Fire and Funeral things

Fire news:

20% contained 👏👏👏

Work was crazy… cause I miss yesterday so I spent all day today – doing yesterdays things and trying to catch back up 🤨

They wanna know what I thought of the training – oh I will let you know don’t worry – I will write that up tmrw 👍

And then lol … I told my staff I getting you new chairs (I’m not really) but I said – these are them:

Lol … but fitting right? Lol ❤️👏

Totally wish!! Was only teasing them lol – they didn’t like them anyway 😄😄✌️

Also… omg 😳… I was looking for something else and look what I find 😱…


Ok now… I don’t know I even wanna work in a funeral home after seeing this!! 😳😱 it’s in Spanish, so I didn’t understand the words in the trailer – but doesn’t really need words 😳😱

Completely creeped out without understand language 😳😱

This is not how is… but will set your imagination for scary 😧 😳😱

Who makes that kinda movie?! 😳😱 … I have to work there!!

So… my day was scary and crazy at same time! But I stayed alive so far – knock on wood!

Thank god for now 😮😳🙏🙏

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  1. I would have laughed at the chairs!!

    Horror movies are stupid to me. The few words on the trailer are captioned in English. Paraphrased: How can we not have a demon when we have a funeral parlor in the house? I have seen the demon, it likes to play with its victims. Tonight is ots last chance.

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    1. They did too ❤️

      Yeah I had to specifically get one with the English caption – the first one I find was Spanish only – no subtitles

      But I also am not gifted with paying attention AND reading … so … one or the other ✌️

      If I read – I miss every thing

      If I watch – I have no idea what’s going on



      1. Lol… I’ve watched captioned films for decades and now have captions on nearly all the time. It’s definitely a learned skill!!

        I understand some Spanish and get annoyed when the captions are not exact. Sometimes using a common English word misses the nuance of the specific word.

        Back in the 70s, watching Kentucky Fried Movie, there’s a sequence called Fist Full Of Yen that parodies kung fu movies with bad dubbing and obviuosly incorrect captions. Out of the blue, my friend started laughing hysterically. She’s Korean and that’s the language the actors were really speaking. In a fight scene, which is translated as commands from the master to the trainees to attack, he’s actually saying things like Cabbage! Eggplant! Noodles!!

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      2. I know!! I remember when they used to make fun of the dubbing lol

        I always wonder if people truly know what their tattoos really say?? Lol ✌️ … but do they?


      3. Oh, many def don’t!! That’s been proven… a common one is something like “stupid tourist”. Some celebrity even had one.

        They’re compared to the asian stuff that has massive english errors.

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  2. Loved the chairs, l once asked the doctors l was seeing if a toilet chair was possible considering how much time l spend one one. Some doctors simply have no sense of humour or adventure.

    It was a joke l reiterated to one who wanted to write me up a writ to see the local wacky doctor!!

    I know we discussed this before Trisha, but what are the funeral personnel called if they are not undertakers?

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    1. Hahaha awww well English humor is different from American lol

      And if you grown in Australia – that is probably also different

      Depends on the humor of the area lol … plus some are uptight 🙄 not all know what they doing ✌️

      Hahaha … they are called Funeral Directors …they direct all the aspects of the funerals – much more professional and better sounding lol

      Lol … undertakers you make me think of the 1800’s

      Sometimes we will get older people who use every single old term lol… is little funny

      Like we say casket ⚰️… not coffin

      Funeral Director – not undertaker

      We usually say “funeral home” … not mortuary lol but ya know people say whatever

      It’s entertaining … I like it sometimes cause wakes you up , makes you smile 😊

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      1. It’s funny, but the terminology is in fact present in the UK. But like you have just said – the elders still use old terminology – Britain uses older terminology also.

        I grew up with the terms Undertakers and Undertaking services and l used to live next door to an Undertakers in the mid 90’s.

        But closer inspections have revealed more funeral directors and funeral homes.

        This country is mid change 🙂

        Caskets is still not a thing used here that much – when l buried my dad four years ago, l was showed an array of ‘delightful coffins’ so caskets is still young 🙂

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      2. You are both in the future and in the past lol 😄✌️

        In time – you are in future

        In terms – you are in past lol

        Do you really still say coffins ⚰️ ?

        Sarcophagus? Lol

        Well England is more old school traditional than America – isn’t it?

        No matter how say is same thing –

        Just our words more professional sounding because they are professionals ❤️ We have a trade

        And the other words just seem softer to take away the edge of death

        Casket is just nicer than coffin … with coffin I think of Dracula 🧛‍♂️ 😮

        Undertaker makes me think of some really skinny man standing in a graveyard with this starving mangie dog… while holding a shovel – makes me think of creepy!!

