September is national suicide prevention month…

Mental health issues are on the rise – please be aware of your mental health.

Remember is a moment in time that will pass, it seems dark and awful – but you will get through it if you hold on.

You don’t know the lives you effect, when you take your own.

Nothing is bad enough to end life for, trust me… you have one… don’t squander it away easily.

If you need help, please reach out… if not to a suicide prevention line or professional, reach out to someone you trust. Have “someone” you can turn to.

You may have a point where you have no choice but to ask for help… is ok. We all need help sometimes. Just keep remembering – this is only a moment – not forever … it gets better

Like a rollercoaster – ups and downs – is life

But death ends all… and leaves devastation in its wake – so before you be so final… please ask for help

For work – and community … we be doing a suicide walk soon ❤️ to draw attention to the problem and mental health… suicide prevention.

Mental health is so important and so many have issues – this is hard world. We have many things coming at us all really fast.

So life is learning … moments don’t last forever, and we processing many things that we don’t teach our children how to handle.

I’m sorry to mention again and always… but social media causes issues to mental health also – be very careful

If need a moment away from world – take a breath. Step away from it. Find your peace. Is nice to have small break.

Remember balance and self care – balance your bad with good… and take care of self once in awhile to keep spirits up.

Be strong for self… you can do it … but also, along the way… build a village – be honest … because you want your village to have your back, so be honest with who are. You will form a village you will be happier with -if you are honest about and with self 😊

You won’t have to hide yourself when you really need someone.

Find good people who understand you or at least love you for who you are.

Keep believing in self – rejection or any kind of pain etc yes I am aware how devastating and heartbreaking is 💔 you really can’t describe those moments of desperation and sadness – feeling like can not go on – way too exhausted and burnt out!! Or no options to turn to ..:or even not knowing who is ok to trust.

Sometimes there are times you need to trust and hope you not murdered ✌️ ask for help 🙏

And then finances can be worry too, be careful with that. But nothing is worth your life.

So party on, dancing (not dying!!!) in September (and always) ✌️😘❤️

Stay with me…


Please don’t leave

** if you are not in the United States – find your resources or people…

Very important to know you are NOT alone… please believe that.

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  1. Absolutely! Mental health issues are dormant but when it comes people are not aware and take drastic decisions. Need to go back to people whom you trust and get back up again. Thanks for those valuable words.

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    1. Also mental health issues have stigmas to them…

      You can easily speak of medical conditions – because there is actual proof of a medical issue

      But mental health is different – involves the mind and then there are stigmas attached to that…

      People not always willing to speak if is mental health issue, or fear who they can trust with whatever feels so heavy?

      They are not alone and yes, is very important to know, that there are people who can relate AND help.

      If someone offers help take it! Know the gifts you are presented with… including life!!

      Remember it’s only a moment – but death is final, that’s it you done!

      Very important to speak of too, the more you speak and be familiar with – the more it removes the stigmas and silence. 🙏❤️

      But I do get the silence – it can be dangerous

      This is different world now so – now more than ever focus on mental health 🙏

      Mind body and soul – keep those good

      Your mind to be strong & forever learning
      Your body to be healthy and fit
      And …
      Your soul to be happy and warm

      Life will have horrible moments – we all see that – and living/surviving is not easy – many struggle in many ways – but they can be strong

      Also… since this sort of touches on the subject… people in general could be and should be much kinder to each other.

      And you never know what someone goes through or what can change their outlook…

      Even if only to save just one life – maybe different perspective or pause in thought 🙏

      Since I work in death – I see so much… there is massive unrecoverable pain and trauma with suicide. I wish they could see how much they worth it to stay!! Not to mention the amazing moments, people and life they miss – if they finalize their demise.

      Your welcome – and thank you for your words also 😊👏


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