Just another day/week

The fire is STILL zero percent contained … they can not get grip on it! And is now just over 37,000 acres!

My skies look overcast but weird orange tint to sky. It does look really weird like the sky doesn’t know what to do 😳

We having fire crews from all over coming to help …our crews are exhausted!!


Hopefully they can get grip somehow? Luckily temp has dropped – we are in the 80’s now ❤️ should be that way for little while 🙏 … but the winds pick up and that’s very bad for the fire crews 😳🙏 hopefully with the help they can get grip they need 🙏 😳

We also on alert for possible removals just in case … we have 2 locations right there… I work with them, I train them… and we are their closest help… so the minute there any word – we have a team ready to go up and help with removals

You have to, is human beings someone loved. No way we let fire completely devastate and they are in our care, so we do all we can TO care. Is our responsibility.

And then besides the fire … California about to have their own fire storm because they did this:


They unionizing just like Starbucks … workers be protected and corporations are going to have problems

My corporation would fire you immediately for saying anything like that… (which I don’t really understand ? ) but you will see mass amounts of people leaving cause wages and cost of living are awful!

They gonna lose their people if they don’t pay attention.

I really LOVE MY job – but if a fast food worker is going to make more money than a funeral worker 😮

And we are not flipping burgers … we helping your loved ones … so that’s not right

This gonna cause huge problems but would be good if makes these corporations pay so you can live and not struggle!!

But anyway – that was passed so… come January – it takes effect. So we see.

Crazy… the price we put on things

So that’s coming

Ugh so far today – no phone calls and no one coming to my house … but I say that too early because I’m sure it’s too good to be true.

Fuck. I will be so pissed if he comes or calls again today, because it has been literally every day!!

He comes and waters my flowers … ok look … stop ✋ … I didn’t ask, he didn’t ask – he just doing… also do NOT think you gonna do things for me and get anything in return – nope I am not obligated and sorry no… do not expect anything in return – he go rogue on that.

I didn’t ask for this, and thank you very much – but please don’t. Please leave me and my house alone.

I do not play that game where they only wanna do nice things for you – so that you feel obligated to be nice and give chance – fuck you no!

That is surefire narcissist – doesn’t respect boundaries, thinks he gonna play games, and thinks he has any kind of chance – as if!

Bottom line I am not interested AT ALL… I am also not gonna deal with that bullshit during my time off where I recharge … so fuck this shit – sorry I will never answer … you can see me at work and then I will tell you straight up to leave me alone – I’m not playing

Sorry if I am weird oh well

I have had it!!

Not to mention – he is the ex of someone I hold very dearly … and he was bad to her … so kick rocks Asshole – I would never give a chance in a million years – fuck that shit – never

Not playing games and also not gonna give a chance ever!! So you barking up wrong tree

So… he not gonna get me at home … here let me train him that I will never respond or answer door if you come to my house uninvited …

You wanna see me – come to my work – where I have witnesses and security … and then I will set you straight ✌️

So there is that also… ugh 😑

Just lots of fires 🔥

Ok well whatever – also this coming week gonna kill me… I do not know how I am gonna juggle that! Omg please leave me alone!!!

I have tons of services and new cases and they want me to go to this training they have all day long on Tuesday Omg … I do not have time for that!!! Can you record it??? Do you understand what business this is? But ok I guess work won’t get done… they should tell the families sorry things didn’t get done or fell apart – oh I have so much work and they like come spend the day… ok I do not have that time!!!

All day??? I have to work!!! I have work to do!! Omg but ok so this week gonna kill me

And be careful buddy – I gonna be very stressed so do NOT add to that!! Omg

Fast food not looking so bad

Should be a fun and interesting week ✌️ … possibly sarcasm there 😘 but ya never know – maybe

And then just a remembrance 🇺🇸 of those who lost their lives on 9/11… we still think of and remember you ❤️ very deeply

Ok bye 👋

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  1. You have so much going on in your life. Really a lot of work. So I am not going to say anything if you never answer the guy. Because if I were you, I would do that too.

    We need time alone to relax and live in ourselves. Can’t be bothered then. Good for you. Enjoy and relax. It’s your life, so you decide. 💪

    I hope you don’t have any sad memories associated with 9/11. Was too terrible. Humanity should never see something like that again. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    1. Yes… is difficult job and no one understands unless they do the job… you need down time to recharge and to have that time be stressed because of a stalker is very hard!!

      I pay enough for this house and to live… is my sanctuary from the world so he does not get to enter my world ✌️

      Very firm on that.

      Well I am from that area, I had an acquaintance on the American Airlines flight 11 ☹️ out of Logan

      It sent shockwaves to everyone even if you didn’t know someone. Was one of our most devastating moments in modern history. On US soil!

