Well I’m still alive

So that was different …

I had reservations going into this…

He does have a lot going on in his life. Which is good because even though mine is nice and peaceful – I work a lot … but then the stuff he has is pretty heavy but they are big legal things due to a family thing.

Well anyway – the lunch date …

So we were to meet at 11:30a … he tell me to meet him at our little tiny airport here in town …

I parked and there he was … was good to see him – he gave me big hug – before I meet with him he asked me does it hurt you if I hug you ? Lol

He ask because he knows about the breast cancer – no it does not hurt me to give hug… unless you put me in a vice grip then maybe? lol but that was thoughtful he asked so ok …

So he takes me over to a plane and shows it to me.

He show me a lot of the plane and then we got in 😮 I sat in cockpit 😮

Ok so that was pretty cool and then he say ok ready for lunch? Buckle up 😮

So we flew to some airport that had a diner right next to runway … and we had lunch – took us about 15 minutes to get there so not too far away but would have been far by car. Was cute little old school diner – was nice

And we got to talk some, he seems like decent guy. I enjoyed the time and convo … we talk about serious things he dealing with – which is heavy stuff but nothing bad – just because he has many things going on. So I understand more – and I understand he coming from business perspective with a lot of it…

We also laughed and enjoyed the moment so that was cool. He did not try to make any moves or be inappropriate – he was very nice 😊

He say to me about emotions again but then midway through he showed softness and emotion so I teased and reminded of his words lol ✌️ see how that goes ? Lol … you can not NOT be emotional. Some things you just gonna be softer with. And that’s ok. Emotions are ok to have lol

Even if you tough man. You gonna have emotions – just go with it lol ✌️

Also… I am emotion queen with reading peoples emotions – that is ok… but I am not the one you should claim not having emotions to – see right through that. You can’t be stone – there will be something in life you are soft with. ✌️

It’s pretty incredible to fly in the cockpit lol… he also flies very nice – excellent control of aircraft and amazing landings lol very cool

I had a good time … was fun and yeah ok maybe little impressed – alright fine

He say he wanna take me all these places, like Monterey or Santa Barbara – but ya know people say many things. – I don’t put it past him lol … I can see why he loves to fly though.

I have never been flown somewhere for lunch and then back – just for lunch – but that was cool.

I’m still not sure totally – I just go slow… he seems ok with that. I’m just really cautious, but we had fun today – that was an adventure lol

When you are up there flying – you do not see the propeller lol … it only showed on pictures – they also look bendy but they are not

Was beautiful day too

Was nice – I was hesitant cause we have not spent one on one time together – but was fun and I enjoyed … so alright

Ok so… so far I like him

He is tough guy but he’s sweet and gentle with me

He is trying to read me lol … but that’s ok I’m trying to read him too??

I talk and stuff … and am honest when I do speak… also I’m just a little on guard… just cause I am learning who he is.

He’s all tough lol … but has sweetness, or a softness

We did speak about stuff – he was over seas … we didn’t get into anything heavy duty cause I just don’t know him yet and that’s really personal

He did speak about how he feels towards a man who will hit a woman lol … not a man … totally agree!! 😊 he does have a lot of women family in area and he is good to them

He’s a little businessy lol … but I do like him so alright maybe

I still feel distance though – I’ll just learn who he is and I’ll be more at ease

I had fun today – but I do need to know him more.

He did make me smile and laugh – he is not sure how to read me yet, so he steps carefully 😊 I like that. He wasn’t all overzealous or crazy… just nice and chill – I like that a lot – but he’s careful – asking if ok to hug and stuff … he make sure I was happy and having good time – he loved showing me the plane – I did not know what to look at first and I don’t wanna touch something and have it go bad lol but it was fine … a lot of harnesses … 5 point? I strapped in!! Lol

He tell me what he doing as he doing it – was cool

So yeah ok fine – little impressed – that was fun

Ok so – we still see

Don’t go thinking anything – let me just see

We were gone only for like 2 hours – he is very respectful – I also like that ✌️

So far he do ok – I like him so far he does well.. but let’s just see … let me just know who he is

So we still see

Was one date so we see … I am attracted to him but that means nothing … I just want to know who he is.

Yes he was sweet and funny and awesome – I had wonderful time …

But yes – I want to know who he is as person.