        That is not us

        Funeral Director sounds important – which they are ❤️ and you have no idea the things we see and do 😮😳

        And funeral home … makes it softer than mortuary … we a home for you to come say good bye and pay last respects. You going home…

        Mortuary sounds cold.

        So we just warm it up so is better all around

        I didn’t realize how old school England is? Lol omg Americans must drive them nuts lol

        We are not old school … so for me…

        I am in the past in time …

        But in the future in terms 🙌

        Hey! PC for your funeral peeps ✌️

        😘 I’m only teasing on the last part

        But yeah we don’t use your terms anymore 😮

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      3. Well, Britain is still very ancient in many ways. Suze and l were discussing that the other day regarding Cannabis oils and how despite growing the stuff in this country, they’ll not legalise it but will grow and export and profit from it.

        Britain needs a massive wake-up to the millennium call but is always dragging its heels.

        I think many people are more modernistic than traditions are. But conventional thinking combined with these traditions makes this country lose out on so much.

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      4. Well… ok I am in America … so I know both sides …

        We have states that it’s legal – is legal in California… you can just go in a dispensary store or even just have delivered to your house if you wish – welcome to California

        Is very umm … not old school here


        But then you have states like texas where is illegal

        So 🤷‍♀️ … but Texas too tough on everything though … is republican

        I am Californian

        So I am probably not good to ask – I am Californian

        I do not care – it is not a thing… you wanna smoke – smoke or eat or whatever else

        I use a cream on my breasts that helps the pain

        Also I am an advocate because of cancer

        And if you want to dive into medical conditions we can… such as epilepsy and glaucoma … also anxiety

        I do believe there are benefits. I do not do … but during cancer yes.

        And again – I use a cream. Is only one to take pain away.

        The revenue alone that England could take in 😮 … didn’t we fight you guys because of your taxes ? Boston Tea Party?

        Why they not want this plant ?? They just fighting it because they think is bad due to stigma.

        Unfortunately not look at big picture for helping people and also making revenue

        So … hmm 🤔 England 👀 sup?

        They also have tea just fyi ✌️remember what you taxed us on? Lol – I totally only tease because was eons ago but then why you not aid your country? In many ways?

        I can see cons in some areas… because lack of drive if abuse… is like alcohol – is mind/body substance

        But they at least happy

        I would rather have prohibition and outlaw alcohol – keep pot ✌️

        Pot doesn’t destroy families

        Also they found marijuana in ancient caves in Israel ?? Pretty sure was Israel?

        Is natural plant just like tobacco but with healing helping properties

        Ancients not dumb

        Only modern society adds stigma and fear 🙄 you have seen world right?

        But English is definitely way more proper old school

        We are not that way lol

        We went the other way – plus we mix so many cultures

        Not to mention – is America… we capitalist … so the almighty dollar 💵

        Hello 🇬🇧 UK

        Medical benefits plus you allow alcohol – what is difference??? Is worse!!!

        So 🤷‍♀️

        But again – remember I had cancer AND I am Californian – I know the benefits and help it can provide

        I do not see help and benefits with alcohol yet England sells that?? 🤷‍♀️

        Ahhh double standard ??

        But whatever up to each individual place

        They do lose out though

        I would be in so much pain without that cream ❤️ so … you can’t ask me… I am Californian ✌️

        We liberal and pretty free ❤️✌️

        Although I am not totally liberal ✌️

        I March in the middle 😘✌️ … but I like my rights – will fight for rights to have them✌️😘

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      5. This is basically what Suze and l were discussing, make pot legal and ban alcohol, way less hassles.

        I was even wondering if l could grow it on the allotment and pretend it was a tomato plant hahaha, but Suze was like, no we would get caught and we probably would! We are too honest at times.

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      6. You will never be able to ban alcohol unfortunately … we already tried to do prohibition – didn’t work – went bad… they just made alcohol anyway … still don’t see it working – I wish … but don’t see it happening realistically

        Especially in England – pubs are big there aren’t they?

        But yes would be less hassles if could do

        Do NOT risk that allotment you wait and want for so badly – I would not do that on the allotment – don’t get banned for life!

        Maybe privately at your home – but otherwise not worth it to chance it. You work too hard for what you want

        Do they allow you to grow plants?

        Too bad you not here cause that could be business for you too

        There is a weed for you to showcase lol

        Not only can you tell of the plant – but the history of the plant – how can help some people and the present day views on the plant ✌️

        But I would not do anything that would risk allotment

        Do privately at home 😊

        If you want that – get a light kit

        Also… it does not LOOK or SMELL like tomatoes lol 😄

        Literally everyone knows what looks like!!

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      7. Btw … we became legal because they could not control

        People did anyway… just like alcohol

        If they couldn’t control – why not make money off it? So they did.

        It’s not a big deal – only a big deal when make it a big deal

        Plus they were wasting time, money and resources – when it was a crime

        Now is much better in those terms because now they can handle “actual” crime ??

