Ugh Wednesday


So … ONLY ME!!

Everyone else is sick


I take my temp all the time – wear mask and take Covid tests – ahhh my life – fricken winter … I hate winter!!!

Also… can everyone take a moment and NOT die!!! Just ya know hold on – let me figure out if I am coming or going!! Omg

I talked to drs, hospitals, police depts, coroners, families – released things omg I didn’t leave til about 6:30pm

And I still have to call a police department after 7pm ugh 😑 … is just me

Tmrw I think I have help coming ❤️

Whew 😥

Yes I am dramatic because – “only me” … no time for literally anything including my own work and is end of month Omg

And there is no way I can fall … no way… so that better not happen!!

Bleh – fricken winter 🥶

Terrible! RSV, FLU, Covid … ugh fricken winter

Hurry UP summer!!!!!!

My distaste for winter grows every year. At least in the 2020’s

Try not to die!! But ya know … you don’t know… ugh fricken death 💀

Ok well I have to make one more call / but I wanna tell you about yesterday (was spooky!) and few other things so I try to be back later 🙏

Ok back later maybe 😘✌️ at least that’s a remind for me because I have so much going on … ok bye 👋

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