Ok back…

So yeah – is a lot!

Yesterday was spooky and weird!!! I kept having massive coincidences with so many people!!! Omg … literally everyone all day long

Some would have my birthday exactly or some would live where I lived as as child and one even currently lives in my old house we had when married 😮

It was nuts and weird ??


So… on another subject…

Alright so… regarding to this guy… immediately I want to be like “maybe not good idea”? Just because I’m not sure ya know? But I am also weird with that and HIGHLY sensitive so ya know – I’m trying not to be too hard

And I dunno?? We see

But … he texts periodically and today graduated to phone calls 😮😮

Phone calls are kinda a big deal ? I did not expect that – he just called me 😮 which is fine … but that is a step… text messages there is still slight distance but phone calls you can hear emotions or read someone better

The only people I speak to on my phone are my people I love and work stuff

So is just little more on the personal side than text messages are. And we have had phone calls just not personal ones … I know … is overprotective

And then also … I do not know his world – is very different than mine so we see

But ok – we see

I am little quiet and stuff … just hang back a little

I like him – but I am just seeing who he is… I’m not sure who he is yet. I can’t really tell ?

Time will tell – we see

He is funny and makes me laugh … but then there is something that holds me back slightly – I am just seeing. I be smart ✌️

Lol you do have to fit into the beat within my heart lol … 😘✌️


But I am gonna need to feel comfortable and at ease. I’m not there yet 🤷‍♀️

I feel like he’s interested – yes totally … but I am cautious for both who he is because I don’t know him that well yet… and then also… possibly slightly to see if has motive? What is angle? Whatcha want – shall I play it again? It is one of my favorites ❤️ lol … so I’m gonna add it for my enjoyment anyway 😘✌️


Oh yeah … that was for me ❤️✌️😘

Ok I’m just seeing … but what is angle – what want ? What after? What motive …So we see who he is.

Whatever – you would be just as hard as I am, after satan! ✌️😘

So we just see … I like him but I am not at ease yet?

This is very difficult – this is why I am not a dating type… it’s either just gotta fit or no 🤷‍♀️ much easier … but then at same time how you get that? You have to do this!!!

I am not comfortable in the whole initial stage thing …

He’s very sweet. And I know he likes me or something? Cause he shares things with me…

He also tries to always impress me. I am not sure how that is sitting with me?? But we see ?

Ok well I can’t anymore …I’m so exhausted

Tmrw and Friday will be insane which I already know! Ok

Please have mercy! 😮🙏 easy please

He asked me what my plans for weekend were lol … family night and nothing ✌️🙌👏❤️ .. hibernation ❤️

Ok gnite 😘 I have to sleep 💤

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  1. Mm. A lot going on Trisha.

    Do you think with how tired and busy and stressed at work you are as well as worrying now about the dreaded lurgy of covid alingering that you can’t think straight at this moment?

    Maybe tell him, ‘Listen could you just restrict it to texts for the time being? at least till l know whether l am coming or going?”

    A phone call is a big step isn’t it? i know what you mean, like email is a good distance even if a person is just next door, whilst a text its a bit closer – but a phone call is the voice and that is now in my head.

    I know friends of mine who have been emailing and texting for two years and who live in the States miles and miles away from each other for well over two years who haven’t progressed to a phonecall yet. It’s a bigger step.

    So although you know him, he made his voice heard to you at work.

    Wouldn’t he be after what everyone is after [all jerks aside]? Getting to know you better. Maybe looking to take things further with you? Up the friendship of casual acquaintence to ‘friend status’.

    But maybe the voice call was too fast, so tell him, explain to him that you like to take things slower and can you just stick to texts only at least when you are at work?

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    1. It is pouring rain today 😮😑 ☔️

      Oh I am thinking straight… I’m cautious… I’m just watching who he is right now, what he says and does.

      The phone call just kinda took me by surprise … we have spoken on phone before … but before was not personal… and was before we started texting or before he was interested.

      So it’s fine, I just didn’t expect.

      Yeah we see … I just watch for any motive or anything.

      He wanted to stop by just to see me. But I was too busy.

      I’m just seeing how this goes… not blinded… just watching.

      There was text message this morning saying he smiles just thinking of me.

      So I dunno – I am watching and taking it all in…

      But ya know – not my first rodeo even though I rarely try dating lol …

      He’s taking slower than most, believe it or not.

      I want to see who he is …so I won’t deal with any satans or ulterior motives …

      But then I also think of my own situation with everything so a lot of caution comes with that – my mother, my cancer, just things

      Plus I am quieter than he is… he is very social… even on down time

      I am more ?? Subdued? Quiet?

      I am protective from the world and sometimes I just enjoy the peace ☮️

      I will do things or go places … but I don’t like to “be on” all the time – I’m pretty quiet with my personal life – keep it very clean and peaceful

      He doesn’t know my own details yet and is so new we don’t know each other yet.