Anyone can show you an amazing and fun time… but who are they generally ? So I just need to know that – one date doesn’t show you that – so we see

I just want to go slow. I’m still seeing




21 thoughts on “Well I’m still alive

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      1. Ha!! AS IF… that would be bye 👋 Felicia before even at that point… ha! AS IF that ever be an option – nope – wrong woman 😘

        I don’t have to put up with that and don’t

        I have slight red flags 🚩 on who he is…

        He tries to impress me with big things and stories… and name drops alot / yes we are in California … but I do not watch tv or would even know celebrities and some I do not care about at all

        Also … he might be way over my head republican? 😮

        We see

        But when I was with him he’s down to earth and all great – just on text message I have red flags with sorta things he says – so I dunno 🤷‍♀️

        He’s nice but he say things and I cringe little with some of the severity of the republican things … I am not a liberal but when either side is too far right or left – I cringe a little – I’m not a political person.

        Also before we not text too much – now is more since lunch yesterday – which is nice – I like him, he is sweet and not over doing but is more

        So I’m just watching the person right now. Time will tell me.

        Also I be friendly but quiet and short. I stand back little bit and he engages the convo so I listen.

        People speak a lot – you learn a lot if you listen 👂

        If he asks me a direct question – I answer … but I do not like to dwell on any bad things and because he doesn’t know me – some things I’m just very quiet and vague with – I am not comfortable totally saying certain things I went through – when you know me you can know those things

        I’m watching morals

        So we just see

        I want to be at ease with person I am with. Period

        I only want what fits right. So I dunno? Not really sure ?

        Might have a lot of life things so I dunno

        I don’t want my life made all complicated – I love the ease of my life in regards to my life … I can breathe and help people and have great people in my life … so I dunno?

        I don’t want stress and pressure or anything bad

        If enhances my world I will want … but not meaning in shallow terms so… the fluff is nice but that doesn’t have your back when you need

        That is to blind you from something ?? So we see … cause why not stand on own person or own morals?

        Yeah beer and microwave dinner would NOT cut it!

        I’m not giving my life for that – nope 👎

        To find a gem 💎 is not easy … like needle in haystack – and sometimes you just don’t find

        So ya know … what is meant to be will be put in life and will fit. Paths cross for reasons – all my stuff comes together like that always

        Since it is new – I will see … because you know first impressions you are nervous …

        Second time you more relaxed

        No one has gotten to the 3rd date

        I’m really just learning right now so that’s fine.

        I can’t do what I am not ok with. I like to sleep at night and have peace – I like to smile and stuff

        So let me see the man who steps to me with that? We see 😘✌️

        I have my own shit, I survive myself – also I know my worth, who am and what want. Totally know what don’t want too

        So ya know – we see

        See what some women pay attention to?? So ya know – adjust the level ✌️😘

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      2. Haha, I know! Was only pulling your chain! ;-p

        I appreciate it all sounds daunting but you know your lines in the sand and that is good as it gives you clarity. As you said, if it is to be then you will know it! 🙂

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      3. Yeah – I do, for most part

        I just want good happy life …not bad

        When you accept someone into your life – you want to enjoy them – enjoy company, enjoy doing things with, be there for each other

        I love my people – they amazing …we laugh all the time, we always there to build each other or help each other, comfort each other – we want to be around each other because we truly enjoy. They make life amazing ❤️

        Plus I also knew the love and devotion and same thing with my own family

        So any man has pretty high bar to jump – we see

        So I dunno if I ever find but we see

        It’s life and I don’t want to go through life with another horrific person

        Is hard enough so… yes I do have my lines in the sand … it’s actually in concrete lol ✌️😘

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      4. Well – I am one and done … I don’t want to have a string of ex’s or anything

        It’s one and done or nothing – I don’t mind taking time to get there – but I am gonna make sure is what I want

        So whatever – I March to beat of my own drum 🥁 … if my way is not today… then oh well

        Also I walked through satan for years so 🤷‍♀️

        I want a happy life not a miserable one – been there done that

        So never again ✌️

        Why I am careful 😊

        One and done ✔️ thank you very much 😘

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      5. Well ya know though… I am like that with a lot of things …


        I find one thing I really like and then I love only that lol

        I will try new things … but I am a one and done if I find amazing lol

        Plus I am just type of person … who is careful of who is around and in my life anyway

        Am friendly and helpful to all… but keep only amazing “close” to me?

        And mentally – I don’t want crap 💩

        So I’m just best at one and done ✔️

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  1. Wow, flying on a plane on the first date is a really cool thing to do.

    The way you described, I think he is doing great. Good guy. Let’s see what happens when you find out more. I hope it will go smooth and will be fine. 😊

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