        And those same people who want it banned – want to keep alcohol 🤷‍♀️

        You just regulate it just like alcohol – put age limit on it

        Is not bad like alcohol. Funny what they consider to be bad.

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      8. I always tell you “the almighty dollar” 💵

        My grandfather said that all the time and it’s so true!

        I do understand England’s hesitation though – you don’t just want a country of lazy bums … and it is a altering substance so… just like some abuse alcohol, this too can be abused.

        And given state of world, mental health wise – while does help some with anxiety?? People should still be careful

        And does England want to do that to its people ? Is it a debate there?

        And also a thing to take into consideration is … is England able to currently control it? If not, then why not make money for England’s people or schools or health care with it?! Even military !

        Also if England supplies it to others and profits that way – then what is difference ?

        Unfortunately money is needed for survival. It is always money.

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      9. I am not familiar with England’s statistics on these things – I also don’t know your atmosphere with it

        But ya know, you guys are the people? So whatever will of people is ?

        I am American, so I am not totally sure how your area operates? Or how they view ?

        I know Austin Powers, the Beatles – and of course your royal family – god bless the queen ❤️😘

        But I don’t really know other countries – just if you guys interact with me ✌️

        I take you the way you are, but I don’t totally know your countries?

        I know Canada 🇨🇦 and Mexico 🇲🇽 lol ✌️

        The rest I hear about in media but I don’t trust media so 🤷‍♀️

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      10. Hahaha omg!! They drop her all over the rug lol

        Once in the beginning – when I was new … few years ago …

        I was vacuuming … well their vacuum was weird – I could not get area to open to change the bag… when I got open it explode all over me 😮 omg 😱

        I work at a funeral home and I’m covered in who knows what!!

        I had to clean it up and ME!!

        Omg mortifying moments lol ✌️😮😘

        Never someone’s ashes though… first of all … they are in a bag and it is zip tied tightly – and has a metal identification disk… it would not spill out like that, unless you took out of bag – also we super glue that shut unless family requests us not to or if they scattering ✌️

        That’s funny though 😄

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      11. Hahahaha – excellent – Many years ago and by this l mean twenty maybe twenty five. I was at a friends house and his father accidentally dropped the ashes urn off from the fireplace mantle and it hit the hearth below and the ashes were everywhere literally. There was no zipped bag in there, so maybe that is a new thing as opposed to the seventies to the later nineties?

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      12. Lol well there have been enhancements to the funeral industry

        Lots of regulations and things – it used to be little dark and shady.

        Would depend on what family is doing with remains, where will be, kind of urn etc.

        Yeah we definitely way better than back then!! Like with everything – this industry has progressed 😊

        Very slowly – but yes

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      13. Just now we open and transparent to people … didn’t used to be so open

        And it’s death – we are like the plague to people lol … no one ever wants to come by and have coffee or say hello

        Is only when you need us, and even then can be difficult if someone doesn’t handle death well.

        But is much more personalized now and many things can do… as well as … more highly regulated

        Definitely better than used to be.

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      14. Are you open for coffee and biscuits? Do you have open days? tee shirts for sale maybe with quirky solgans?

        “Remember there is FUN in Funeral!”

        Welcome! We are Mourning People!”

        “We offer refreshments and bereavements too!”

        Come in for coffee, People are simply dying to come here!”

        What do you think? Maybe a set of aprons?


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      15. Well it’s death so we have to be respectful… but yes we open always

        We do coffee and donuts or things like that – not biscuits lol that’s dinner thing

        But we always open to anyone who want more info on anything… current or planning

        We do “at need” – meaning when you need us – when someone dies

        And we do “preneed” or prearrangements – to plan your death

        So if you want info on either one – we happy to give to someone without any pressure – just info.

        No tshirts with quirky slogans – is corporation… and funerals … utmost respect always!!

        And it is US who put the Fun in Funeral… but not with grieving families

        We just make it so not completely devastating and we help people through the grief – I would not say that is fun! Usually – although I have seen a lot of stuff!!!

        People do die to come see us ✌️

        Aprons – no… anything we offer or give is in good taste – cause again is funerals – not something people wanna be funny with usually – and aprons would have a really bad meaning since we do embalmings and cremations

        Is not normal business so we always have to be aware of families mind set and show compassion during their time of need.

        Our funniness and humor is amongst ourselves – however sometimes a small bit of laughter during tears can help 😊❤️

        We deal with a profession that devastates people so we very aware of that. ✌️

        Is not your average business. Must be respectful always and have compassion with those we help.

        Some humor is ok, but just depends on family. Sometimes is good for a small laugh on a memory or something?

