Last nights storm was not bad … a lot of down tree limbs and some trees – but wasn’t crazy bad

Is not over – we have a one /two punch coming at us this weekend

It’s been pouring all day long – pouring boring rain ☔️

If we survive the weekend we ok

Is California weather people – they are used to sunny and warm so maybe they wrong

So far so good – I say as it pours

Doby does NOT like wind OR rain lol 😄

I can not pick him up anymore – he is too big now – maybe 40 pounds so I have to shove him out the door lol


We see what happens lol ✌️

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    1. Hahaha that’s not happening unless we would like to swim through puddles 😄

      Yeah boy inside – that’s ok though …

      You know how I bought that laser pointer and lo and behold he loved it??

      Ok well I want to see how far that goes… so for Christmas I bought him 3 cat balls … they had holes in them and were quite boring … until last night when I threw one down the hallway and it TURNED ON 😮😮😮 Omg it lit up red like the laser pointer and it makes sounds… birds chirping, crickets and frogs lol
      Both him and I last night were very excited with this!! Lol

      I did not know they did that because the packaging was in Japanese so 🤷‍♀️

      So I figured out how to turn all 3 on and boy goes nuts lol ❤️ it’s hilarious

      My Doberman loves cat toys lol 😮🙄😄 … of course he does lol … cause why not? Shouldn’t limit or exclude species? Lol 🤷‍♀️

      It’s very funny though 😄😄 he’s a Doberman lol … who loves cat toys lol

      Although I do buy cool ones 👏👏 but is really funny and he’s bigger now lol

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      1. Hahaha yes – I have learned this 😄😄

        He has one teddy bear 🧸 that we stopped and got for him the day he came home with us… and he loves the teddy bear 🧸 – he does not tear apart

        But most others yes

        That one teddy bear he just loves ❤️🧸❤️

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    1. Ugh 😑 well 8 days til I’m done with end of month and I’ve got that handled

      But I’m currently dealing with phone lines on a dinosaur system 😑… plus I have to get several quotes for improvements and submit that to corporate … so…

      Is always things is never not things lol

      But the dream sounds nice lol


    1. It rained and came down boring all day – we had small break earlier this morning but been raining ever since

      I don’t even believe they anymore – we see

      My forecast is showing rain all weekend but not crazy – Monday supposed to be crazy 🙄😑 of all days 🫤

      Yes I will try to get a good pic of him – he does not sit still ever!!! Omg

      But he is loving cool cat toys lol


      1. Hahaha yeah… they like kids lol

        Doby is currently obsessed with cat toys (cool ones that do things) but it’s very funny ❤️

        Yes so far ok!! Have not floated away

        ** knock on wood 🪵 ✊


        I need sun soooo badly!! I need a sun lamp lol


    1. I know – it made me laugh so much too lol ❤️

      No I am in office but my commute is just down the street lol

      Yes things are ok at this moment … our big storm was New Year’s Eve … they hyped this one all up and was nothing

      It started out to be possibly bad… winds were whipping and rains at same time …but it died out and then cleared for a moment this morning – only to rain boring rain all day long

      They say Saturday Sunday Monday now – we see

      But I will make sure to stay safe 🙏 hopefully 🙏

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