      Shut our country down for awhile. And we all cried – it was horrific to watch and be so helpless

      Humanity should never see or know that again!! Agreed!!

      We never forget because of the impact it had… and we see alien evil on US soil … so forever remembered

      With what god or belief would that ever be ok?? Was very sad – still very sad – so many lives lost! It was devastating!

      So every year we just remember. ❤️

      Like all the major impacts you don’t forget. Changed the airline business for sure lol ✌️ now we have rules and stuff

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      1. Sometimes in life things you can’t explain happen, sometimes is evil…

        There are always going to be events – look at Ukraine and Russia … also horrible events that are unnecessary and evil. That Ukraine must be strong through – I am very impressed by the people of Ukraine and their strength in this ❤️

        You be strong to get through what you have to. Sometimes you don’t have a say… you just have to be strong.

        It IS good lessons for the world – sometimes you don’t know how strong you are, until you have to be ✌️😘❤️

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  2. Have you outright told the fella to Eff Off as you are not interested? Maybe a sign in the garden directed at the stakler?

    “Are you watering my plants without permission? if so you are the stalker – Eff Off!!”

    That might work – failing that how about mini mines beneath the ground …

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    1. Yes … right away I told him I am not interested… I told him I seriously keep to self and have no interest – I said just like that. So there should be zero confusion there

      Perhaps he is full of himself and can’t catch a clue?

      I do not play games and he was not invited over… that is so not cool.

      He can do whatever he wants but I’m not accessible on time off – sorry – this is MY HOUSE

      Whatever game he trying to play – sorry I do not play games and gonna get him no where, but with restraining order… so careful cause that’s where that will be headed! I am not dealing with this at a home I pay a lot of money for – so he should watch his step.

      There is no reason or need he be coming around!!

      Ugh 😑 I’m so tired

      If he does it this week though… I’m gonna be highly stressed anyway … so careful there also. Probably best he not approach at all.

      See why people like to have guns?

      I was thinking that last night – maybe I need a gun? Cause what I do if someone breaks in? So maybe?

      Cause be threatening like that – I will get protection and I will protect self

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      1. Are you a gun person though? A recreational shooter, a hunter?

        I understand why people have guns, l am not in favour of them, BUT l am not anti-gun, just think the gun solution isn’t the right solution.

        A gun only makes the non-military trained person think they are safer, but is not always the case and doesn’t always make the person or the house or the property safer. Plus a break in can always go two or more ways and is not straight forwards.

        I agree the guy is being a dick and pushing the tin too much.

        But do you have house security? Having a good alarm system is way better a deterrant than a gun. You could opt for mace.

        My fear with guns is that sure they make a person safer in the non-aggressive moments – BUT – guns make for hostile situations to potentially escalate into deadly scenarios.

        He is being a pain as a guy, and perhaps he has some kind of obsession with you. You said he was not nice to your friend, what did he do, was he violent? He might be stalkerish material and he might not be, can nyou speak to the police? do you know someone who might be able to bat in your corner? Maybe be a presence in your environment that is not a close someone but looks like they might be a close someone?

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      2. Well, I don’t trust any government agency will protect me – cause they don’t. So I don’t turn to them for myself.

        No there is no one to look like close someone.

        He is just not someone I would trust at all, or I am comfortable with.

        I’ll set him straight today

        But I am not against having a gun in the house.

        Yes I do have security system, and that will show who be attacking me!

        But again – who gonna protect me? Certainly not any government agency – they too busy to be bothered and we have all seen how things go anyway. They don’t help or protect – I’ve already been through these things before and you are on your own with protection – they don’t care until you are hurt or are attacked, and even then it’s iffy

        I am single woman, all by myself and these things are issues.

        You can be a responsible gun owner ya know.

        There is nothing wrong with having a gun for protection, I know how to use and also have no problem retaking training … it would be safe and locked away. Probably never used, unless you break in my house

        And given state of world and people – maybe not such bad idea

        I do not trust government to keep me safe – they just don’t – systems are all broken and corrupt

        Maybe men should not threaten single women ?

        There is a way to approach a woman and a way NOT to do…

        And he did show up yesterday!!! Watered again and then came to door at like 7pm and no I am not answering – this is my time off – he stress out my entire weekend!!! Did not respect time at all!!

        Not one day has he left me alone!!

        So today that be corrected and we see.

        I am thinking about a gun. I have not purchased – but I am not against if this gonna be continuous thing with people!

        Don’t be threatening and break in my house then, and be no worries.

        You come on my property and break in my house – that is self defense

        I need signs 🪧 that say “beware of owner” and “keep out” ✌️

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      3. I went to leave early this morning and he’s at my house

        So you tell me that’s not threatening

        I tell him again – not interested sorry

        And he says – I keep coming over – and I say yeah, but I have a hard job – when I go in those doors I want to get away from world – I dont want to be bothered

        He says yeah I learn that …

        Ok so what doing here at this hour … and he says he fixing a sprinkler for me.

