God’s sense of humor

Yeah I don’t like it…. I do not like gods sense of humor!! I swear someone up there says “watch this, let’s see how she handles this” as they all laugh 🤨 I’m sure of it!

Whatever …

Not funny


Alright so where should I start?

Ok well to start the morning I had staff issues … ones that I had to step in between, because personality clashes … they young. 20’s

Both very strong, but very different – but that is good… because I can see which one do best with which family – I like to have a variety to offer … it makes families more comfortable

BUT we must be team – they my team now so… yeah we gonna handle this. At first I speak with them and clear a few things …

But I so busy … my phone rings off the hook! And was last day of end of month omg

Ok breathe

Guy text me at some point in morning, but I in meetings and handling things and have my own shit – yeah who knew funerals be so intense? Omg

But he say a lot 😳

Just a lot of repeating what he already say – he love our connection, thinks I’m awesome… when I tell someone they be like “awww”

I like my life all nice and peaceful – I try VERY hard to be peaceful. I do not like a lot of craziness in ALL areas… I like peace ☮️

I feel like I currently have a lot of craziness 😳


See what happens when I come back to life?? See!!! Is way more peaceful in middle of nowhere and isolating lol

Aren’t there Monks who don’t speak to anyone for very long time? I should have been that! Vow of silence lol


So whatever – obviously I did not become a Monk

Well anyway… I work very late – until about 7:30… so about 12 hours … but I do good and get done ✔️

And then … I come home and walk in door and my phone blowing up – nope not doing that – I done.

And then my text messages start going off … 2 overlapping dings so I know is 2 different people … ok well who is it and what the hell is happening … fine I will look …

And this is where gods sense of humor comes in… it was the guy with a text of an emoji … he keeps using the emoji of himself constantly even just all by itself ? Is this a thing? I do the little emojis but I do not like to use my own

Ugh lol ok – whatever … I’ve just never had someone text me like that so is weird little ??

But at the SAME time he text… country boy text … ok very funny – very fuckin funny 🤨 this is why I do not like someone’s sense of humor!!

Where is my peace?? This is why I keep to self always!!

I like nice peaceful and quiet 🤫 🙌

But I get … loco 🥴


How do I make that stop? I try to be sooooo unnoticeable – I fail so miserably!

Ok well whatever – life wanna go loco?

Fricken always!! So you see?

Ok so country boy is my baseball player who… well we not on same page – and he doesn’t want same so ok made your decision. But he still checks on me from time to time / I tell you how I feel about that…

He just does so that I remember he there 🙄 yeah ok … you know the old saying “shit or get off the pot” ✌️ I hated that saying lol but it is true.

I have a fire with him so I stay far away from him… lol fire is dangerous and we not on same page … so I keep distance…

I have known him for 8 years – he is 1 year older than me.

Ok I thought that when you age … ALL this SLOWS down… so at what age does that happen??

Cause I am waiting and is not happening!!!

He just checking on me, like always does … every so often he remember me and put himself back on my mind.

He knows there is fire there … I very very careful with him. And we have backstory… he was there through my cancer and divorce and the death of my father…

I would get overwhelmed and he would say be ready I picking you up and we leaving and he take me away ❤️ … he show me peace ✌️

And then ya know, he good to me so I always good back. I also care because he was there and helped my mind escape the horrific things I was going through …

But there is definitely a fire with him … so I just cautious. We just not on same page 📄


But funny how it came through at exact same moment as the older guy’s text

So what does life want me to learn? What?? It’s giving me all kinda signs with stuff ? And I don’t understand??

Like what were the odds that same type person sit next to me on plane ? So that was odd

And then odd things happen here and there

And then these 2 texts ?? So what up? What you want me to learn? What is life trying to show me?

I am tired of decoding life’s little messages – can you stop?? But don’t kill me either lol … I just wanna have nice quiet peace

Why is that seriously the hardest thing in the world?? What am I doing wrong?

I do not know what I think about any of this

I usually focus on kids and work… none of this shit

So what I supposed to learn ??

Where is that peace I want? Who has that? Come take me away!


I went silent on many reasons… but these things were also one of them.

I always worry because I do have urge to run away again – Y’all are crazy!! just the house kinda makes me stay but it makes me be all up in life

I’m not too sure about life – I don’t trust alot … I want to love life and live life, and I do mostly no matter where am … but at same time – I don’t trust it. So we do my way this time 😘


But I just don’t understand what I supposed to learn here? What???

I try so hard to stay away from all this!! Yup – it’s impossible unless you go to middle of nowhere and isolate.

It was the house that put me back in civilization… see why I was hesitant to come back? It was just better when I silent

Well as far as peace goes anyway. But the house made me come back to town… it was the house that brought me back … and then all the events lead me here

So what I supposed to do with this?

