I have so much stuff to tell you!! I don’t know if I can…

A. Remember everything

And B… not be cryptic on some of it 😮😮


And just so we are clear – is not regarding another person – only me

But my life … every step forward gets bright and brighter


Some stuff I can tell you and some stuff gonna have to be cryptic ✌️😘 sorry – life has little mystery to it sometimes lol

Plus unless totally solid I don’t want to say much on one of the things

Ok let me finish work and I be back 👏

11 thoughts on “Oohhh

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    1. Nah… just playful… but sometimes and I like a little enticing mystery… and mostly to protect privacy lol 😘😊✌️

      You not supposed to lay out all the cards … ya gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold them lol 😘

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      1. Yes.. haha … it does leave cliffhanger – maybe make you want more? 😉 make you come back

        But mostly that is excitement or something huge bubbling over lol … can also be a self reminder 😘✌️

        But also maybe creates curiosity or mystery, which I love ❤️✌️so sometimes that happens

        Currently is excitement that just bubbled over for moment lol ✌️😘

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      2. Haha that is also true! A career as a storyteller beckons … or as a marketeer! 😉 But it is excitement and that shines through and it is positive too! Lord knows we could all do with a lot more of those things in the world today!

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      3. Haha well I did well as a story teller when kids were little ❤️ always lit their imaginations ❤️✌️

        I am not good salesman … you say no – alright bye lol … not pushy … maybe advertising marketer lol … but not sales – I do not have energy or desire for sales – unless I’m trying to sell you on one of my brilliant ideas (😄) … then yes lol

        I am positive person – and since I remove self from social media years ago – I do not let negative come in much… life is hard enough and I don’t need that negativity

        I have the freedom TO BE positive ❤️👏… and be excited

        I like my excitement a lot lol ❤️

        Negative crushes it … so I stay away 😘✌️

        With positive in my life now – it only get better and better because not a lot of negative really seeps in

        I credit that to no social media 😊❤️

        Thank you for that comment 😊❤️ appreciate that

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