        I say look I can handle on my own – I don’t need any help, but thank you

        He just smile and say he finish up and I had to run off

        But I so stunned he in front of my house so fuckin early … dude!!!!!!!!

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      4. YES, that is troublesome.

        Maybe you should stop being polite and not smile and basically say ‘Just fuck off, l am not interested. If you don’t stop this l will call this what it is, harrassment and sexual stalking and if you don’t stop, you’ll leave me no option but to take action.”

        Leave it at that. Then if he continues.

        Shoot him in the groin and say sorry l was aiming for your head.

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      5. Yeah… I was pretty stunned with that this morning… I mean.. who does that??

        I did not smile and was not totally polite today – I was weirdo and uncomfortable

        Told him when I off work and door closes behind me I do not want to be bothered .. and not interested in any relationship or anything

        So we see …

        I have now lined up a possible fake boyfriend if I need that… I have someone who offer to do … but I don’t have any problem laying it out honestly – but in case that not work.

        You are so funny

        You see how is??

        I don’t just be nervous for no reason.

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      6. Good to potential fake boyfriend if needed.

        But the jerkoff is taking things way too far – you are right who the fuck does that??

        Do you have the urns in the window yet? Do you have any trees in your back garden? Maybe a body swinging by its neck might help – hell maybe in the front yard … or even in the neighbours, that be seriously creepy!

        Mm, my mind is in overdrive on creepy ways to freak the stalker out ..

        Hopefully he will have listened to you this morning.

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      7. So… he drive a white truck… it went by my house maybe 5:30p … I didn’t leave work until 6pm and home at 6:02 lol …

        And white truck drove by again at 6:20 … I know this from my security system … and the truck hasn’t driven by since – so that makes me uncomfortable that he trying to learn my schedule or check and see when I am home 🤨

        So far he listening but again is early yet. Only 6:45pm so we see?

        Maybe he doesn’t understand why I am this way… perhaps I shall explain that so he gets it

        I will give him money for the things he has done – and I will tell him I am this way because I have been through ringer with bad man – and not interested in anything.

        If he doing to just be nice or thinking that’s his way in – eh wrong! Doesn’t work like that

        I had satan / who played all the tricks so I’m well versed in narcissism at this point

        Didn’t respect any boundaries what so ever … invaded space … made me uncomfortable

        I am still uncomfortable – and he’s not understanding someone’s personal space.

        He does not know me… just because I know his ex girlfriend does not give him a “in”…

        As a matter of fact – he follow same lines as my ex satan … so nope 👎 never in million years … never giving a man who treated a woman like that the time of day … so there is that

        Yeah not my type at all, in slightest – not even close!!

        I don’t know who he think he is … but no! He has some nerve

        I have no problem being weird if that keeps people away – I can do that – I was this morning

        It makes me feel highly stressed – and then like I have to watch my back

        I do not like that stress – I do like my down time and he take that away!!! I am on edge now!

        I don’t like that. He does not know who he deal with. Because he doesn’t know me at all.

        You do not come at a woman like that!!

        Where he learn his manners ? Cause hello? Way wrong!!!

        We see – but I’m not overly confident – I still nervous 😟 cause I never fricken know!

        And what the hell?

        So I dunno – makes me uneasy working and living so close to work because of this!

        I am extremely uncomfortable with this!

        Totally wish for freaky Friday so that someone can trade places with me and see the shit that goes on!! Maybe for one weekend – you take my life – I’ll take yours lol

        I will deal with the allotment people for you lol

        You deal with the crazy people for me lol ✌️😄

        It sounds awesome to me lol 😘

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      8. Mm, am thinking an Uzi might be a better gun for you. You seem to be calm and collected even when freaked out whilst me l am sort of a wild card. I think l would dangerous with a gun the result of too much videogaming l suspect gives one a trigger finger, plus whilst using a camera l have a happy trigger finger .. he would be seriously holey by now.

        This is my salute to you and your gun …

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      9. Lol Scarface lol ❤️👏

        Yes … I have a calm nature… Typically

        I do funerals – you always have to stay calm… you are leading.

        But I am typically calm anyway – I also have a sense of humor so those 2 together … calm and humor lol …makes it not so bad

        Plus when you keep calm you can see the way to go.

        I would be responsible gun owner – not rootin tootin lol 😘✌️


        Hopefully that works right but I am not sure if I posted that right? We see lol 😘

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      10. Hahaha NOW see that’s me to a tee!!

        Your stalker issue would dealing with Mr Bouncy Krazy!


        “Come on punk make my day!! Are you feeling lucky? Does the mad guy have one bullet or more in this big rooting tooting gun o’ his? Huh punk?’