Ugh too much…


So whatever we see

Ugh so much stuff all the time

I need better life balance – all my life is crazy!’


RIP Olivia 💔 I grew up with your movies and music 🎶 ❤️

20 thoughts on “God’s sense of humor

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  1. Okay Aspie balancing en route …

    The older GUy is NOT being fair on you! He needs to back off and give you space .. we have a saying over here, you’ll have similar in the States ‘ Shut the Front door!” Translated means Shut the fuck up! Older dude is coming across as needy and desperate and clingy! Thinks money talks the walk! Sorry Trisha, but this guy is freaky like Friday and not funny.

    As to Country Boy he is funny with his timing, that was just the way the world spun with him, he’s like that – you know, l know, we know about his timings. But older Moneybags is trying toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard!

    What are you supposed to do? Be you, be polite but firm and say “Dude wtf is your deal? I had a nice time, l enjoyed our time together but l am lady patience man and l don’t need to feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing and be pushed into the corner!”

    Moneybags is too speedy!

    Yes RIP ONJ, sadly missed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha you are so funny and awesome ❤️

      Yeah he is little – he should be careful walking creepy line … he is a cancer horoscope – if that means anything – our birthdays are close … and his familiarity is because my parents had that same umm?? How I say? – to see everything possible in life? As much as possible?

      And I had cancer – I almost lost my life a couple times

      And then ya know satan

      And then I see a lot of funerals and things so I have that burning life – is familiar to me and he knows that cause he says stuff like live life while you can

      But yeah – I see that – I cautious.

      Yes lol … shut the front door … but like you say is United States and there is another saying here too … cash is king so yes I am very well aware he flashing that and hiding behind life… he older – I aware

      Yeah country boy lol … his timing ⏱ … I don’t trust him though cause again as always we not on same page so no. But he just keeps checking in every so often

      You are hilarious – moneybags lol

      I dunno – like life wanted to remind me of fire? 🤷‍♀️

      I love your view thank you 😘 thank you for the words ❤️

      Yeah the earth lost another great ☹️💔 very sadly missed ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You get too many life signs, and all of them are one after another. They keep coming. I think they want you to choose whats best for you. At some they will stop I guess, I think when life slows down.

    Very hectic haha. I get so frustrated when something doesn’t go my way. You tolerate a lot and you work in a place where there is no normal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do get too many!!! lol yes!!! All the time!! Life schools me lol ✌️😘

      Yeah… what is best?

      Eh… I have to roll with it if something not go as planned – I can not skip a beat. ✌️

      You are correct – there is no normal in my job 😘 very observant

      But you feel alive and you make a difference and help people through things that are awful. So I would say – worth it 💋

      Life happens 🤷‍♀️ ALOT!! Lol ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… had to get over hump day 🐪

      Thursday and Friday went well 😊

      I’m a little worried for my oldest with something – maybe I blog about later?

      Today one of my best friends is coming over with his spouse and we gonna go out to dinner – we gonna go to vegan restaurant 🙌

      I am not vegan – he is – but I gonna try it lol

      I am excited to see them ❤️

      I will try to post and read maybe tmrw – today currently little hectic – and then I go out to dinner with my friends so I dunno how tired I be later today? We see – I am dragging little lol ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes 🙌 I did, there is something I did not blog about – regarding oldest … but I will wait until this coming Friday – then I know more ✌️

        But yeah was awesome day on Saturday with my friends ❤️

        Hey… If my memory is good? (Which I dunno? Lol) you own August don’t you? I forget the specific day – but is towards end of August?? Yes?

        Happy Birthday 🎊 😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good!! 🙂
        OK, I shall keep out for good news on Friday! 😉
        Haha, there is nothing wrong with your memory!! Great call Trisha – my birthday was last week! 😉 Had a great time as my son came for a visit over the weekend and that was present enough!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know ❤️ I always just love being with kids too! It is wonderful present 🎁 ❤️

        I’m glad you had great birthday 🥳 and enjoy your month 🙌 🎂

        Those are the moments that make life ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Well maybe this is only the start of the journey to the lesson!! Or maybe it was a reminder of what you don’t want and why. Or… o… or….

    I got some really surprising positive signs tonight but don’t have the energy to write about it. I was happy that the message was a blatantly clear answer to prior questions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah … my life is so busy… and he’s really far from me… and text me or call me alot. I have a thousand things happening usually.

      So I dunno – I seeing many signs for life too! My messages get louder for me lol ✌️ cause I take awhile to decipher 😉

      I’m so excited about your positive signs!! I will be by later today or definitely tmrw ❤️


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