Well then …

So … I have a weakness …


Yes … I am weak in a particular area 😮

So… little by little I have been preparing to someday have another dog. Just little things here and there. So I have things and be ready – instead of all at once.

I was really just starting the journey of looking at dogs … I was researching mixes of chihuahua … I wanted a mix of that… nice and small – manageable affordable

I had already been to the shelter websites within a 50 mile radius lol …

This morning I drove maybe 20 minutes to someone’s house who was selling crate – and I tell daughter this – she wanna go… well ok cmon. She’s asks if we can just go look at animals after that?

Well since I had already been on website and knew the dogs offered / or thought I did … I said ok… cause was no chihuahuas or little ones

Thought would be fine… I could be strong – let’s see

We pull up and the house is a mansion Omg – like insane mansion!! 😮 my daughter was like “damn!”

So we get the kennel and then head over to the SPCA… first of all – wow what a beautiful facility and animals so well cared for ❤️ is a rescue ❤️

So they say – just go ahead and walk around – if you would like to see one, let us know…

We started walking down ISLE ONE!! And it was over 😳😑✌️❤️

In a room with glass windows there was 8 puppies 😮😮😮😮😮😮


Ok – life did that on purpose!!! How I supposed to resist that???? Omg – done ✔️

Ok well – my mind went a thousand miles a minute, while my heart is screaming and already falling in love – omg!!

I think ok – I dunno – this is not a chihuahua … and also let’s be realistic – this is a puppy and while we are falling in love – that is going to be like having a newborn omg – what am I thinking ?

But she wanted to see him… so we ask to see him

He was the runt of the litter ❤️ I liked him instantly because he has a calmness to his puppiness ❤️ just something? He was smallest, and calmest and sweetest – all the others were all bundle of energy crazy wild – he is not ❤️

He has his bursts – but he is tiny still – he was born July 16th, 2022

Well the minute we see him – it was all over – and done ✔️


Yeah. So that happened lol

So ok… can I do this?? Cause is like little baby lol

I have never had a dog from extreme beginning before so we gonna train from beginning.

So… he had already been neutered … they do that yesterday (Friday) and he’s had all his shots for now – except rabies which he too little for.

I sign all the paperwork and they come around corner with him and put him in my daughters arms 😮❤️

So we drive to pet store to get just few things, he pee in car on way from pet store to home but whatever – I clean it already – there have been couple accidents … when first got home … but I do not have carpet – THANK GOD for that!!

His name at pound was Daniel – but I do not want a people name … just no

I would like his name to be Chance ❤️ by Chance we see him today and before the puppies were gone

By time we left the shelter – all 8 puppies adopted 😮

My daughter wants to name him Syrup lol 🤷‍♀️

We seeing what fits him still.

He is adorable and quirky – omg I love him

I show him to everyone!!

And guess what? I can bring him to work!! We have other homes that use animals as emotional support animals – he could be our mascot and support animal and people will fall in love and he be socialized and I can see him all the time lol ❤️🙌

😮😮😮😮😮 Omg I love my life ❤️❤️❤️

I do not know what he is?? His mother was there – she is white and beige … approx 35 lbs. not big… on smaller side of medium

They say some sort of terrier mix possibly?

They have no idea what father is.

He trips over his big little feet 🐾 … and he has these Dumbo type ears – they are adorable on him ❤️

He plays and plays and is curious – then wears himself out and then he’s down for count – he naps nothing startles him when sleeping lol – except the sliding glass door lol … he does not like the sound of the sliding glass door opening and closing lol

He does not bark yet

He is not familiar with cars so must have been fostered in country area – cars kinda frighten him when they are on or driving unless he is inside lol

Also… if you crouch down… he LOVES to make beeline for that little tunnel your body just made – he is so weird with that lol ❤️

Ok so … If there had not been puppies – I maybe could have made it to ISLE TWO? Lol

But life did that on purpose – no way I expect to see puppies!! Omg how you do that to me??!!!

Also… I could NEVER work in place like that – I would have a million animals omg!!

That place is dangerous!! ❤️

So… my little funeral buddy ❤️ welcome to my world little man 😮😮😮

No we have not stopped smiling ❤️


What are the chances there would be puppies? Omg

And he has the teeniest tiniest little bum 😄❤️ is so tiny right now! I know it’s gonna get bigger – he gonna grow fast 😮

We have teething toys for him and bought him a squeaky teddy bear 🧸 … which he completely loves ❤️

He is so adorable – we just want to play with him and kiss him omg

My daughter is claiming ownership rights lol – I say well what gonna do when go see dad? And she say … well few more weeks here be fine lol ❤️🙌

Damn – that’s all it takes

But then yes cause me too lol

Lol ❤️🙌

Introducing – little guy we not sure what to name yet lol … Syrup? Chance?

Oldest came over tonight to meet him, but both are coming over tmrw, as well as, some of my daughters friends lol

And Monday’s won’t be so bad with an emotional support animal lol 😘❤️✌️ fricken yay!! ❤️

Ok so – that was Saturday ✌️

Little boy gonna be socialized ❤️ I also will be training him as well – so ok

I just had another child lol ❤️😘

Also do you remember the convo with my oldest about it not worth the excruciating pain of loss?

I thought he would lecture me – but I call him over and he always suspicious I want him to help me with something lol … I say no just come!

He say why? I say I can’t tell you til you get here but is good – come see lol

He knows I also do these crazy things sometimes lol

So he come and he see him and literally instantly you know the cartoon “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”?

The scene where the Grinches heart grows and bursts with love ❤️ … that is what I see in my oldest lol … instantly he just fall in love. Not even remembering to lecture me or anything else – little man just charmed him 🙌❤️

It will be at least 10 or more years so… yes … it’s worth it ❤️ we gonna raise this one 😮🐾

I am going to get massively attached 😮 so in at least 10 …but hopefully more than that 🙏… you will listen to me cry about losing him ✌️is how it is.

