Freaking HOT!

Look at this…


Be careful!!!

Also this…

One of our original hearses ✌️😊❤️

Ok I have to go.

Hopefully we do not melt 🙏

😳😮 🥵 … black suits – we taking off jacket btw ✌️ anything they need to stay cool and ok – lots of water!!

Bye 👋

Love summer but with bathing suits and water 😉✌️ black suits not so much

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    1. Ugh- so hot and uncomfortable 😣 🥵 is like an oven outside – oven air

      That’s the perfect description – we be cooked out here ✌️

      I am in AC at work all day and then I have to be hot from 5pm to 8pm 😘… because rates are more expensive during that time – everyone coming home from work and using lots of energy … so costs more to use during those hours.

      After 8pm I can put ac lower … but until then – little warm – I still have ac on … just at like 80… but it’s hot – I assure you!! Lol

      So during 5 to 8pm daily I am all hot lol… and seemingly for next 10 days 😳🤨

      And this is where you gonna see us on fire 🔥… ok let’s hope not – but it’s every year.

      I have hour and a half to be all hot lol ✌️

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      1. Awwhh that is not good! I well remember living in places where you got that ‘oven door’ blast when you ventured out from the A/C. Hope it does not last too much longer but I guess it will?
        Cool showers and electric fans until cheap-rate electricity kicks-in or your wand works!! Happy Friday!! 🙂

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      2. This is some serious oven heat!! 42.778c 😮😮

        Although that makes it sound cold … I prefer ℉ definitely!!

        I also have that hot tub lol … but I have kept the temp all the way down… so is like tiny pool ❤️

        Plus my house has mist’ers on the outside 😮 whoever lived here before knew how to stay cool!! One whole side of my house has mist’ers

        BUT… I don’t use them… I would love to! And have checked it out – but we in drought and massive heat so water conserving is a thing.

        Plus I am usually working and I’m private … and Irish so I burn anyway lol

        It’s so hot!

        fricken electricity rates 🤨

        Yeah my wand is my imagination so… I get creative lol – we see 😘 I always find way to be cool 😎 or avoid excessive heat

        I am also pretty experienced in survival lol 🙄 sorta… pretty ok at it

        Decent – I’m still alive ✌️😘

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      3. Haha yeah they are really awesome when they are on!! Just mists and takes temp down few degrees you not so overly hot 🥵

        Yeah we inside today mostly. We have calls coming in so was busy.

        But we made it through – now is between 5-8p lol ✌️ we at home but I can’t today… so ac on little more – is needed. Today is really 🥵 hot!!

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      4. Yeah I having that delivered later ✌️

        And kids might come over? We see – or I just have quiet peaceful moments ❤️ of nothing 🙌 – none of you will do March with me – so I do those moments for self lol ✌️

        But they always welcome over whenever they want ❤️ it might be too hot to venture out at all 😮

        The forecasted temps jumped up 🤨 higher than I show you!!! 😵

        But yeah – I am having ice cream delivered later lol ❤️

        After 8pm so doesn’t melt ✌️

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      5. Hahaha… enjoy your Friday 🙏

        Ahhh and I get 3 day weekend ❤️

        There is holiday on Monday and I finally get a holiday off – we didn’t even realize it but yay!!

        Tuesday gonna suck lol

        But yay Friday!! If I just don’t melt! 🙏

        My 9 hours will mostly be in AC

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    1. Yes – there are some beautiful things at that one ❤️ is my favorite home of all of them.

      Yes the heat is very hot 🥵 lol … at 8pm I will be all nice and cool – for now managing 👏

      This is why people here do not wear much …Omg it is too hot to have tons of clothing on!!

      But then if you don’t then the sun fries your skin… and for me being Irish I won’t see it … people be like “umm maybe you should go back inside, you look little red” lol or a lot red

      I burn really quick.

      So I am hot until 8pm… then I can chill out lol

      An hour and 15 minutes lol ✌️

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