Well then – all my staff is down with Covid – awesome.

I am all alone today 😮

Pray for me!!! 🙏 😳

Also pray that it leaves me alone 🙏🙏🙏

Please let me not get – I have my own office and don’t sit around anyone else so maybe I be fine?

The one who had started Covid came in Monday but I sent home right away cause not seem ok. We had not seen since before Thanksgiving so would have been really brief encounter?

Then today everyone sick 🤒

I am ok so far ? I been taking Covid tests for past month lol omg … fricken winter

I hate winter!!


I want summer so bad!! So bad!!!

10 thoughts on “Ok

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    1. Omg you don’t even know!!

      Everyone sick 😷

      So I am staying away from literally everyone!!!! And masked

      I check my temp every day and fricken take Covid tests every night 🤨

      I am fricken ready for summer!!!!!


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