Every time!

Every time I go to check the forecast – THEY RAISE it!! 😮 please stop

Just tell me is gonna be hell fire 🔥 and I get it!!

My actual temps as of right now (unless they go higher …)

Today is my coolest day for awhile 😳 and it’s 106!

Yeah no!!

More like this:

You can hear that out of my mouth right?

Ugh it is oppressive – right now I can handle because is only 9:30am… but by 11am it be on!!



I am not doing anything today – maybe quick few chores right now… I do have one errand to run in this insane heat… then I do nothing

Maybe hot tub which I have down to lowest temp 🙏 we see

It’s really too hot to even go outside for that!!


But this is every year … it’s California – so am used to it. It’s just really hot!!

Ok so – I should probably get my things done before I am cooked

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    1. Yes funny but also true!! 😮😳🔥

      Yeah totally being all cool 😎 ❤️✌️ … at moment but hottest part of our day is 3-6pm 😮

      Ugh please don’t lose power!! 🙏

      But I got ice cream 🍦 ❤️ and strawberries 🍓

      I also chilled some grapes 🍇 in freezer … they are delicious frozen ❤️

      Sometimes I freeze a little of all the fruit for smoothies 🙌 But I did not this week, only the grapes 🍇

      lol … we do have severe weather moments

      I also have popsicles 🙌❤️

      Pretty sure I can survive as long as they DO NOT cut power!!

      Ok and let me say something about that!!! They say the electric grid is at full capacity and careful of rolling black outs brown outs whatever …

      But then 🤔 … they want us in electric cars ? Yeah 🙄

      They do not have enough charging stations and nope they could not handle that – no way – omg that would be a mess

      How the power grid gonna handle THAT in summer?? Omg 🤦‍♀️

      Charging will be hell – they don’t have enough stations at all

      And we in recession – yeah good luck with their plan

      Like they could handle that power usage and other things … As If … they gonna make a mess

      But we see – we see how big the britches are 😉

      Can talk the talk – but let me see the walk

      We see 🙄 bright ideas but wrongly laid plans – but we see … maybe I be wrong – that happens 🤷‍♀️ … but we see 😉

      This is why California is expensive – because they don’t run right and then be all messy with it!

      Wonderful dream – but timing and issues be their thing… so we see.

      I also do not trust PG&E – just adding that also. ✌️

      Ahhh California summer lol 🙌

      I am summer girl so I do love the heat… but not so much when is like an oven! There is a limit – especially when not at beach or pool.

      And then Tuesday gonna just kill me omg! Did you see Tuesday?! 😩

      For now am chillaxin… having lunch then I run out and be back … I will surely share that hot experience lol ✌️😘 maybe won’t be bad 🙏

      Are you not hot anymore? Is still summer for you? Or are you in fall? This could be comin your way ? 😉🤷‍♀️

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      1. That is a very good point!! We have this rush to electric vehicles but have neither the capacity or infrastructure to support it – yet! Gahh.

        Hope it is a better day for you today! It is still summer here but a nice 70deg 🙂

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      2. Exactly – is wonderful idea, and understand where they wanna go with it… but they premature ✌️

        Will be interesting to see how they gonna handle.

        Is your area doing same thing? Is this a world wide thing they pushing ?

        There is no way they could handle the world at this moment or anytime soon!

        If they want that – I need to see little more hustle in prep for… where all the construction building charging stations for everyone

        And I have heard nothing about any extra electric stations or anything planned

        They used to speak of giving Californians a Bullet Train… google that and see how they do things – way behind schedule/ over budget and then probably gonna fade away and be nothing by time they think they ready.

        Will be a episode on that show “Modern Marvels” … showing you great ideas from engineering minds – that tanked, crashed or were waste of money, but at one point was incredible thing or idea.

        They seem to just have an idea like spaghetti – and then throw it to the wall and see if it sticks? Hope for best 🤨

        They need better planning if they think these electric cars are gonna be owned by everyone

        And if everyone starts buying electric and my gas drops severely – why would I switch to electric when they gonna price gouge me there too? Probably worse!

        I don’t trust them – remember always the almighty dollar – so we see. ✌️

        70 degrees is very nice day – that would be our fall temps – that is very nice weather 😊🙌

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      3. Agreed, it is a crazy rush but – at the moment – to nowhere in particular!
        Yes, we have some electric charging points nearby but less than half a dozen in a twenty mile radius! And what are they going to do about industrial vehicles and tractors?? We are very rural here, so they are really going to have to get that sorted!

