Denver, Colorado

That was leaving Sac on Saturday and heading to Denver …

So it was good, I will tell you – then you give me your opinion.

Ok so … when I met him… he had a dozen red roses for me 😮 roses 🌹 – they smell so beautiful – they were beautiful… I took maybe 6 and put in my suitcase to press. Because how I gonna take that on the plane ? Lol

Was beautiful sweet kind thought. Thank you very much 🥰

We get to airport and … we get on plane ✈️… and there is someone next to me… and he makes a comment to me – that I had never heard but make me uncomfortable little? I don’t think was nice word.

I am extremely EXTREMELY sensitive to the way someone treats others so I was not sure though because I had never heard the term before – but I am pretty sure that is not a nice term… I would never use that term EVER! I found that term very uncomfortable.

He only said to me softly in my ear – but still raised a red flag 🚩 … you have to be very careful how you treat people so I watching. ✌️😘

I thought ok well maybe I just don’t know that term and I taking wrong so ok whatever

The person I sit next to that he make comment about … was a sweetheart – very old and did not speak English very well … I work in funerals and see many people – even ones who don’t speak English well – so I am used to figuring out what say…

So the stewardess lady offer drink and he say “coke-a-cola” lol … she couldn’t understand … but I knew what he saying, so I tell her and he gets his coke. I help him the whole flight because he was sweet and also needed help – if that was my family – I would hope someone help them too 🙏✌️

He tell me thank you and was so sincere

So anyway – that was that …

Ok I will watch and see how plays out – we see

So we get to Denver …

As a storm moves in. Wasn’t too bad Saturday night.

We got in Denver about 7:30pm central time Saturday night and we even see rainbow 🌈

It poured on way to hotel…

So we get to hotel and go to our rooms to freshen up and go to dinner.

Look at the skies of Denver 😮

Omg that’s what I miss!! I don’t miss seasons – but I miss weather ❤️ … Sacramento weather is boring… beautiful skies also yes – but boring … I miss good storms … we don’t even get those in winter anymore – just boring annoying rain with no excitement

In Denver – the weather can change in a SECOND 😮😮😮 … oh just wait lol … gets better lol

So we went out and had a nice dinner at a really nice place… and went back to hotel to go to sleep – it was late.

The next day, we head out to go check stuff out …

First … check out this shit!! Look what they pay for gas!!!

What the F California!!!! You suck! Rest of country pays little gas! I die every time I see that!!!

And then look ❤️…




I miss music like that ❤️

This place was incredible – you have to go… I had no idea – people been having concerts here since 1900! Or maybe before – the acoustics off the rocks are incredible.

Not to mention the sheer beauty of the area, the weather and the history 😮😮…

Omg the beauty – omg – this picture completely mesmerizes me!! ❤️ omg … there are others too!!

So we checked that all out and still had a lot of time. So he ask me if we wanna go to movies 🍿… yes ok sure – what wanna see?

And he ask if I see “Elvis” yet… no I had not… but he had … and he was excited for me to see

I also do love Elvis … but I also know is sad story.

Was good movie but I cry couple times so that was hard – I did not like that lol … and then I all mad how badly they all mistreat him because of motives!!! Abusive so … I also don’t like that. ✌️

I also didn’t like the era where they so uptight … I would not have done well in that era lol ✌️ … AS IF

I woulda been banned in a second lol – no way I be cool with their controlling ways – omg yeah I would not do well in that era!!

Good movie to show the severity of the abuse of Elvis Presley – makes you hate everyone who took advantage of him!!! Despicable! Really disgusting business

But anyway… whatever – we saw Elvis …

I also do not like when Hollywood takes liberties from the story they tell … either tell it right – or don’t tell it!! But whatever ✌️ … some incorrect things

I am very much critic! Especially if you make me cry!! Lol ✌️😘

Decent movie, despite Hollywood and the disgusting mistreatment of Elvis himself.

But anyway … we went back to hotel after that… freshened up for concert – I looked amazing!! Totally done up and felt good… was so excited

We had brought some cheap ponchos incase of little rain … but we did not have little rain 😳😳

We had absolute monsoon!!! OMG!! The heavens opened up and OMG just DUMPED BUCKETS!!!

Holy moly!!!

So we got completely soaked and drenched – OMG – I was wet from head to toe, soaked – not just wet… I was soaked to the bone!!! Omg so wet!!

