Love, Shakes & Temps

OH MY is he a little handful lol ❤️ up in middle of night and lots of poop and pee.

But his little face ❤️ omg … and his eyes 👀… he has people looking eyes? I don’t know what to tell you – but he has little people eyes – and the way he looks at you just melts you heart ❤️

I am used to chihuahua big eyes lol … his eyes are people shaped and colored like a persons eyes … they look more like people eyes than dog eyes. 🤷‍♀️

It makes him be soooooo adorable ❤️ and he is smart and listens and loves ❤️ omg I love him ❤️

And he’s sooooo tiny ❤️ omg so tiny!!

Ok so I have been absorbed with him 😮❤️ but he is little so we kinda need to spend time raising him so that he is well behaved and amazing dog ❤️ which he is incredible already ❤️

We decided to try another name… but we dunno what yet?? So earlier tonight my daughter went to call him and says “hey, one with undisclosed name yet, come here” 🙄😄

We are LOVING him ❤️ his little character coming out

I try to put news on sometimes but is either fire or Queen and ugh – sorry my total respects to England and the Queen – but that is an AWFUL lot of media coverage – it is history, so warranted – but is still a lot!!

I do funerals for work daily already – so I already know the intense loss. Hard to have it constantly on every channel – yes even here.

Because – the Queen of England is always the most well known … and she reigned for very long time… some Americans adore the royal family… so again is warranted due to many things – but I need away from so much

And today we had rain and flash flood warnings – but that did not happen – just tons of rain for moments … which is good and also helpful for the fire … but still burns …

76,290 Acres

39% contained

Active for 12 days!

And then also – earthquakes 😳😮

Whoa 😳😮 … California will be rocked – I always worry! Not for me, cause I am not overly close to those areas and generally stay away from…

San Fran is 2 hrs away

But I just don’t like the severe big ones like Mexico City just had… they lucky not many dead – that’s scary!

LA or San Fran 😮 they gonna get rocked … we just don’t know when or which one.

The last major earthquake in San Fran was 1906 – but Loma Prieta was 1989 😮

And not sure when LA last had massive ??

It makes me nervous and I think of the bridges swaying and my imagination takes me to Hollywood with an earthquakes destruction

Largest earthquake I have ever been in personally was 4.5 … so enough to rock you little bit – but not too much damage

Sacramento had an earthquake not this summer but last summer – was 4.2

Rumble rumble – prepare!! Is coming… don’t wanna be the doomsday person – but kinda am ✌️on this yes…

We speaking of the whole earth here… is adjusting – look at all the earthquakes!

How they not figure out how to predict this yet? How is this not down to a science yet? How do we not know the earth that way? How is that? Hello? Science?

Work today was/is insane omg 😳 let’s just not go there! Way too insane!

So let’s just end on that note ✌️😘 I don’t remember anything else currently 😮

Well – we have had rain lol … it’s colder now lol

My high tmrw is 74 lol … down from 115 two weeks ago lol

Now that’s all I think?? Too much happening!! Omg

Gnite 💋❤️✌️

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