Ahhh Danger

Ok… you ready for another Monday? 😮😑

Do we have to keep Monday? Can we just drop it? 🙏 make it part of the weekend and won’t be so bad lol 😘✌️

Ok so… my brain is spinning after today … oh my goodness 😳

Ok first there is a whole stalker situation happening? You have to be very careful with me… you can not stalk me!! Or not respect my personal space … oh my goodness please do not do that!!!

So that is a current thing I am trying to handle … ugh like I need that right now!! Bad bad bad timing!!


And then… tmrw they make me go to training .. all day long – when I have tons and tons of work to do!! Omg you do not know all the work I have!!

And I have to spend all day – this better be worth it or I gonna walk out – I have too much to do!! So better be informative, correct and teach me something!! I be so mad if waste my time!!

This sooooo better not waste my time!!!

And you can tell me – oh give them a chance – don’t go in with bad attitude … ok well I have a ton of work to be doing … and we have been down this road before and they say incorrect things and then that causes problems cause we have to reteach the CORRECT way

So my faith in them for having decent training is little to none. If you gonna teach – know your shit, or we will eat you alive ✌️


So we see …

Totally better not waste my time!!!

I be so livid – I am missing so much work – I have FULL board!! So make sure you know your shit!!

And … how funny is it that I found family lol across the ocean over here in California – from BOTH sides – he shares my blood – we freak each other out with details 😮

It’s crazy! I can not wait to meet them!! ❤️

I found my mom and my dad in another 😮❤️

It’s really nuts!! 😮😮😮

And then I think about everything … how everything lead me to now … and I already lost my family… and the last of them is my mother

And then they lose someone and I am losing mom so one bright sunshine through the clouds ? They have loss and me too!

See how life brings people into your life when you need ?

Something to just perk you up! ❤️

I lose my family and my Irish went with them … kinda… and then floods back with this? I normally don’t want to remember because hurts to have lost them. I just work a lot … so my focus and my mind is on others – they make me stop and take notice

They perk me up having both sides! – because of the family connection!! I can not wait to meet and talk to them more ❤️

I’m so thrilled and excited ❤️👏 I just have to remember – I do funerals … tone it down!

But I’m really excited to meet them ❤️ I wonder if he looks like me? Or my brother ?

How closely related could we be? 😮 how crazy is that. See what life does?

I am also taking away some of their pain with excitement too ❤️ they are also stunned

It’s just nuts 😮😳 … tell me life doesn’t do things for reasons!!


And then lastly … I learn of something big but I am not allowed to say yet – nothing big for you … but for me … yes. And then that makes me think also.

Should be announced maybe Wednesday ?

Omg and here comes winter – god help me 😮😳

Whew ok so Monday

Do we have to have a Monday? Does that have to be a thing ?

Ugh Tuesday is not gonna be any better

Better know your shit!! That’s all I can say!!

Also … in regard to the fire:

48,000+ acres … 10% contained 🙏🙏🙏


Why are PG&E crews being allowed back into a crime area? Wtf? Not like there anything left

Like letting a murder check your evidence for you. That’s awesome – being VERY sarcastic


2 thoughts on “Ahhh Danger

Add yours

    1. Well that would mean there is common sense 😉

      So we see – I hope they do not waste my time either – all I can think of … is how much work I have!!

      I hope my location ok today, and I guess I don’t do work today? 😳 ugh

      They need to plan these better and give us more options – not say ok training for all managers on this day!!

      Ok well – it’s very hard to pin down – we sooooo short staffed

      I worry about my work and my location!!

      This had better be good!

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