Alright so after trying out Anubis lol … it was too much too say and too easy to call him Noobie.

So we do not want to name him after the Harry Potter Character – he’s just not cute at all and this little man soooooo adorable! It doesn’t fit

But since he look like mini Doberman – we gonna call him Doby … way better and easier 👏 and he responds lol

Omg he is amazing everyday ❤️👏

I needed him ❤️ like when you didn’t know you needed until happened 😮❤️

He is funny and quirky and makes you play with him ❤️ I do kinda have a shadow now.

He is doing really awesome with the potty training ❤️ no accidents yesterday OR today ❤️👏

And he doing decently with the nipping – he so tiny still – but my oldest say he looked bigger than when he came over the very first day – baby boy has large feet! 🐾

My daughter say he looks like English Toy Terrier – look at the ears – his little ears

Or mini pinscher??

The mom was a breed of Terrier – medium sized about 35 lbs … so ?? Not really sure what he is? many things he could be.

My daughter say – do dna test lol

Eh I love him regardless – that just be curiosity – not a priority currently

He has spurts of playful energy and then needs naps lol

I didn’t realize just how much I needed something to care for and devote time to ❤️ I miss that

Every morning he wakes at same time we do for work… he’s been holding it all night so I take him out… this morning as soon as he was done – I just let him come sleep with me lol ❤️ we sleep few more hours 🙌 he’s so chill – he melting into the household very simply ❤️

He’s very loving with me and I kinda have a little shadow now.

I have these cut offs that lace up the sides and the strings hang down the leg … I WAS wearing those, but someone constantly wants to eat the strings, too tempting since they dangle – so I change lol 🙄

He’s mellow but playful ❤️ is like my little man ❤️🐾

I think he is happy with us ❤️

I am the one caring for him and playing with him … he is attaching to me and I am attaching to him ❤️😮

I let him go out back by himself and when he is done he comes back up the stairs and opens the screen door all by himself 😮👏

He just leaves the door wide open lol 🙄😄… we will work on that.

I just love his little face ❤️

My middle child… was so happy to see him, he wouldn’t stop smiling and loving him ❤️ … right now Doby is same size that Chico was and when he walked in the door – Doby went right over to him and started acting just like Chico … so he won his heart – one and done lol … Doby made him light up which he hasn’t done since Chico died ❤️

My daughter is also falling in love with him the softer he gets with us ❤️ I think he only nips when his gums hurt from teething – I tease him that I will call him “chomp” if he doesn’t stop lol … he’s not too bad and it’s actually stopping because we won’t play if he does – and is like toddler he either bored or tired

We distract him with toy or chew stick and he does good. His little gums must hurt

Yesterday morning I was outside with him and a hummingbird came right up into his face lol … he stood there completely frozen – while the hummingbird looked at him for a minute and then flew all around him , checking him out – he just sat there kinda stunned and not sure what just happened lol – it was very funny ❤️

He chased away a baby snake 🐍 for me ❤️ it looked like a really long worm 🪱 squiggling really fast … and before I even saw the snake – he was on it! 😮

He just comes over to me and looks at me lol… his little face ❤️ I love his little face ❤️

He is like a little toddler … he has moments of mischief lol … and he will know – he will peek to see if you looking and try to steal your shoes or socks or even try to do wires … but he listens when I tell him no … he’s really good listening to when I tell him no … he will just try to see what is ok and what is not. He’s a really good boy though ❤️

He has a funny little skeleton toy, and his teddy bear he got on first day which is like his little buddy lol… and then I have this GIANT teddy bear that sat in my room – well he just loved it and loves to wrestle with it lol – so I just let him have it ❤️ he love it so much ❤️

He’s so adorable ❤️ his little personality is just too cute ❤️ he is a sweetheart that melts your heart – playful sometimes nippy one lol – but then if you distract him with toys or chew sticks – then afterwards he gets licky 👅 lol

I love him ❤️🫶❤️

I had been watching some puppy training videos and he start watching with me lol – so then I put on some show on Meerkats and he was totally into it lol – he is so funny ❤️

He just needs me and I didn’t realize how much I needed him ❤️

He kinda makes me happier ❤️ I never thought I needed him like I do ❤️ 🤷‍♀️

I just love his little face ❤️

I have no idea about anything else at moment so 🤷‍♀️ ** heart stolen 😮

Lol … A story about a woman and her dog 😄😄❤️ how he changes my life 😮😮😮😮

He is very different than all other dogs I have – different breed so all new stuff – but he’s already bonded ❤️

That went fast lol … I am loving and trusting him and he trusting me, so I love the little guy, who will someday be big.

