Should probably pray lol

Ok so… Thursday – it went well… I have half day tmrw and hoping to get everything finished somewhat and stable.

I doing decently, is just messy.

Also… is very quiet – is a lull … we do not like that… because although is good no one dies… the thing is… those lulls… are like the calm before the storm and then we get our asses handed to us… that’s what happens … every time it does that …

So I am uneasy in the lull 😮 just hang on one moment while I get squared away!! 🙏 I almost there!

But yeah those make us really nervous. All hell breaks loose after those lulls omg

Watch – it will happen … it always does. And then I be begging for minute of mercy.

I seen that already sooooo many times!! Ugh ok … currently there is lull 😳

😳 when death is very quiet it makes me nervous – we about to get slammed

Yikes 😳

But we handle, we just know what lulls mean

And then… today at work – he is texting me… which is fine… and I know he excited lol

But if gonna keep texting – a phone call is better so I can do multiple things at once lol ✌️

So I just call him – he’s very excited and just going over things with me. Ok 👍

Ok so… I am not used to having um? How I say? A person in my life lol … totally not used to that

Yeah that’s weird to me – I very used to my ?? Quiet peace from stuff ??

So is weird to have someone all excited to see me and then be texting me a lot lol

I’m just really quiet – I am used to peace? Been awhile so I’m just quiet

I just not used to it. When I say I am quiet in areas – I am REALLY quiet – I’m not used to having someone in life so 🤷‍♀️ is just ? New?

So I kinda sorta need time with the whole texting thing lol

I do it with my friends – no problem … but they know me … so they quick zip and make me laugh – bada bing bada boom done ✔️

If they want me more than that – they just call 🙂

And work – mostly tons of texts – my phone goes off all the time with work… mostly texts but many funeral people have my phone number and I can help them with things 🙂

And some families have my number because of certain things so… always avail for a family ✌️❤️

But otherwise – personally – I remain deadly silent lol 😉

So I dunno – this is new thing for me to fit in. I am little weird when someone try to come close into my world – that’s like my world so – I’m not really used to it

I’m a silent type


Just used to not having that. And that’s sorta my world area… so … that’s weird

And then it’s weird that, I like him… but even with my friends I can be quiet – they know… they know I am either exhausted and probably sleeping or they also know there are times where I am very very silent – if I too overwhelmed I come home and be silent. I just like that peace – nothing bad. There are just moments of peace that I appreciate

If I forget to text them – they text me lol – yes I do forget things like that because life get all insane always 🤨

But when someone in your life then you kinda have to remember and respond lol

Ok so … I will have to train self to remember that lol … it’s just because things get crazy

And also – I am just more at ease when someone knows me and just ease in slow

Yeah yeah … 🙄 … life never let me have slow!!! Not this year for sure!!

It gave me slow for little while – but then I get a little bit of a grip and it go fast now!

I also haven’t stopped to have someone in my life either. So… everything just weird – I’m not used to

I been in peace too long 😮

Well whatever – just saying

And then today… after work I go to this place for something and I have to sit and talk to this man…

Very nice man, but evidentially he have some crazy life too? And he sad and telling me he just broke up with gfriend couple months ago – he very sweet and kind.. but people always tell me all there things lol … I did not know this man at all. Lol … was personal business stuff

One time when I was a little girl.. back in the day – they used to wheel your grocery cart to your car for you and help you load… you would tip them

So… I was with my mother and little brother & sister … and the bagger guy is walking us to our car to help us load … in meantime … my mother says “hi how is your day going?”

And I swear we there for at least an hour as my mother politely listened lol … l we were young and impatient so she had to go lol

But I remember that – it would happen to her to! Lol

It just happens – I just don’t understand how so comfortable to do that with stranger ? But I am calm gentle person with people so? 🤷‍♀️

Unless you try to come in my life real fast lol 😄… then I’m not sure of calm ? Lol 😘

But yeah… so weird things

Ohhh and do you remember me telling you about Jesus approaching with my DoorDash order? Lol

Alright well Jesus been in my life weirdly all week!! Jesus had totally been the theme – cause then…

I had to deal with cleaners – and the new cleaners – my contact is Jesus – omg

Oh but that’s not all!!!