So we wait and wait and it rains and rains … now I am from California lol … it is the middle of summer – my shit don’t do this lol …

We do not get rain in summer and nothing like this – damn Colorado!! Lol when rains it pours 😮

It was too dangerous with all the electrical and lights and things – so concert was delayed …

It continued to pour – they had everything covered …

We thought was going to be canceled – but then they say they gonna do and start removing tarps from instruments and sweeping water off the stage 😮

It was still raining and it was 10:30pm now…

He came out and say he gonna go ahead and play through the rain and also the noise ordinance – if they fine him – fuck it lol ✌️

You can totally see the rain falling on the crowd through the lights in this video – just watch 😮

The concert was wrapping up about 12am… and I was soaked to bone and freezing – omg Colorado!!

I was shivering 🥶 really bad… talk about ammonia 😳

I mask whole time but still … I wet, freezing and cold! 🥶

He say “you ready to go to car?”

Yes – yes I am!!!

So we left during last song … half the audience had left even before concert started because was so bad – no one thought they would be allowed to do because of all the water – but they did obviously

I will not forget that!! And the rain ended as the concert ended lol … Fricken Colorado lol

I got this pic as we leave ❤️✌️…

It was fun. Was adventure for sure. Was like buncha people from the 70’s lol - but really cool!

Was nice and mellow music and adventure rain

One of my people say to me “you are a trooper to put up with that” … um well life things I don’t mind. Happens – made an adventure – and memory I definitely won’t forget lol 😄😮✌️

I got to see something like that – have experience so was pretty cool. Yeah – I put up with it lol – not a big deal – like I said … I don’t mind life stuff.

On way back to hotel he say to me … “I’m just gonna break the ice and say this but I am in love with you, I love spending time with you and you so fun and never dramatic, you been through a lot of shit and you never speak about what was done to you”

Well first of all … that is because I am in present … I do not look to past. Only for history ✌️😘 …

And Mr. Speedy … I am slower lol – that is not my thing right away – careful with that….

Also – this is why I do not give my time – do you see?

You need to relax… you do not need to say those things … also please remember I am a life whirlwind so be careful. You should not spend time with me unless you know how to handle a life whirlwind. ✌️😘

But ok … so I just tell him I enjoy the time with him too – but I am slower and also work alot – so I worry that gonna be a thing… is always a thing – so we see

But then on way home… once again the person I sit next to is similar to first time when we go there and he just say “hey! We know you” which also struck me as little rude … but I smile at the man. And he smile back.

Then during flight I again help with things – but this one spoke English fine so I help with other things, and he tell me thank you sincerely, just like the one before him.

I am little bothered by that ALOT!!

I work in funerals … ya know what… we all bleed the same… so I am highly sensitive with how you treat another – so I am bothered by that one thing!! Well and the I love you … but I am used to that. 🫤

Ok so… what think? Opinions?

Alright well good night – I am home safe and ok… once again – I was not murdered lol 😘✌️

Sorry that I say that – but people 🤷‍♀️ … you just never know.

And that was my weekend – was quite the adventure. So I in thought.

What is your opinion?

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  1. Nope, nope, way too fast. What the goodness gracious me. Hold up speedy! I don’t need to tell you this, so l’ll zip my lips, but this is WAAAAYYYY tooooooooooooo fast! Nope, nope, nada, nope, hold on, whoah! This is someone who falls in love too fast and seems to be in urgent need for a companion. Oops, l said l wasn’t going to say that. My bad. Glad you had a great time though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. See I do agree.

      In that aspect is very fast… I do not mind getting to know someone – but I need them to kinda be chill.

      I am whirlwind with life so this just happens a lot

      But you make me laugh very much lol ❤️ you sooo funny!!

      Yes – I do agree.

      Hey do not hold back… I ask for opinion – you be honest. I am ok with that. You should know that… please do. I would not ask if I did not want honesty ✌️

      And yes I am not ready for deep like that yet. I am not that kinda whirlwind… I am just a whirlwind with life – but some get caught in the ?? I dunno? 🤷‍♀️

      But yes was rather the experience – but I did love the beauty of it

      But yes lol I do agree – you are so funny lol ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes – I loved the storm ❤️ I don’t have those like that!! I miss that.

      Also enjoyed the experience 🙌👏 appreciate very much

      Just I am odd with stuff which is why I keep to self – there is always something I question …

      I don’t like too fast … because I feel is way to abuse so I know our time lines are different …

      Also I question how he treats others and that’s a big thing to me

      So I am smart – I figure out eventually

      I also kinda always bothered by really quick I love you’s …
      Major red flag so I dunno

      I am in thought on a lot of things 😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good that you enjoyed the experience and the photos were great too! 🙂
        I get what you mean about overly hasty ILYs – if its love after a few dates then geez, i’s like there is nothing to expand into after the next few? The comments about others is a worry though as that could indicate a few red flag areas. Gahh, you know all this anyway. Take your time and trust yourself!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well yes exactly, there is nothing to expand on and how you know you love that fast?

