Thinking – Burning – Shaking

Ok so here is something…

Once again, everything around me popping off… 😮😳 ok … here we go…

So let me ask you something ? Hmm let me think of how to word?

Ok … if you work… and you are at a job… and you do love your job – do you still throw out resumes?

And then… what if you can make more somewhere else – do take that? Is money?

So currently I am ok… but I will need to be better

But I love what I do and who I work with – but it is stressful and a lot for a little … and tons of stuff – I do many jobs!

So my problem and the thing I struggle to learn is… loyalty and then also… to whom am I loyal… as well as… I always just think of my team, and also … the evil I know?

So I dunno 🤷‍♀️ would have to be worth it …but I find stuff I qualify for making tons more

So … what would you do? Do you send out resumes always and climb like that?

So I dunno

I’m afraid also of mass exodus – and winter is coming … and here come all the wage/cost of living fights


So what do? 🤷‍♀️

Anyway… I dunno there are many things around me happening – like I said “popping off” ugh

Whew so ok

I don’t even know about stalker today… I didn’t pay attention because I in meeting literally all day long …

Morning was worth it and good into

But afternoon was things “I don’t do” … so I said – I don’t do any of this at all… why are we going through this?

So you can help us retain them and help them… that is not what reason is they leave … reason is pay and appreciation – we all work REALLY hard

Umm ok … well I have many jobs as is … perhaps teach them so they know their jobs and don’t need help. I help them with adjustments and checks and many things …

I have a thousand jobs to do already?! And I have not had any training what so ever on things she is speaking of – so I retain nothing from the afternoon

Morning was good – afternoon not so much

And I have so much stuff to be doing and handling – you don’t even know!!! omg

They don’t want me doing that – because I am doing the other things!!

How am I supposed to retain something I never do?Never use … never trained in to start… and then did not release until just after 5pm and we all get stuck in massive traffic!

I do love… but they are gonna have problems!! I am afraid of mass exodus – Omg 😱 …so then no dying!!!

Ok … this is 3rd year … is always dramatic like this once a year – because company really needs to appreciate the workers and we so under paid, low staffed and overworked

And … I dunno but I always think of our market like the Wild West?

It is not a market for the faint of heart 😮😳

Not everyone can handle! It takes special kind, seriously though – especially this market! And what we do!

This market is Wild West – we fast, hard and tough … but also it has problems – just with staffing because of their pay and what need to do. The more problems we fix – the more pop up… with buildings and equipment, or staff or many things – and then always things with homeless people which would be fine if they not violent -but ya know 🤷‍♀️ is city

They have violent fits or will lick windows – I don’t even know? I am at new location that does not have that lol

So is always something – so I just call it the Wild West …you just never know what gonna happen that day 😳😮

I am just overthinking things – but how do you think on things? How do you handle your job stuff?

And as far as fire …

I have friends in Forest Hill 😳😮 I know Forest Hill!! 😮😮

I have one friend who sees the fire from her back yard – she show me photo today at work and Omg you just see the scary orange 😳😮 I’m like ummm can stay with me if need, but she has someone to go to.

I also heard another fire started in another nearby area but I have not even looked. oh wait I see…

… and over by Santa Rosa … I guess there was small earthquake today? …

I am too far inland and was smaller earthquake – I did not feel ✌️

But upon someone asking me if I was ok from earthquake lol … I was like what? We have earthquake? So I saw that…

But then I also saw another one from yesterday – down south 😳😮 – way smaller – but still 😳😳 … the ground is slipping we are subduction zone 😳

So Cal earthquake was only 2.6 so hardly anything – there is no video that I could find.

So burning and shaking – a big one gonna be coming 😳 here are your warnings 😳

Like I tell you – Wild West 🫤

So how are things in your corner of the world? Lol

19 thoughts on “Thinking – Burning – Shaking

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  1. I haven’t started my full time career yet so I don’t have anything to add. But if I had to give my opinion, I would say if my job was underpaid and with tons of work, I will send out resumes to companies and organisations that I feel will pay me more based on what I can offer.

    But obviously I would not do that unless I know I am ready for a change if I get selected. Money is crucial in today’s world no matter how much we deny. So I would do that.

