My daughter begged for a dog today 😳🤨

It is a Doodle… Ok first of all… I am not a fan of Doodles … WAY to much fricken energy, way too big (big poops 💩) and they always get really dirty – need baths all the time

Yeah no ..too much!! Plus I can’t afford large dog and I have freedom currently and that’s not a dog you can just be like “come with me” … and bathing … food… vet… license …

I do not really like Doodles – that energy – I am NOT that type dog person … it is a newborn puppy so she is in love – she already naming it and everything … I say no.


I tempted only because of her pleading and want for love… but I can not afford. I tell her no.

I have friends who have these dogs … I just am not a fan

I do not want large dog and then not like it!! And be stuck. I am also not cleaning big people poops so no

I want to love my pet – is not the right one… no.

I do not have time, patience, money or energy for anything big … little maybe … medium and big no

I am exhausted coming home and I don’t want barking problems or massive things – I definitely do not want my house destroyed – crating would be a MUST for medium or big… So is best if not have big or medium

Is too big responsibility to get breed you don’t like in first place – I would definitely not have time for big

He cute – but no. I just definitely do not want a Doodle

I can do small… if she want small – I could make that work. Chihuahua or mix of only. But still has to be right one!!

I can afford small and it’s easier with small.

So answer on the Doodle is no. Not the right one.

Need something calmer and smaller ❤️😌

For minute there – I think about – and then that is what I thought 💭

Ugh also do not tempt me with animals – that is very hard to say no to. But I don’t want not meant to be, and it does not feel ok or right.

I can not do any kinda crazy, and have no energy for big energetic dog – and I don’t want my house in shambles or totally messy

I ask my brother and sister in law what they thought and they hilarious …

My sister in law love animals and they have many, they keep getting more lol … so of course she say “yes, I love all animals”

And my brother says “no this is how it starts, then you have way too many animals “

😄😄 so one extreme to the other lol …did not help me at all

But I just think it best to say no at this moment. So my answer was no. That was hard though – he is cute – just not my type

I would want to find a dog who would really love a home ❤️ one that needs love? and I am definitely more at ease taking slowly with these things – not spur of moment – although sometimes that does happen

Or my favorite word is just no?

Because that guy come water again this morning… I did not answer … and then this afternoon he come back and there is a package on my porch…

He ring doorbell… but nope – I am not dealing today

My security system shows him standing there with my package in his hands – looking at it… he did put down – but still

Now I am highly creeped out … ok look I need space … back up – stay away!!

Want nothing of sort thank you very much

Please don’t be stalker – that creeps me out so badly

Please stay away get away

I am not at all interested. Not even slightly.

I will deal – but not on days off – I am taking my relaxation. ✌️ this is MY house that I pay for and can do as I wish in – so no

Little rude… also I am not accessible like that sorry. 👎 nope

These are things I don’t want happening. Nope 👎

So no dogs today!

Sorry but no

And as far as the fire goes…. this is from a year ago ⬇️ but still stands true – for me… they are corporate killers. But that’s ok in California evidentially ?

Our fire is the Mosquito Fire and once again something with PG&E equipment- are they paying for this then?? Will they be held accountable THIS time?????

Is almost 34,000 acres – zero percent contained 😮

Here is latest on fire:

Every night the wind shifts downhill so every morning we wake up all smoky … then by afternoon it switches to up hill and clears the smoke a little – the smoke is still constant though

Now the winds pick up – they better hurry 🙏

We on alert to maybe help locations there so we see – we gonna take their people for them – so far is ok – but we on alert for that 🚨

We are their closest help

So just pray they get this handled soon and quickly!!


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  1. Gah… I HATE people coming to ky home uninvited!!

    Tonight I heard neighborkid and her cousins so I intentionally put off feeding outdoor cats. It was well past 8pm when I went to my kitchen to feed indoor cats and NK started talking to me through the high window. Damnit, I knew she was stalking me again!!

    Be careful about chihuahua… most are very high strung. I think, when the time comes, you should browse shelters or adoption groups – get something already house trained!

    That said, I about died seeing a little 8wk mini poodle a few days ago. I wouldn’t want onebut it was adorable!!