        But some families absolutely devastated!! I have one like that right now. They can not function, which we understand completely, so we ok going at their pace. But they are beyond devastated

        I imagine that is way “I” will be – when my mother passes

        So yeah we are careful with our humor. Is not always appropriate and is a business that needs to be respectful at ALL times.


        But with just us, like my chairs 😄❤️ – is ok … just with families we are more delicate and the family takes lead with how we proceed

        We deal with people in their most devastating and vulnerable moments. So is way more delicate than a normal business.

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      16. Of course l was joking, it was just a bit of dead pan humour, to beat away the stiffness. I am very tired of the pomp and ceremony we have in the UK today with blanket wall to wall coverage about the Queen’s death. It’s all getting a bit much and it’ll be like this for weeks, way past the funeral probably months.

        British humour – the secret is to see something funny in everything when times are hard.

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      17. Yes – you are smart ❤️ that is correct

        If can see in humorous way with life – that will help you to survive and be happy ❤️

        Is how I am here too … comedy saves my life always ❤️ keeps me strong 😘 unbreakable spirit typically because of that ✌️❤️

        Lol … yes – the coverage is too much for me. But given who she is and her years in history for your country – I understand totally

        I don’t do much news, if any at all… every so often I check to make sure people are not being completely insane

        But usually I turn it on and then right back off – because nope 👎

        It’s been everything queen here also – we also love you guys lol ❤️😘✌️ plus “we have Harry” ❤️❤️

        I remember my mother just GLUED to TV when Diana married Charles and then every time she see them lol

        She loved the royal family lol … my mom loved the fairy tale aspect of it ❤️ was “dreamy” to her

        She LOVED Diana ❤️ we ALL did!!

        William – my mother thought was such a well mannered nice looking young man – taking after his mother ❤️

        Harry was the little one with twinkle in his eye ❤️ she loved his red hair!

        We were never really fans of Charles 🤷‍♀️ I do not know what is? He is not very much a people person and then that whole thing with Camilla ugh 😑 bad bad bad and then Andrew and all that!!

        People be people but you in spotlight – watch your step. Control self for how you wish to be seen. Yes we all young and dumb once and is hard in public eye – but cmon! Know what you have!! And what were given!

        So that is a thing little bit?? For me lol ✌️

        Speaking honestly

        And for the Queen – my utmost respect

        That woman has been through incredible things and did handle herself and responses with poise and honor – given her generation.

        Utmost respect ✊

        Can not be easy to have your family scrutinized through life!! Every word – every action! I can imagine we all have our crosses to bear

        That is theirs – they born to it – can not just escape

        And British are prim and proper lol – that is your traditions of that country.

        Is quite historical ❤️ we are living through history moments

        This is definitely mark of sadness for country because of the fact that everyone pretty much grew up with her … even us! 😮

        She is your countries one constant that always there… always poised

        Nothing wrong with that or your pomp and circumstance

        You could say she was Queen of the world because EVERYONE knows who Queen of England was!! Is there any other as big? So has momentum

        Her life is pretty incredible ya know?

        But I understand the constant death in face and only thing they speaking of!! Like nothing else is happening anywhere in the world

        Who is England’s Queen now? 🤨 I’m not gonna like this … but who is it? Ugh

        Not my circus but throwing my 2cents ✌️

        The Kennedy’s were the closest to royalty that we used to have

        We don’t have your Royal stuff

        Not sure I understand purpose in todays age / however – the history and tradition is pretty incredible and would hate to kinda see that go away – is institution at this point – look how long they survive!

        Anyway I have to run✌️

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      18. The royal family don’t bother me. As l said once before, l am not a royalist and well never was, but l was turned off the royal family when l was 14.

        45 years later, the Queen is dead. For me, that is it. Now we have a King, that is it.

        I have never seenthe point to it all, l still don’t.

        I get the history aspect, as a fan of history l would, but the royal’s history was not a focus of interest for me past Queen Victoria.

        Take care and enjoy your day 🙂

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      19. Well, to take that away from England … I dunno ?? That’s a huge part of the identity .. the royal family??

        What would England be like without a king and queen? Or at least one or other.

        I think their roles for England are that they supposed to be bringing attention to things that need attention … humanitarian causes.

        I can not even imagine to know an England without royalty? 😮

        Would only happen if they fuck it up so badly now after queen dies … so we see how Charles do.

        So if Charles dies it immediately passes to William right? NOT Camilla ?

        She is not queen?

        My my the chess pieces ♟

        I am not a royalist, as you call it, either

        Is interesting and part of England history – HUGE part!

        I have to be back tmrw – I have to get to sleep – new puppy handful

        I should be back tmrw without issues I hope 🙏

        Good night 😴💤🌙


      20. Not to mention – how much things we can do for you or to you… whatever you want …

        But we can do amazing things for you

        We are not out there with shovels – they have machinery for that now lol

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