I’m a little mellowed? Or tired or burnt out – pick one … also I’m just kinda shaken with a tragedy too though

Train vs car … was an adult and a teenager – the adult died instantly and teenager survive and is doing ok but in hospital. So that kinda breaks my heart a lot

Even to say what happens makes me teary – I think of that teenager and the loss they just went through and then literally being in car while being hit by train and survives – they will never unsee or not relive that moment for the rest of their lives 💔 will effect them

Was not their time – they are meant for something

But also – I can not imagine the mental strength that “teenager” will need. My heart to them and anything they need.

Anyway – never try to beat a train no matter how much time is ticking – don’t do it – not worth your life!!

Also I don’t know if was trying to beat it or – that intersection where the train tracks are … one car can be up front and then rest have to wait behind… but if they were sandwiched in between the 2 front and back cars …they would be right on the tracks – and nothing they could do.

Parts of the car are still there – just makes me sad

Be smart – use your brain – time is not worth your life and things can happen in split second and your whole entire world changes in instant – so be respectful of that – you never know

I hope the teen is strong 🙏 and I am curious to see how people will do 🙏 but we see

Anyway – I got sleep today. I am still tired because was not much – just little nap because someone has energy for days – I do not

And yup – he’s my shadow ❤️… he does the funniest cutest things … although I do not really get moments alone – including bathroom … omg

Totally like another child lol … I was trying to make dinner and he was tangling himself in my legs so … no ….

I put tv on YouTube and there was this TV for Dogs lol … huh let’s see… it was peaceful relaxing music with a black lab? And a white lab? Running through forest or beach or whatever … well look:

Hahaha he fricken loved Dog Tv lol … I did not expect that from Mr Energy!! Lol see how cute and funny quirky he is ?? ❤️

(Btw I still have to paint and decorate but not on my priority list) …also yes my tv smaller than area but I don’t generally watch any tv – and if I did would be on my phone 🤷‍♀️ I only watch tv when kids come over sometimes – depending on what we are doing

Yes I am aware I have not placed a photo in my frame yet – I will – when I have one perfect for that

And check out this photo – this one sorta shows you the people eyes. They will probably turn brown – but right now they a dark greenish blue ? And when he looks at you – they just seem like people eyes and not dog eyes – weird and I don’t want to explain anymore ✌️ he has gentleness to him ❤️ inside all the energy that bounces off the wall lol

His eyes are incredible ❤️ little people eyes

… and those feet 😮😳😱

Yeah we love him ❤️ he was meant for us … or we were meant for him? Or both? 😊❤️

Cherish what you have always ✌️❤️

Gnite – maybe 🙏🙏🙏 dear god please let sleep be a thing tonight 🙏🙏

Ps – now I have dog things and toys all over my family room lol … so weird because I am used to always picking up …but he wants to be in center with all his toys 🧸

If I pick up a toy to clean and put away – suddenly that is the toy he instantly wants lol … so I do not win that battle – and I let my little guy have it ❤️ he can have all his toys if he wishes lol – he funny with it ❤️

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    1. I know was funniest thing!! So adorable!

      I was not aware there was a tv for dogs lol … nor was I aware it would capture attention like that lol

      It’s very humorous lol ❤️

      He IS very handsome – everyone falls in love with him ❤️🐾❤️ he has a delightful little demeanor – he has a sweetness to him – he is social and happy little guy …

      At work – he charms literally everyone … when we get to work – he has to make his rounds and go say hi to everyone lol 🙄😄 everyday he does that lol

      And then, on weekends he loves being mellow with me ❤️ he’s just chill and likes to play and snuggle – he likes the downtime of weekend – but also loves the week 🙄😄❤️🥰

      He’s really awesome ❤️ I love him 🐾❤️

      Sometimes when he sleeps he dreams – and he makes little noises – one time he was suckling in his sleep so he must have been dreaming of his bio mother ❤️

      And then – yesterday (Wednesday) we were playing ball and he barked a tiny bark for very first time … And we got all excited because was like hearing a baby say a word for first time ❤️

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      1. Lol – omg – he hasn’t barked since we played ball so he’s not overly interested in barking – it didn’t even phase him when he did it

        He has a little pipsqueak bark currently – was the cutest lol ❤️

        But yeah I’m aware that bark someday be deep 😮

        I’ve always had chihuahuas so… that will be new

        My brother used to complain to my parents about having chihuahuas lol… he wanted “manly” dog and was embarrassed to be walking chihuahuas lol

        He only owns BIG dogs now – he had an amazing German Shepherd … now he has a yellow lab, and a rescue but I don’t know what she is? She is mix of many but still big

        He hasn’t had a chihuahua since being a kid lol

        So we see how this bark develops 😮

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      2. Haha, yes I can see how a teenage boy might not think a chihuahua a good fit around town! 😉 I saw a Newfoundland yesterday and the way it rippled as it moved reminded me of a bear! Hard to work out who was taking who for a walk! 🙂

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      3. I will have to make sure he is trained well young – because otherwise I can’t take him out… I do not have upper chest strength – they took everything so my strength is not good for big pulling dog. He will have to be good. Hahaha a bear 🐻- I can see that!!

        Dang that’s a huge dog!! I have one friend who has a Tibetan Mastiff – who is GIANT! – fand another, who had a Great Dane that just died 😮🐾 both of them are/were HUGE!!!

        I also have friends with small dogs – which is easier for me – but who doesn’t love a challenge 😘😉 plus every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with him

        Sometimes I fear he be too much for me… but I hope not 🙏 I want him – I love him ❤️🐾❤️

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  1. He has taste and is a dawg after my own heart judging by the size of the bear! Scrappy and Dora both had human eyes, l think some dogs do have very non canine eyes. Scrappy was a keen listener to heavy metal music, she liked most music but heavy metal was her favourite. Dora was a a TV fan also, but mostly films, she would just watch and watch and wa .. yep you got it 🙂

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    1. I know – he pick the BIGGEST teddy bear in my room lol

      I have one that sings and dances to some love song – but he is afraid of that one lol 😄 it’s cheeks light up too – like Pikachu lol

      He fricken loves TV 😮😱😳… I do not lol but the minute you hit on – he just is at attention at that tv lol 🙄

      If I put on a people show he will curl up with me and watch while he fall asleep lol

      If is dog tv – he’s all about it lol

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      1. I know lol … he even knows the remote I keep on side table and will jump and try to get it when he wanna watch 🙄 he is too smart for so little!! ❤️

        I usually just like it quiet and I never watch tv – now it’s not quiet and there is tv on 🙄😐lol

        But is ok – he’s too cute with it! Little smarty 🐾

        Plus when he watching tv – I can do stuff lol – he doesn’t even care if he is watching dog Tv – otherwise he on me like glue completely lol – he picked his human

        Except when daughter comes he wanna play and be with her – but she will for little while and then goes does teenage things – so he gets stuck with me lol

        He rode home on HER lap, and first day she was all about him … now she back to being teenager and I am next best thing lol

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      2. Wow if only all of life was that easy at times – “Right off you go, sit in front of the television. Here’s the remote, the teddy bear, the bed, you know where the water is, yes, everything food?”


        Can’t argue with that.

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      3. It is really funny – Doby likes birds, goats, squirrels 🐿, and black dogs lol … then I discover he likes horror movies or shows lol

        He has such a little personality – so funny ❤️

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