        Yes maybe l should have mace huh lol 🙂

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      11. Oh that’s so funny!!

        This probably be me:

Took me a minute to find one and still not a perfect one but whatever

        Well you definitely should probably NOT own a gun lol

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      12. Ooooh you are one to watch out for. Sede me l am the one with the strange grin walking down the street .. whilst you are like “Right l will count to three, if you are gone and out of my sight we are all good, However if you are still here, well let me show you how quickly l can unload and reload without breaking sweat … just saying” And you would say this with a smile, whilst l am lumbering down the street looking wide eyed and ready to zap with a huge grin and my tongue lolling whilst barking like a dog.

        We would make a good team of crazy though – good shooter and mad as a box of boiled bunnies shooter!”

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      1. So it’s not just my life that’s all insane crazy? Ok good – I feel way better!!

        Ya know… when my grandparents were my age they were already old lol (sorry but yes)

        Life just seem bit simpler and not so crazy? But maybe that is because I was a child? So ya know everything was magical ?

        They had a lot of death happen to them around the time I was born… I was their bright light out of that 😉

        But life seemed to age them? More so than age hits now??

        I dunno? Maybe it was the death?

        They lost many… the same way I lost them … and then there was me

        You take the brightness where you find it

        But then also – I could totally handle your allotment crazy people… I’ll clean em up for ya lol ✌️ whip em into shape – meet the American lol

        And you scare off my stalker lol 🙌 zee perfect plan! 👏👏

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      2. Very much so ‘zee total master plan!’

        Life can age some people, as can stress and death or being surrounded by death, the grief and sorrow eats at a person and more so if there is a lot to deal with.

        Pain also ages people. I have been in pain for some thirty years and a more distinct pain in the last five and it’s aged me.

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      3. Perhaps in addition to everything else – as you have said you were much younger, when we are young everyone older than a set age in our heads is absolutely ancient … l was convinced my grandparents walked the earth when the dinosaurs did! 🙂

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      4. Well then, what year are those photos from?

        The thing about ageing now is that ageing is a very different style of getting older than it was as little as twenty years ago. Life for many is longer.

        So, photographs as an example were not very forgiving – photography has moved on fascinatingly in huge steps – now phones can take images with an astoundingly clear clarity and quality and at times better than expensive cameras. But even still cameras and phones are respectful of people and seeing them clearly.

        So the above is just a small change burt lets look deeper into ‘young but with oldness’.

        Things to most assuredly take into account which will affect the way people look – standards of living – a harder life back then also – poorer healthcare and poorer healthcare products – society classing – the differences between classes back then when that was a thing – rich people aged better – also lets not forget the way people lived their lives is very different today than it was yesterday – smokers always look older.

        Dress and hair styles make people look older as well. Old fashioned styles age people.

        Medications and medical industry were a poorer quality in our yesterdays. Lets not forget dental alone, l am in poor shape and am in a constant battles with my dentist but this has aged my look. Today also we have better suncare products than they did in the 60’s to the later 90’s.

        Then how did your grandparents work their lives? Were they outdoors a lot? Because although working outside is healthy it can age you and more so if you didn’t look after your skin.

        Another thing is people yesterday also wanted to look older than they are and now no one wants to look their age.

        In closing my mother used to say having kids aged her … so there is that as well 🙂

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      5. Hahaha well you are very thorough lol ❤️

        My grandmother had no wrinkles when she died… she had a beauty secret 🤫 she was 89

        Her face looked young always – just her hair and clothes make her look old lady before her time lol

        My mom stayed young looking forever until Alzheimer’s really set in – now I see age with her

        Yes life will do all the things you say – that was very well thought out 😊❤️

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      6. The other thing l guess also is our own dispositioning to life – do we just look older than we are? For years when young l looked young but was considered by others to be older because of the way l used to think. But l knew a chap who was my age [we were bother 15] but he looked ten years older than he was. I met him briefly when were in our late forties and he looked older than 45, more like 65.

        I was still looking young till around 55, then l suddenly aged, look more like 65 on bad days and 115 on good days hahahaha!

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      7. Hahaha that’s hilarious! Yes!! Sometimes I see people who my age and they just so much older looking?

        I ALWAYS look young

        I was 20 with first child but I looked 12!! 😮😳 I look back on pics and think omg I was a baby lol

        But I always looked young – I used to hate it … when I was young

        It’s ok now that I am old but it can cause me problems ✌️

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      8. Well you are a young fifty physically but an older fifty mentally [as in wisdom] and with regards life [as in you have seen and borne a lot] – yes it can cause and does cause you problems. In one way it’s nice that you look the way you do because the compliments are nice to receive at any age.

        BUT, sadly for you at times the compliments from guys just go too far and they go past just polite complimenting on your appearance.

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