Ok first of all – we can not agree on a name!! Syrup was not right name and finally daughter say ok… we pick another, Syrup doesn’t fit him, and I don’t want to be yelling for him and then comes this Doberman lol … it doesn’t sound or feel right with Syrup

…It has to pass me and daughter – so far I have tried …


Lol… she said no

I also tried “Midnight” cause he is mostly black

Ember – since he born in July in California and we got him when Mosquito fire still burning

But no and no

We have to find something 🤷‍♀️ any ideas?

His mother was all white and beige … she was decent sized … she was calm gentle – not in any way excitable. Just calmly sat.

They don’t know what father was … but after being with him and always looking at him and watching his behavior… I do believe I have a Terrier / Doberman mix 😮😮😮 … so … that’s definitely not a chihuahua lol 😳

He has not found his bark yet 😮 and he is soooooo teeny tiny right now!! Chihuahua sized lol

I’m already totally in love with him – completely ❤️ he has such a gentle look to him … his eyes just capture me …he’s just amazing

He can be a little toddler – dude is into everything omg – he is so fricken curious lol ❤️

And he’s teething… so there is little bite thing going on … but he’s doing good with it and I’m socializing him with people… he’s stopping thought – just notice it if he is tired or over excited – I am working on it with him

He is very loving 🥰 ❤️ yeah I love him very much ❤️

Wow what if he is Doberman ? Cause he’s looking and acting that way? I read all about their puppies and dogs … is identical to how he be! His demeanor and personality.

It’s says you can train them very easily to be amazing … he is really smart ❤️ I already feel connected with him

But I have never had a fierce bigger dog – guard dog type … I am used to chihuahuas…

Ok so new adventures lol

Their personality is just so amazing … he snores lol … and sleeps in weird positions sometimes lol … I try to take tons of pics – to look back and say look how little you were!! Lol 😮😳

He comes to work with me … and today he make many people smile… they see him and instantly fall in love with him… and he just eats it up lol omg ❤️ he walks into the funeral home like he owns it already lol ❤️

See ?? Does he look like Doberman ?? Omg his little eyebrows ❤️ I love those eyebrows ❤️

He has little baby BIG features – but he’s really little lol

Oh those ears too ❤️

I will have to get a good pic of his eyes for you – cause just wait til you see his eyes ❤️ I love his little eyes – and they look like people eyes … sometimes I am not sure if he understand things here and there? … he pee inside so I say no and take him out … well we were out there forever so he come over to me and cry because he wanna go inside …

So I said “No, not until you go potty – when you go potty – then we go inside”

And he ran over to the grass … peed and then comes right back to me lol … like he understood- his timing was perfect lol 😮❤️

He naps a lot… he will wake play and play – wear self out… and pass right out … he totally fits in because a bomb couldn’t wake him – just like my kids 😉 … at home he is my little shadow and if we sitting nicely or he sleeping and I try to get up – dude is on it!!! Lol

Boom he is right there with me lol … he love to play. He fit in so well ❤️ at work, everyone loves him

** he crawl up and snuggle with me on couch and we fell asleep together ❤️ my daughter woke us up to go to bed at 11:30 😮

Anyway – if have name suggestions let me know in comments 😊❤️ … for now I have to go back to sleep 💤

I love him so much ❤️ he’s such a good dog already ❤️

He is VERY different from a Chihuahua … I like that though…

I said to my daughter tonight … I am alone… by myself – if was chihuahua – what a chihuahua gonna do? Yes they attack – but ya know 🤷‍♀️ what does that do? It’s a chihuahua lol

But I will have bigger dog now – and he will probably have deep bark 😮😳 but is good – he be like protection for me ❤️ only he’s charming and friendly lol … the look and bark maybe scary eventually – but he soooooooooo sweet ❤️ total sweetheart ❤️

We training and gonna sign up for classes (obedience) so he gonna be soooooo amazing ❤️

Ok sleep – I need sleep so bad – work and puppy are kicking my ass lol

I have stories – but reminder for me about the older woman when she see him – I can’t I’m too tired

Good night 💤🌙😴 ❤️


17 thoughts on “Name?

Add yours

      1. Because Dobby turned out to be the sweetest hero 🙂

        Dobby was a slave to the Malfoy family until Harry Potter rescued him and set him free and then Dobby became one of Harry potter’s biggest supporters and in the end Dobby died a hero.

        So you see, there is kind of similarity with your little ‘Chance’ and you and Dobby and Harry Potter.

        When you understand what Dobby went through you’ll understand why l thought Chance would be a cool Dobby 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Who doesn’t like it? Your daughter?

        Sometimes the best way is to not name the dog and just observe what the dog is all about. For the first month a dog will answer to almost anything, from ‘oy you,’ to ”what you want another wee again?’

        It’s all about tone of voice not name – so you could call Chance 100 different names before you settled on a name that meant something – let Chance decide what name he wants to be known by.

        Scrappy wasn’t called Scrappy for a good six weeks – she just reminded me of Scooby Doo’s side kick “Scrappy’ who was actually Scrappy Doo, whilst our Scrappy was mostly known as Doodlepip and Gertrude.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes – is daughter … we both have to agree …

        I like Chance and Dobby is cute for little Doberman ❤️ but she doesn’t like that either …

        I have also suggested :
        Midnight – cause he mostly black (she complains cause he not all black lol… but I say those other colors are his ✨ stars) she doesn’t buy it 🙄

        Speranza which means “hope” in Italian

        Chomp – since he currently teething

        Ember – for the Cali fires

        Maddox – which means champion

        Finian – which means handsome

        Elgin – which means noble

        She turn all mine down 🙄

        She wants :
        Syrup – she has relented but will still check and see if is option but I really don’t like it – I have tried it out

        She also likes Toffee & Mochi

        I would like to not call out food and drink items ? Lol

        Maybe Javi? I haven’t asked on that one (not Java lol)

        But it is hard to have perfect name for him. By Sunday I want a name. 😮🙏

        We had a Chelsea – my oldest named her after some girl he liked 🙄

        Then there was a Chico… which I named because he was like a little man ❤️

        And Emmy had her name already and she was 6 when we took her

        So 🤷‍♀️🐕❤️

        Sunday is my cutoff – need name by Sunday – he will have been with us for one whole week!!

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      4. Because I need to train him and he have no name to call, I also want him to have one and she will just keep having no name

        Nope – name by Sunday. Or I pick

        Is my own deadline for my new baby lol ✌️

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  1. Haha wonderful!!
    I remember when my dog’s bark transformed from a puppy thing to a full-throated “hear you in next village” bark 😉 I loved his bark and his howls!
    Name’s gonna be tricky as you need something that you can say quickly but also not so silly that you can’t yell it in a public park 😉
    Over here, it is convention to give your dog a name starting with the same letter of the alphabet and that changes each year. I think we are on T this year. I bucked convention and it was really frowned upon by the vets! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What kind of dog was it?

      Haha that’s funny – I expect his to be powerful too – he has no bark yet – he doesn’t know he has one lol … yet 😳

      Yes exactly – I really want a good name for him!!

      I did not know was corresponding letter to each year

      Where do you find that out?

      What did you name yours?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Was a cross between a Collie father and an Alsatian mother – both working farm dogs.
        Our neighbours told us about the need to pick a name starting with N before we even got a dog and when we picked this pup out at the farm, they told us the same. When we eventually picked him up – all the others in the litter had names starting with N except ours as we chose Myrdin (it’s one of the Breton names for Merlin! 😉 )


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