    Just yesterday I got a email telling a story of a women who was getting hints of her being laid off. So she started working and making connections for potential new jobs. And she was right, they laid 100 people and she was one of them. I know this is different from what you said but it still tells us to be ready for anything that can happen.

    She said that she was preparing for things because she had a end in mind. She was either going to leave voluntary or involuntary. So she was prepared accordingly.

    You should also think about your pay and family and if a company values your work and ready to pay more for what you do, give it a thought.🙏🏽

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  2. First off – yes, always throw out resumes Trisha, it’s ALWAYS a good thing to let other employers whatever the industry of your skill set.

    I used to work in HR – Human Resources – for a big company as well as two forms of recruitment – one as a headhunter for a big fashion company and once also as an external recruiter. I would say to all right across the platform of career – ALWAYS send out cv’s, always update them.

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      1. That’s why l said ‘first off’ 🙂

        You know Suze lives here with me. We sleep in two separate rooms, l get up at just after 4 and come downstairs are start working. Then Suze comes down two hours later. She and were talking about the allotment plantings and l accidentally pressed ‘send’ and so the first snippet was published.

        Now .. to your burning and shaking which if l was an observer listening – would be tuning in to see what this was about – however l am not … so

        Good news on ‘stalker’ – no news is good news. Maybe we are lucky and he has disappeared off the planet.

        Is window licking specific to SoCal? Do they chew the cobwebs as well? I always wondered about window lickers and what happens if they meet something on the glass pane??

        Considering how yesterday we were laughing and joking about being the krazy pairt and rooting tooting gunswingers – now you say you are in the wild west. So that makes it even better to be packing some punch. Mm, l bet you look good in a stetsun. Anyway, l digress, mm and probably boots too. Yes stetsun and boots l can see that! Then with your hip holsters, wow l best stop hahaha – fetishes are strange at times aren’t they hahaha!!

        The fire is always worrying and how the planet seems to be non-stop burning over the last few years.

        As to the shaking .. all l can think of is ‘Dang girl, how much of a shake do you need to feel that the earth moved for you, huh? ‘


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      2. I forget is morning for you until you say so.

        Also – I am aware lol – I read you 😘✌️

        Hahaha that would be quite a curious convo to walk in on lol

        I think maybe he see how bother me? Maybe?

        But I dunno cause I was gone and I too tired to check the security for that .

        I am in Nor Cal … they probably do down south also… but window licking and stuff up here

        I do not even wanna know what they lick!


        Hahaha well the earth does move over here. 😳😮 in many ways 😳😮

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  3. I “passively” seek jobs… resume posted but I don’t look at jon postings. I sort through recruiter msgs and only respond to those which sound good (0.01%). It’s important to always be aware of your options!!

    For seemingly good opps, I definitely move forward with the interview process, to see what they can offer. Since I have a job, it’s easier to demand something better or else stay where I am. For me, “something better” is overall happiness. Not cash but total comp, benefits, workload, responsibility, respect, sense of purpose and feeling that I fit in the company’s culture. My min pay is highly flexible… good, happy, and rewarding (me contibuting to greater good + my talents are praised) = I’ll work on the cheaper side. But most times, companies that offer good, happy, and rewarding also offer great pay & benefits!!

    I’ve learned that praise, or even simple acknowledgement of me doing a good job, is more important than financial rewards. But I looove when I get both!!

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    1. True… would be good position cause can either take or stay…

      And also yes – overall happiness is important to me. And work life balance, pressure, stress

      I don’t really need praise ?? But I’m happy if you like something 😊

      That has no weight on my job really? Because I know I do good job… so am confident

      But I always wanna break glass ceilings or change a life 😉… just anonymously … I prefer privacy and low key … Silent if you will 😘


      1. Wow… and I saw day before was Taiwan?

        See … be ready – would you be ok if was LA? 😮😳

        I am far enough from San Fran should be ok

        Would you be?


      2. Hard to say. I’d feel it for sure. I made it through Northridge but it was scary strong and I was in a newer property.

        I have multiple emergency kits and try to stay mentally prepared. My fear is being stuck somewhere away from home/cats.

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