      So I’m just taking slow… I am slow person out of caution

      What happens after satan 😘✌️… you know the evil of the world 😉

      So we see

      I can handle so far

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      1. I do get it. I like like to be quieter these days – l was looking at a job on a remote island only yesterday. I could easily do it, being away from people, not sure if suze could, but l would quite happily take myself iff into nature and drop off the radar for a while.

        So l understand the need for quiet and caution all too well 🙂

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      2. Oh that sounds amazing!! I could also easily do that lol

        Remote island away from crappy things and it’s an island 🏝️… I bet it’s warm ❤️

        Is island – how you say no?

        I like to be under or off the radar too! 😊

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      3. Ahh – I see

        Is that a tourist island? Because I thought I read that they boat out people to spend day on island? Is that correct?

        What is the talent needed to be warden?

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      4. Ah yeah they probably will require that? Have you asked though or does it state that?

        You would be amazing tour guide – knowing so much about area and then having knowledge of all the vegetation and birds … you would make it very engaging!!

        Even right there in your area ?? Do they do that there?

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      5. Would it be very difficult to start own tour guide company? Like an LLC? Or something?

        I don’t know how England operates ??

        But no over head – or maybe just some for a company/your souvenir? Like a keychain or magnet or something ? … but give tours to those who wish to know about the area

        If I go somewhere historical or even sanctuaries… I like the tours

        There is a haunted tour in Sacramento ❤️ I haven’t been but really want to!!!

        Sacramento used to be lower. But in winter with the rains they would flood – so they raised the city – there is a whole spooky underground filled with history of California’s gold rush era ❤️

        I wanna take that tour so bad!! I just want someone to come with me cause I am not a go by myself person doing things like that lol ✌️especially spooky things lol 🙈

        But I am dying to go and see the original city and history ❤️

        Who better to give the history than someone who loves and knows the area and you are so good with structure!! You would be amazing at that! Easy peasy

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      6. It is an interesting concept 🙂 I will give it some thought and let you know more .

        You should def try and do a ghost tour, they offer them here, but they are so random. Will your daughter or sons not go with you? Someone from work?

        Of course l could say see if Mr Military might take you?

        I would take you as l love that kind of thing, but Sac is a long way to go for a ghost tour 🙂

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      7. Yeah you have to have a good pulse on what people curious by or interested in??


        No my kids do not like going into Sacramento 🙄 too much big city for them

        They don’t like things like that – I have always taken them on history tours or museums or planetariums ❤️ they say is torture 🙄 I guess cause I did that a lot 🤷‍♀️ they don’t want to feel like are in school lol 🫤🤨 whatever

        They won’t wanna drive all the way to Sacramento to see history lol – they are not the type… if I force and they go they love … but I don’t wanna pull teeth – you either want or you don’t – I like to enjoy and be excited so whatever

        Maybe people I know would?? Not necessarily from work but maybe? Since we live here that is usually not overly exciting to locals lol … but I know some people who would be fun with that 😊 maybe – I also have to find the time and plan that lol ✌️

        Mr Military is seeming to always travel so I’m not sure a haunted history tour would be really exciting lol 🤷‍♀️

        We see …

        You should come visit California!! You would be fun to tour with!! We have so much to see and do!! Just winter sucks lol 😘✌️

        Although Tahoe in winter is incredible ❤️ breathtaking – and the silent of snow 😮 they get massive snow!!

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      8. Yes winter does suck, we have the same over here, wet, damp, grey and dank never mind always dark – yesterday was the greeeeeeeeeeeeeyest day ever!

        It’s a shame your kids wouldn’t like it, but l know what you mean, Suze’s grandkids were the same on their last visit they just wanted to play with their tech.

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      9. I am the same, l need warmth, the damp just gets to your bones. More so this winter as UK energy bills have gone through the roof, so Suze and l don’t have the heating on for long at all, just enough to warm the house through then switch off and wear counrless layers – gotta laugh 🙂

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      10. What about a space heater for only one room? That’s what we do – helps a lot

        Ugh I just wake up and is POURING STILL!!

        Ugh Ok

        It’s been really cold lately with the rain ☔️

        Is supposed to rain today and then next weekend gonna pour all weekend again NEXT weekend 😮

        I hope this is a short winter 🥶 🙏

        Come summer they will still say drought 🙄🤨

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      11. Hahaha yeah they will 🙂

        Come summer they will still say drought

        Space heaters burn electric and that is the most expensive energy currently. You get used to it, but the ageing process and cold is a bitch. I have my right shoulder giving me jip because the cold despite layers is starting to bite in.

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      12. Well we do one small room and it doesn’t need to heat much but keeps warm. So far my bill been ok

        Funny how they want cars to go electric – how about lining their pockets ?!!! This will be interesting with their bright ideas

        Yeah my chest is that way – I can feel the air pressure – is the worst during winter!

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