        Yes, it is very pleasant here now but a little rain forecast later! I know your day will be a beast but hope you can relax somehow!

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      4. Haha that’s funny how they think they gonna be.

        You might have to roll up on your John Deer to be in line at the 6 charging stations you have – to sit and wait while it charges after you get one 🤨 this does not sound good!

        And how much is this gonna be?? How much they gonna charge FOR a charge?

        You gotta watch these sketchy people and their plans that are too fast 😘😉

        They are out of their minds on this one – good luck ✌️

        Nice dream & appreciate the desire … but yeah they don’t know what they doing!

        Or they do and trying to move quickly so we don’t notice something 😉✌️ … like maybe how much they gonna charge for this??

        They are gonna have some fun with this – got your popcorn? Cause unless they “giving” me an electric car – no!

        Do you know who Nikolas Tesla was? Do you know his story?

        Brilliant mind, also bright heart wanting to provide to people … but ya know best laid plans / hard world ✌️😕

        My own father worked for the original Westinghouse – founded by George Westinghouse

        But these government people are shady! Is always about almighty dollar with them!!

        So they gonna replace all my shit for me? People are not going to be able to afford their games. Have they seen the homeless ?? Or been to a store ?

        Wrong priorities!! We have pressing matters NOW… they can’t even handle those

        They WAY too premature!! Gonna get push back and have massive issues.

        Lol… I do kinda chuckle thinking of a tractor at a charging station lol
        … sitting there charging 😄🙄

        Nope – no beast today – I actually have 3 day weekend lol ❤️

        I tell you – since none of you do March with me – I will do myself eventually … but in September when I have the ability to do that ❤️✌️

        No beast today – I just having a 3 day weekend 😮 all by myself with no one wanting/needing anything ❤️✌️

        Taking deep breaths for the week ahead lol … my squad and I, have to go back inside tmrw ✌️ lol

        Rain is good – I am jealous – always nice and fresh after rain, and cools it down – not to mention waters crops

        And summer rain?! That is best rain ever!! I miss summer rain!! Yeah very jealous! Especially while at 112! 😉

        I would totally be dancing in the rain! Oh yes!!

        I would rather summer rain than winter rain!

        Am totally relaxing 😌 👍❤️

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      5. Sadly, you are right!! It will be an interesting few years that is certain! I wonder what kind of world our kids will inherit? Chaos by the looks of things! 😦

        Glad to hear that you are taking this easy!! 🙂 The calm before the storm eh? ;-p

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      6. The previous generation always screws things up lol ✌️😉 the way of the world

        They will get it eventually maybe? They just don’t have the ability currently.

        And maybe these kids be smarter eventually too! 🙏 see how to manage what we could not?

        We see.

        Hahaha well work storm coming in … but we got it. 😘✌️

        Tuesday might be little rough but should be ok 🙏🙏 I’m hoping 🤞

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    1. It could be on the way – I wish I had that power! 😮

      Hahaha and your weather only lasts little while before changes anyway lol

      You can handle quickie heat blast 💥 you would probably also have thunder and lightening storm from the heat?

      You have good chill weather mostly – don’t you? 🙌 … except monsoons lol 😉✌️


  1. Hahaha some conkers in here, l had to double take on one “You don’t know what Penis” and l thought WTF Then l reread …. aaah Pain Is 🙂

    Yes that temps even a bit too hot for a quickie 🙂

    I know you’ll be careful and currently it’s much later Sunday so hopefully cooler 🙂

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    1. I had to reread to know where you think that lol 😮 – yeah I could see that looking fast lol

      Eh… well we still have to live in heat, and we have a lot of heat lol …

      There are showers and things to make not so bad. You find ways if you have someone for that.

      There are few ways to make that cool so 🤷‍♀️

      Yes is cooler now ❤️ 11:15p … still have ac on but is not oppressive … uncomfortable to sleep in… but I have ac on 😊

      I am decent – little on the warm side but decent – I can sleep as is.

      Tmrw be hot one again!!! 😮 one of the REALLY HoT days!! 😮

      🙏🙏 we see 😘

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  2. I see an error in one of the memes – she’s still wearing undies. In these temps, the fact that I wear a sun dress, instead of going outside nekked, is a miracle – I ain’t adding more clothing to it!!

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