Dramatic weather warnings

Some of the apps on my phone when I open them, be all dramatic … saying “warning intense weather for your location – are you ok?” And it makes me click yes or no lol 🤷‍♀️

Never saw that before 😮 that’s new

Is because of the heat…

Monday and Tuesday’s temps keep rising – fricken enough!!! No more!! That’s too hot!

That’s 44.444c 😮😵 that still sounds cold way you say it… ℉ definitely tells you it gonna be hot!!

Yikes 😳

Monday not so bad – is holiday for me… but Tuesday will kill me!

2 days in row… ok so we have heatwave


But I am used to California doing this…but has been increasingly higher and higher temps


It’s pretty much too hot to do – literally anything

And there goes my ac bill!! 😮

Please do not lose power on Monday or Tuesday 🙏🙏🙏 or Sunday or any day – no power loss in this please 😳🙏🙏🙏

Omg ok almost through just little longer heat and then be dreadful winter 🥶 ..: I prefer heat for sure

I can not stand being cold!! I am definitely more hot blooded ✌️

This heat is little extreme for my tastes – I would not like to have long periods of oven heat

And also do not drop me from 112 to 70/80 degrees

It’s just really hot!! 🥵


We be totally burnin!

Yes I am safe – and taking care 😊✌️ I am familiar with this. I just hope no electricity loss 😳✌️🙏

10 thoughts on “Dramatic weather warnings

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    1. Yeah not for us until Halloween maybe

      It’s actually been mild summer up til now … but last part of our summer is always intense … then the winter rain comes and it’s over – November we be done 👍

      Is it not hot for you anymore?

      I do, thank you! Drinking lots of water 💦 🙏

      This is our winding down lol

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      1. Summer winds down after June here. Then its rainy season. So much rain here for the last 2 months. But now rainy season will go too and from October it will be winter.

        We have different times for weather🌧️

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      2. October should be our wind down…

        We will have maybe a really quick fall, possibly week or 2 … and then be winter.

        December, January and February is our winter

        March and April are spring

        And May through October is summer

        Our winters are “supposed” to be rainy – but past couple winters we have hardly any rain.

        We need rain sooooo badly here!!

        All the rain we get only comes in winter mostly … if we don’t get rain – we have massive drought, fires during summer are bad, and the heat is high, the power grid is to the max with all this heat!!

        Yes your seasons are different.

        Summer wraps up around June ? And you get rain for fall?

        What does your winter do? And when will that end?

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      3. Summer are from late March to mid June. Then it’s rainy season till mid September. After that it slowly starts for her cold. So winters from mid October to January. We have spring in February and March. So it’s like that. We are so different in regards to weather.

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      4. Yes we slightly different with weather.

        If you get rain like that, you must have really lush green areas

        We are more desert like… we get little lush green if we get good rain in winter… we don’t have snow, is still pretty decent for winter temps – January will be our coldest month… can go around 32 degrees 😮 but typically our winter is in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – not too bad 😊

        This year I won’t have a commute and be in my house for first holidays ❤️ just adding that little part 😘✌️❤️

        But yes … you have different

        Why is my area hotter than temps on equator?? I just looked that up and the temps on the equator average about 88 degrees!!

        What is that? And then I look that up and it say “the angle 📐 in which the sun hits the earth.” 🤨

        The equator has direct sun… but wouldn’t you think that be hotter? Direct focus ?

        They also say trees

        I dunno – I’m not understanding correctly

        Obviously then- they have good rain. Yes that would probably help my area too but I don’t have that lol 🤷‍♀️

        My area is drought area – desert 🌵 like – surrounded by Sierra Nevada mountains 🏔 – they have trees there in the mountains

        Here we do have trees … palm trees, some really beautiful walnut groves or grape vines 🍇 – we have typical trees – oak, um I really don’t know them all ? But we have trees

        We are just not lushly green.

        This area known for hot summers and used to be winter floods … but doesn’t rain like that anymore 😮 or hasn’t in years!!

        We very dry.

        Interesting with weathers though! ❤️

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      5. Atleast our winters sync. January also our coldest month. Everything else if different I believe.

        Equatorial regions are always hotter as they in the middle so always recieve heat. But they also very humid so it rains a lot too.

        But in our regions in summers sun is tilt more towards us then the equators. Earth is tilted on an angle so during Summers we face sun more. So that’s why more temps than equator. Just my opinion. As much as I know.

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