    As always, sending good juju for you to stay safe during the fires!

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    1. Yes! I am same – if want there will invite … otherwise I need space

      Lol that neighbor kid 😮 that’s nuts – that would bother me a lot too

      I am familiar with chihuahuas – I have always had them my whole life – know their temperaments and how to train them.

      But yes I definitely look at shelters – I am not a breeder type – I feel too much for ones who need home – I want to save them before they die

      I am not a poodle person but they can be cute. I just can not do that level of energy or work.

      I am much better suited with chihuahua ❤️

      Thank you 🙏 yes!! I hope they hurry and we do not have to race up there and do removals 😮🙏

      Please let be ok 🙏🙏

      I hate PG&E!!


  2. There with my package in his hands – looking at it… he did put down – but still – Sorry but my impish child found some delight in that part of the line … but you’d have to be my mind to see the smile on my face.

    Anyway my freaky out the way – you have to stand firm in your convinction when it comes to a dog – Suze and l are discussiong a dog again. Losing Scrappy in January 2020 was the start to a very bad year of heartbreaks for me and whilst l am ready for another dog l still miss Scrappy terribly.

    She was a medium sized breed or rather a larger medium. Australian Kelpie cross Staffordshite Bull Terrier – that is a good size breed. If you like that size breed. You are not a fan of medium and large size breeds. You like small.

    The good thing here is you know the size you like and can handle [mm, that makes me think impishly again], but you are a small breed person. Small breeds are good economical breeds and rarely destructive, however as has been stated already they can come with problems and can have a chip on their shoulders at times.

    Off the top of my head – small package size dogs – Dachshund, Pugs, Chihuahua , Pomeranian, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, French Bulldog, Toy Poodle, Scottish Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, King Charles Spaniel …. but you might not be a terrier breed person,

    Rescue dogs are good dogs, so take Daughter to a rescue shelter so she can see dogs who need homes and love and let her fall in love with small breeds 🙂

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    1. Hahaha you are hilarious with your suggestive humor

      I have chip on shoulder sometimes so chihuahua be perfect lol ❤️ or mix of

      I have known chihuahuas all my life – but also whippets which I do like … and chihuahua/pug… and even a chihuahua/Pekingese lol – if you can imagine that mix lol 😄❤️

      Chihuahua’s have a charm to them ❤️ I can handle that chip lol … I be alpha 😘❤️

      No terriers – also a lot of energy and I don’t really like wire hair

      Definitely no poodles

      Cocker spaniel or Pom … nah too much hair… nope 👎

      My daughter used to beg for Pom… but I am not their type.

      Definitely nothing with breathing issues such as bulldog and nothing that be slobbery

      Yeah pretty much only a chihuahua is ok … so that or nothing ✌️😘

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      1. Yes the problems with certain breeds are numerous you are quite right and l like the way you are assessing this too. The problems with some of the smaller breeds too is that people don’t see the dog when they are breeding they only see the dollar signs and this means that there can be more breeding problems with small breeds.

        So l am guessing the line is ‘Yes you can have any dog darling as long as it has the words chihuahua in it somewhere like konichiwahua which is a way of greeting – you know like ‘sup dawg?’

        Chihuahua’s are also great for taking and making jokes …

        Why did the Chihuahua put on a jacket?
        Because it was a chili dog!

        What do you call a chihuahua with a rainbow colored fur?

        Yes there is a lot to a chihuahua – so as long as she chooses something chihuahua’eee’ish, all is well 🙂

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      2. Hahaha well we see what we fall in love with at the shelter ❤️

        I would prefer chihuahua – I know them – and can afford tiny like that ✌️

        I think of all the things with the breeds – temperament, energy, dirtiness… if I fit with and comfortable with

        I know chihuahuas live long too ❤️✌️

        So yeah – make mine a chihuahua lol ✌️❤️

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      3. Goodness gracious me Trisha, you are on fire today .. first with packages in hands and now this … temperament, energy, dirtiness… if I fit with and comfortable with .. yes please, l’ll have some of that too … oh wait you mean dog breeds … dang 🙂

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