I’m ok with that ❤️ we gonna make memories and all kinds of things with him ❤️… so yes worth it.

And Friday he will meet Emmie… the other dog… I want him to meet her ❤️

She will hate him lol … she is chill and low key… not a puppy liking dog – like a little old elderly lady – she does not want to be bothered with playing – but she is sweet and well mannered ❤️

She is last of original crew of dogs ✌️ and we call her the ambassador because she is the most incredible dog always – always has been … she was originally a show dog – so nothing bothers her

Except maybe puppies but she basically just rolls eyes and ignores

He will be thrilled to meet her ❤️

Currently he is tinier than she is and she is a pure bred apple head chihuahua. (Also sorta a rescue)

I only do rescues. Breeders too expensive and the most incredible dogs I’ve had all my life are rescues …

He is kinda innocent of that – he was never treated badly because he been in their care since birth ❤️

It was the mom who was a stray … but we adopt him

Anyway… so… I have a dog … my daughter has dog… funeral home has dog lol ❤️ he is gonna LOVE it there!!! ❤️ omg everyone gonna love him ❤️ he melt you instantly and he quirky ❤️

He just fit

So that did not go how I planned lol

But I will say – I do know my weaknesses and knew this was possibility – so that’s ok – I am ready ❤️🐾

But life did that on purpose! lol ❤️

Omg I love him!!! 🙌❤️

Oh yeah… here he is:

He literally found the tiniest spot he likes

I hate to tell him this – but he IS NOT gonna fit there for long lol ❤️✌️


Happy Saturday! I failed lol ✌️❤️

Worth it 💋❤️🐾🐾

18 thoughts on “Well then …

Add yours

    1. Thank you ❤️👏

      I agree – I love Chance lol

      But I got the evil eye 🧿 when I say that because she been calling him syrup lol

      So we see

      Omg you should see how adorable he is!! A lot of work but he make your heart burst and he has youthfulness

      He bounces when he walks lol – is so funny ❤️

      Yeah we fell I in love instantly – so yeah there is that instant 😮

      Sunday and forever ❤️

      Don’t you want another? The more time goes by the more you forget the awesomeness

      But is work – he gonna be work lol … I am gonna have to seriously train him!

      Life changes anyway. Do you wish for another to love like that?

      For quick minute I think of all the time and energy for him … but yeah I’m ok with that.

      His little confidence and quirkiness just is perfect ❤️

      And he wears black 🖤

      What hold you back from another? Do ever see self with another?

      I didn’t think I would fall in love like that – but I also didn’t know puppies there! 😮

      He is also not a chihuahua, so this gonna be little new for me.

      Thank you – happy Sunday to you too ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Suze and l have been talking of another, only this morning, l was discussing Chance with her, and we know there will be abother in our lives, just not yet.

        There are other things pressing that need attention first, securing permanent incomes is the biggest one, new businesses to start, inheritance doesn’t last forever especially as l have helped Suze out a lot financially over this last year, so the wallet strings are a bit tighter, but l think sometime next year we will be looking with passion for another.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes it will happen when ready and supposed to happen – the right one will find you ❤️✌️

        Is best when ready cause of the responsibility 😊

        I’m not sure I’m totally ready but Omg I don’t care I love him ❤️

        I was not expecting something other than a chihuahua but he just kinda appeared for us

        Totally think life did on purpose

        He is the sweetest little thing ❤️ we are blessed by the little man!!

        We gonna learn with him 😮❤️

        I do however feel like I just had a newborn 😮 I’m cleaning poop again and pee … I get up throughout the night… yeah feels very similar lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah we still really happy and excited to have him 😊❤️🐾

      He is just the most adorable little thing ❤️ Omg his little butt is so tiny and cute!! It’s so tiny! The pics make him look bigger than what he is lol

      He is handful currently lol… but Omg just so cute ❤️🐾

      Puppies are tons of work – but you get them from start and no bad memories 🙏and can teach them easy (hopefully) – he is doing great for so young

      He’s only 8 weeks old – or 2 months

      He has only been alive for 8 weeks 😮 it will be us he knows … but I’m socializing him and he’s doing great 😊 ❤️ he’s so friendly and happy – very playful.

      Ps I knew I couldn’t resist too 💋✌️ … I was hoping be little longer and a chihuahua – but I fell in love ❤️ he is amazing – his little eyes. He looks right at you and he has little forehead wrinkles ❤️❤️ Omg

      Yeah I’m a little happy ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes 🙌 totally worth it … although is very similar to having another child – especially when a puppy – whew! Up at night, wiping poop and pee, always having to keep eye on lol omg

      But his little face just melts your heart ❤️ his little eyes ❤️ he has little itty bitty people eyes 👁… his eyes look like person eyes not dog eyes?🤷‍♀️ but makes him totally adorable 🥰

      He learns fast and is totally fitting in perfect ❤️

      We get to actually raise him ❤️🐾❤️

      Hahaha oh yes many crazy stories to come I am sure lol … here we go again lol ❤️

      Thank you ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Chances of puppies at a shelter, and in aisle 1…. oh, only about 100%. LOL!!!

    Welcome Chance/Syrup!! (I like Syrup because it’s unique) a dog can have 2 names… and more!

    What a cutie!!

    Congrats on your new child!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha well we still deciding on name …

      I’m just not sold on Syrup and sounds weird when you call that out

      It does not roll off my tongue and I don’t wanna be calling him weird names like Syr or something

      Is definitely unique lol … but we still deciding – he will have for life

      Oh he is so amazing – exhausting! But amazing ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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