

    1. Well, since we like each other – he wants to see me all the time – which I like seeing him… but he has more down time and his job different

      Everyone on the planet moves fast 🤷‍♀️ except me… only at work do I move fast lol ✌️

      I do not know why EVERYONE tries to move so fast?!

      They ALL do at some point 🤷‍♀️

      But then they meet me… I am very slow … tap those breaks

      I try not to be too bad with it, but wanna make sure is meant to be

      And just as I don’t want to judge anyone based on satan or how he was… I still take my time because I remember what that was – I am traumatized by it so I just move slower

      He treats me amazing though 😮 he is thoughtful and seems to have sensitivity? I’m watching still ✌️

      Behavior says all so we see

      I just don’t want to burn out – I’m not used to having a life 😮

      Ugh the rains 😑

      Welp- lol … time for work 😑✌️😘

      Have an amazing day!! I will stop by to read and respond this weekend 🙌

      Today is Friday isn’t it?? Do I have the right day? Seems too good to be true? Lol 🙏🙏

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      1. Yes but here comes our storm 😮

        Let’s see what happens – I just got out of shower – handling Doby and then have to go make sure everything secure and ready as much as able 😮

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      2. I had some damage but it’s fine. Nothing totally huge but damage to a gazebo – tore my shit up 😮

        And my back fence has fallen – which I’ll get to eventually also… my whole fence is looking rough 😮 … the wind been intense 😮

        I had to go out to store earlier and many roads have detours because is flooded and the detours you still have to drive through small lakes 😮 because the roads are just gone – under water 😮 but that’s the way they detour everyone – so the other roads must be REALLY bad 😮

        I was also gonna go to Starbucks (😝 yuck – but I need coffee!! There is no Dunkin’ massively close to me and roads too bad to go far for that lol) but after being on roads I say fuck it lol ✌️😘 not worth it

        It rained but not bad, we just so soaked!! Adding more water to already saturated area 😮 … we REALLY saturated!!!!

        Last night the wind was fierce, it did rain and wind made the rain seem bad – but was just the boring rain next to the severe wind, making it seem all bad ass 🙄😑 just floods but nothing major yet

        Monday Tuesday Wednesday be the test now lol – they say be bad – heavy rains and wind 😑😩

        Last night the wind was reaching 50+mph

        I may soon have beach front ?? 😮 we see

        If my shit stays standing 😮🙏🙏 please don’t flood my house 🙏🙏🙏

        ** send Noah lol ✌️😘

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      3. My Goodness! That sounds awful and a worrying way to spend the weekend! I hope the situation has improved today 🤞 but I know you said that you are expecting three more days of crazy! 😦
        Hope you and your house stay safe! If it is still raining on Thursday, look out for an old guy with a white beard – it won’t be Santa but Noah! 😉🚢

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      4. Yeah … the gazebos roof is done! I will have to replace … as long as the rest doesn’t get destroyed 🙏😮

        – I don’t know how my fence will do? 😮 or anything else

        I have secured what I can and braced what able…

        This morning wind is whipping and rain is pouring – just pouring and pouring 😮

        It’s supposed to be like this all day long 😮

        I hope my house stays safe also 😮🙏🙏 I have been trying to guess how to secure and make sure ok – we see 😳

        I will be watching for Noah for sure!!

        This is a lot of wind and rain all at once!!! It’s crazy!

        And I’m supposed to do something Tuesday night 😮

        I’m gonna get trapped 😮

        I hate doing things in winter!!!

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      5. I do not envy you! My mother had most of her fences blow down a year or so ago and I could not get there to fix them but a kindly neighbour did!! Sometimes, as you have said before, the kindness of others still surprises! 🙂
        Hope you are all buckled down safe! Take care on the roads! 🤞🤞

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      6. It rained most of day – but then stopped – it is NOT raining at this moment 🙌👏

        Oh yes… I have wonderful neighbors like that ❤️

        I have not looked out back – I will – but I just don’t want to ✌️😘😄 I just need time

        Had a rough day at work with being really busy – isn’t it Monday? I hate Monday

        So right now there is calm 🙌

        It won’t start raining again until 1am… then all day again tmrw 😳😮

        Omg so yeah – I am currently taking in the calm and not looking out back lol… I am also supposed to be doing things – but I am not

        F it! Relaxing 😌 ahhh – breather

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      7. Yeah I just went to bed… sleep helps – eventually I will look when all the storms are over 😏

        We get a break from storms on Thursday

        We so flooded and Sacramento is tore up!! Trees down across roads and massive flooding, people without power … a break will be really nice 🙏

        I’m sooo done with winter – not even funny!! And I better not hear is still drought!!! ✌️

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      8. Yes whole roads are lakes at this moment lol … is a mess … trees/power/water – yeah messy 😮

        Tonight I have to go somewhere 😮 so we see … I’m supposed to go somewhere but we see lol

        If they say drought I am going to be sooo mad!! They should drop bucket of ice water on anyone who says drought this summer!! That’s what I would want to do!! Cause I don’t wanna hear that!!

        But they gonna say drought!!! 🫤 they always say drought! 🙄

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  1. Dony grew into his paws!! SO cute!!

    Prep now for the drought talk! We’ve exceeded annual avage but can still fall behind for the season. And there’s still a 6yr drought backlog to be made up!!

    Locally, our mountains got more rain than snow. If that happens in the Sierras, or if the snow is “dry” & fluffy instead of dense, it also screws things up.

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    1. Yeah – think we gonna make up for 6 years of drought in January lol – so they better not!!!

      We are way above normal totals for snow and rain up here

      San Fran and Santa Cruz – that whole coast getting hit hard too


      1. I saw the damage in Capitola and Santa Cruz.

        The peninsula area of Long Beach flooded the day after the rain due to high tides. Knee deep water. That area is barely above sea level and climate change causes it to flood pretty oftennow.

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      2. Yeah – you should see our flooding 😮

        Break in rain at moment and winds still there but chill currently

        I had some damage overnight but ya know “big storm” so expected some shit to pop off

        Monday Tuesday Wednesday they say be bad now lol 🤷‍♀️

        I had to go out and sooo much flooding all over even on the flood detours!! 😮

        The winds overnight with the boring rain was intense

        We can not handle more rain and wind omg 😳


      3. Oh yes we lost power from 2am til 10am… many lost power 😮 it was crazy night last night 😮😮

        My gazebo and my fence are massively damaged but ya know whatever

        What can I do ? Ya know?

        My house, my roof and my shit ok so far 🙏🙏🙏

        Someone else’s lawn furniture is in my yard lol 😮 all their cushions and stuff 🤷‍♀️ I have no idea who’s it is!!


  2. Hey Kiddo 🙂

    How is it going, are you still above the watermark? I have seen the news regarding the rains and squalls you are experiencing and l see on this thread alone you wre commenting a couple of days ago, so are you and the family still safe and sound and dry? 🙂

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      1. 💪 lol … well nothing anyone can do but go through it and wait for it to finish lol

        I just wanna fix the damage but is too wet to do that lol… and I am not sure I can – we shall see lol

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