He wants to be wanted and loved – cause I show him that and then he bonds more lol … I be excited to see him in the morning and he loves that… and then I give him little freedom outside and he loves that, and we play and he loves that ❤️

I think he really happy ❤️ I smile to think of him too – his little personality lol

My little man is fearless – nothing bothers him … he’s just fearless 😮

My little Doby Anubis ❤️ lol – I still want that but is hard name to give dog lol … little weird to call out and he just really cute so needed really cute name 😘❤️

I am all about him right now – he needs care like a mom and I miss that ❤️ so he’s perfect lol

I teach him love – he teach me fearless ❤️👏

He doesn’t know how to tug of war yet lol – or he just really sucks at it lol he doesn’t pull – he gentle … only today he learn to pull little bit… he doesn’t bark? He knows he can make noise but meh doesn’t try lol … fine with me 👍 I know one day he have deep bark lol

So I have a side kick lol ❤️ I did not expect a little side kick and I did not totally expect he be mine? I kinda got conned but now I love him ❤️ I didn’t know I needed that

He brightens my world 🙌🐾❤️

I love his little face ❤️

30 thoughts on “Changes

Add yours

      1. Yes – we are very happy with him … but today he was unruly – he was mad at me cause I didn’t take him to drop my daughter off at school – he’s been with us since we got him and he comes to work with me and everything… but today he was mad at me so he acted like a jerk… he has little attitude if he mad – and then he teach me lesson – I get shit if he unhappy lol

        So little man gonna have some classes

        He doing 3 classes – potty training – biting – and jumping … I can not have ANY of that when he a big boy – nope and especially not at funeral home! So boy needs schooling!

        Now he wanna go to bed but I am cleaning 🧼🧹🧽 🫤

        I will hurt tmrw, but I feel better with it clean.

        We are lucky to have him – just today he was handful 😑

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      2. Yeah he is exactly like little toddler – and then last night, he have to go out constantly – and daughter was having severe cramping and between the 2 – omg I did not sleep at all…

        But with him – I don’t think his belly felt ok? I don’t think he felt well?

        So I take him out all night long … and then this morning when I went to take him out, I took him out of crate where his bed is… and I carry him outside…

        When I carried him, he put his little head on my shoulder and snuggled 😮❤️❤️❤️ like thank you mom

        Like when you don’t feel well and someone cares for you and you thankful – he was like that ❤️

        I called out today cause my eyes need toothpicks

        I don’t even know what day we on so whatever … but he is total sweetheart

        And his little moments of being little jerk – I am reading him!!! He’s either tired, bored or doesn’t feel well – so yes just like a toddler. ❤️

        Also he totally needs bedtimes and things – he also doesn’t like baths lol

        He will want to shower with me but I do not want to start anything!!

        So I dunno – I’m really tired ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes was exhausting – I could barely function this morning

        He’s been so loving today and slept on couch with me for few hours today 😊❤️

        He’s a really good dog ❤️ we did luck out with him

        I don’t think he felt good and daughter didn’t last night – but that’s ok – happens

        Was nice to take personal day today

        Back to grind tmrw

        Liked by 1 person

      4. What is that? “YOU” time ?? Lol … there is no more of that

        But is good – I need the little guy – I love being his mom ❤️

        Omg puppies lol – now I know … he will be the one and only. Now I have this experience lol

        But we do love him very very much – he is worth my time ❤️

        I just didn’t think my man would be a dog lol ✌️ eh but aren’t they all? Kidding little bit 😘

        I guess I wasn’t specific with life lol … it did provide a male companion who is loyal ❤️ lol

        But yeah I do not currently have this “you” time lol … is puppy stage so like baby! Omg

        I forgot how exhausting that is lol 🤷‍♀️ but he brings life back and adds love so enhances life – so I love that! ❤️

        I’m just older and I have slowed since all my surgeries – I still active – just not like before … and I keep to self … withdrawn after work

        He breaths back life ❤️🤷‍♀️ makes me experience new life? Where I had shut it down? So didn’t know I needed him like that

        I am ok without my own time- he worth it ❤️✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no, you’ve never have had big before … anyway, moving on hahaha! [I am sure you knew a comment like that might appear from me … surely hahaha]

        Big dogs are great, it is good that you’ll have a dawg that’ll protect you as well. It’ll make guys approaching you think twice as well. More so if Doby is 100% protective of you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My response was done very early in the morning and hurried lol … but yes thinking of it with you – should have seen it coming – no pun there either ✌️😉😄

        Well he acts all large and in charge but today I was taking him out and someone was across the street… he acted all tough …
        But then they cross the street as normal people do, and this little man coward behind me and ran towards the door – I was like hey!!! What kinda protection dog is that??

        That person freaked him out a bit 🙄🫤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah he is – he is so funny with his little quirks ❤️ he is a sweetheart

        Last night Omg – between the 2 of them – my actual baby and my fur baby … I was up literally all night!!

        One had to go out and the other had severe cramps and really bad day yesterday … so I do not even know my name right now

        I called in today – I’m taking personal day 😮😮 I’m severely dragging 😮

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah yes – we wrapped around his little paw 🐾

        I don’t think he was feeling good? I don’t know? And daughter wasn’t either so last night they keep me up all night long

        I sleep little today, enough to function

        He will be my one and only puppy 🐶 I am too old for staying up all night now

        But he be very gentle loving and really good all day today – he sleep with me on couch for few hours 😊❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow nice to see your family seem to love Doby. Great that you have his company. Sounds like a great family member now 🙂 Doby will sure care for your family and vice versa. Such is his beautiful character and acts 🙂 Had almost thought of having a pet myself 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He does have beautiful little character.

      I take loving good care of him last night and this morning when I pick him up to bring outside – he placed his head on my shoulder and snuggled in my neck ❤️❤️❤️

      He just makes you fall in love with him ❤️

      I am very tired at moment – but I do not remember life without him 😮😮❤️

      There are many things to think of – because if you travel – you can’t just take off …

      And puppies are very hard and lots of work…

      Worth it ❤️👏 – but when you ready 😊 … although, I was not quite sure I was ready, when he pop in lol … so I dunno 🤷‍♀️ ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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