Some people want the accent marks on their names – to be proud of heritage.

Ya know – that is one thing I have always been offended by – I also have “a special character” … mine is an apostrophe.

Government forms or ANYTHING will never recognize my apostrophe … so then that’s not really my last name then, without the apostrophe … I am always offended they won’t do my special character!! Still am!!!

Totally random and just saying 🙄✌️😠

Just a small little pet peeve 😘

Ps my guy is settling in ❤️✌️

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  1. Over here, at least and thank goodness, we are slowly moving away from a government list of approved names! What business is it of the state to decide the name of your offspring? Gahh.

    PS. Good news about the little man! 😉

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    1. Well is because my last name has apostrophe and literally no government form or ANYTHING, allows for special characters like that.

      It will error and make you remove that. So then last name looks wrong but they want it wrong

      When I was in school… they used to cut off my first name on forms … so I would be listed as “Patric” … so when they would call for Patrick – well that’s not me, so I never answer to that – is similar

      If gonna call me a man’s name then screw it I will never respond – sorry not me

      Also with last name – the correct way is with apostrophe – without is wrong and also not me ✌️

      I would like my special character

      Ps also today I am highly stressy so I am all wired – cases are pouring in which is good but insane – trying to keep straight

      Little man omg he is incredible with families – taking the sting out of death

      What do you think about “Anubis” – I think that’s kinda cute ❤️

      My boss suggested “Cerberus” lol

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      1. Yes, those are understandable gripes but hey, its Big Brother and the sanctity of norms and forms .. pahh 😦
        Anubis and Cerberus eh? I am detecting a definite trend haha. In Breton and I think Welsh, dog is Ki pronounced like the English quay. A decent enough name but doesn’t have a longer form for when it is just the two of you chatting relaxed haha 😉

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      2. Ugh yes – is always though – is government thing – they don’t care about special characters and computer forms won’t take them – cause evidentially technology doesn’t have the capability to handle any special characters in names – go figure

        I could not do your Welsh dog name… is too close to one of my children’s names 😉😘 … but pronounced as appears not in English way

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