        You need time to see who someone is… to know them – enjoy getting to actually know them…

        He doesn’t know enough about me to be in love and vice versa … so it’s not love

        He might love the companionship and the moment in time? But he does not know enough to be able to say that – it could be anyone

        Is just too fast.

        And that thing he say put me on high alert – I definitely watch how someone treats others.

        But yes – I do trust myself and take my time 😊✌️

        I am pretty sure he gonna have issues with my work… he make many comments on that trip…

        Before we came home he say he wanna see me once a month – ok that’s not gonna happen… I really busy and he really far – I do not have the luxury of taking time whenever I want – winter is coming … and winter omg there is always so much death. I can’t just be like ok I need another vaca! Lol

        Someone will have to be patient with me – I don’t think he will be. I think he want alot

        He say to me … we should go to Vegas next… and then he joked “… and we could get married” but then he said just kidding … but I don’t trust that just kidding and there is a little truth to every just kidding lol ✌️

        So ya know 🤷‍♀️ I do not know why always has to be this crazy.

        Also… I am still raising a child and my children come first… my job is my well being so that is also high priority

        I would love to have companion but not at expense of my own self.

        So I just need it to be chill lol ✌️

        And also I like someone to be secure… I kinda get the impression that he little nervous with me because he not know where my head is… and see … if you know me – you would know 😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading your story. The anticipation of what’s gonna happen is very much alive. Glad you had a good time except for rain on the concert day. I do agree with weather part. While I was in Cali, it was so predictable. Moving back to India changed all that with Monsoons and beautiful weather. Keep having faith and things will be fine.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes … with cali being a weather person must be pretty easy … sunny and beautiful most of the time – hot triple digits … or if it’s winter … maybe you get rain but probably not – hence our drought ✌️

      We don’t really have exciting weather at all!! Fires sure … those are crazy… but otherwise no. And I would prefer flooding 💦 over fire 🔥

      I do miss weather very much … not tornados 🌪 lol …
      I like hurricanes 🌀 ❤️👏 I am little nerdy with that 😘✌️but I suppose I am nerdy with most things – my kids complain I watch too many documentaries and science shows lol – they say they feel like they in school lol 🙄

      ** it’s what you know 😘


  3. Looks like you had a great time in the middle of absolutely chaotic weather. Made me chuckle that rain stopped as the concert ended. What a timing haha.

    Also yes fast. Should slow down. I hope you tell him everything and be comfortable.

    God bless.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes I did love every moment of that – except freezing and being soaked at end

      And yes – it’s timing was impeccable lol 🙄

      Yes – I am very communicative so we gonna be having some convos

      I won’t be able to hold back… if it bothers me – I gonna confront it… so we see ✌️

      My life will be as it should – just takes time. I make my decisions pretty well 🙏 mostly

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha well this was a chance so … I not ready for ANY of my people – children or my people to meet anyone.

      When I see who is and am still interested …then I show the world ✌️😘

      Next time I go with my sister in law and a girlfriend – we stop and say hi… but not with new person I not trust yet. ✌️😘

      I private until I know … once I know I be better lol ✌️

      Wow… so you right there!! Incredible – how you not go sometimes ? Or do you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wrote a college English essay about mine – A+ and extra credit!!
        ELO – Out Of The Blue tour, Angel Stadium, festival seating so we were in line at 4am and ended up on 2nd base. 32oz flip lid cardboard drink cups were new… all day there were mega ice fights and chain staws (from stage to 2nd level was the longest), blanket tosses and human pyramids. 366 speakers (I counted!). Multiple opening acts starting around noon. Mian show started with stormtroopers having a laser fight. ELO started with their spaceship hovering overhead (hung from a helicopter). Lasers during the show stopped freeway traffic. Show ended with a huge hot air balloon with fireworks shooting from the basket. Before ELO came on, having never been to a concert before, we were annoyed that the main opening band was selling shirts and acting like they were something important. It was some little bands called… Journey!! A year later they were bigger than ELO.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha I guess they WERE about somethin lol ❤️ love journey!

        I remember ELO ❤️

        Wow that sounds like very elaborate concert!! Nice 😊

        Mine was more mellow with exception of monsoon lol


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