Hey, remember when…

I have something to share…

It’s from a long time ago ❤️

My phone shows me things… every so often… it’s like “hey – remember this…?”

Sometimes it’s ok for it to do that… like this time is nice ❤️ I am ok with it THIS time. 😉

But… maybe it could filter out all my death and cancer? I really don’t like those memories – could maybe somehow understand that?? …those are BAD memories??? Where’s your fricken algorithm for that?? Weed out the bad shit!!

Don’t be like “hey … remember when your dad died” … ok – do I have to explain? Cause that really dampers!!! Can some genius fix that?

But anyway … this one is cute one

That’s my little one a million years ago ❤️

Now she knows everything 🙄🫤

But my baby ❤️❤️❤️… she was 3rd grade? 8 years old…

Does NOT look “8” anymore 😳😮 … 😳😳😮😮

But yeah this makes me smile ❤️

I was FOREVER telling her “stop eating your hair! You are gonna get hairballs!!” Omg that woman! She does not eat her hair anymore 🙄👏👏

But wow. 😳 time 😮 … so fast!

My baby ❤️


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  1. Well she certainly enjoyed that and threw herself into it with a zest. My sister used to eat her own hair and pick her bellybutton.

    I remember once, dang but this is now well over fifty years ago. We were living in Australia and my sister then aged about 4 maybe 5 used to fiddle with her bellybutton. My mum said to her if you don’t stop poking your button you’ll pop like a balloon and whizz around the room! My sister was mortified but suddenly yelped and ran off, then came back still twiddling with her button. Mum said what did l just tell you young lady??

    Sis lifted up her tee shirt to show a bandaid across her belly – hahahaha 🙂

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    1. Hahaha I always look for the loop holes too lol ❤️👏👏👏

      None of mine or me – ever did the belly button thing lol.

      My thing was lol… I was thin… so I could twist myself weird lol … my mom hated that – she always said stop doing that people gonna think something is wrong with you …

      But I always thought “so?” I liked it… I could bend all sorts of ways

      I would twist my arms or bendy stuff lol ✌️😘 I was in gymnastics and things like that.

      So it was like stretching to me? But it would embarrass her lol

      I was also born with club feet REALLY bad … so bad that for the first 6 months of my life – I had casts on my legs

      She was also embarrassed because of that … she worried people think she was bad mom – what infant has casts?? And that was in the 70’s when they really judged you 😉

      You would never know now… now I got swagger lol 😘✌️ I’m teasing – I walk normal 😘 still bendy – I just don’t contort in public lol

      That does kinda draw attention lol

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      1. Mm, supple then are we ….. bendy is good.

        Yes my sister was into all sorts of strangeness behaviours belly button twiddling, swallowing mothballs, inserting press studs into her ears … hse was a nightmare when young.

        Mm bendy, l ‘ll have that thought with me all day, that’s not a bad thing hahaha 🙂

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      2. Hahaha I did nothing of that … none of that would have even crossed my mind…

        I Ioved frogs 🐸… my best friend was a little neighbor boy and we used to build little frog habitats and put frogs in it lol

        We were like 4 and 5

        We also liked exploring 😮 in the deep woods of Maine 😮😳

        We found incredible things – once we found a boat 🛶… a little rowboat on a little stream so we sat in it and pretended … it was way out in woods in middle of no where 😉

        I was not a nightmare

        Except for when I was 15… then yes I would say nightmare because I got attitude for a year ✌️

        But that stopped / was only a year

        My rebellion lol

        Otherwise – I was really good. 😊

        Took care of my brother and sister – usually had to bring them with me everywhere 🙄🤨

        I was very protective.

        I watched them since I was 9

        I was quiet and shy ✌️ tender child.

        Extremely shy when I was younger

        High school I was not shy … but before that yes.

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