Then Jesus from corporate called me 😳

Ok what is up with so much Jesus? Would life like me to pray? Cause that is ALOT of Jesus in short time! So??? Why all of sudden so much? Is this a joke?

And then every time it makes me be like “oh cmon!” And then I laugh cmon! Is not ever this way!!!

I suppose maybe Jesus is around me lol ❤️✌️

Sometimes it feels like this:

Cause weird things do happen 😮 quite a bit actually!! Especially lately

I’m supposed to pay attention to something – I should probably pray lol 🙏😘✌️

27 thoughts on “Should probably pray lol

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    1. Yes of course always 🙏

      Hoping is protective spirit 🙏❤️🙏

      Is just funny – suddenly everyone is Jesus ?? And it’s just because I am American lol … is a Spanish name … but in American is Jesus lol … so there is just a lot recently 🤷‍♀️ suddenly all at once 😳

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Reminds me of the time l got a phone call one exceedingly hot day years and years ago when l was working as a Lido Manager [outdoor swimming pool] and l picked up and a lady said “Good Morning, This is Mars Calling!!” Well that’s all l need l thought, a funny sod! Hung up.

        An hour later, the area manager of Mars called! I forgot our confectionary suppliers were Mars as in Mars Bars! Hahaha. Bit like your Jesus!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha that’s funny!! MARS 😄

        See I woulda stayed on the phone to hopefully have fun with that 😄😄

        But also – if I work with chocolate people – there is no way I forget who they are lol … they have the chocolate 🍫 lol 😉

        But that would be really funny – you shoulda said “well earth hung up” 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha :0 I was simply too busy to have a laugh. We were understaffed and had 200 people waiting to be served, mostly kids who were screaming at us they wanted ice cream, l had no patience that day for slight humour sadly.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Covid – 200 families all emotional and wanting services we couldn’t give them and cases pouring in… summer or winter … demanding closure faster but we backed up and at mercy of everything and all the deaths …

        The job was to help families … so yeah I get it.. I get one shot to get correct – you can not redo or remake

        You still have to smile. You should have known me then lol 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You seem pretty funny… you still have humor

        See … this is what I mean with my warnings on social media and also media…

        When you step away, omg – life just shines and freely ❤️ you can breathe and life is lighter …

        Come to my side lol … walk away from social media and pay no attention to the people behind the screen ✌️ just for moment …
        How about a week in March everyone do that because of Covid remembrance? Just feel it for a minute – just a moment!!

        Anyway … nah – you still funny ❤️ you just have to remember yourself forget what anyone else thinks … you be you 🙌

        Anyway – you should taste that – it’s pretty incredible to life. But ya know that’s just me … I think is quite a breath of fresh air for a moment and perhaps world needs that?

        No one listens anyway but I always gonna say that.

        You don’t even know the fresh air away from it!! Omg

        Yeah probably not get me started on this lol ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I know wht you mean with social media which is why l don’t do the social side at all, l use it only when l need to for distinct reasons. Facebook is purely to use the messenging service and even then l use it to speak to Suze as l don’t have a Smart Phone.

        The only other reason l would use it is for business.

        The only social media l use now is WordPress.

        Social Media is a crock of the most unsocial media going haha 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Hahaha see that is humorous lol …
        It is the most unsocial media lol

        I do live by my phone – but that’s all work mostly always lol

        I have been stepping away when I have things – they survive without me lol ✌️😘 life and death goes on

        I don’t even turn tv on usually. I also do not use social media except WordPress also.

        I do not dare use Facebook or messenger nope 👎 no way – nope I can not handle that and actually just refuse so whatever

        Sometimes people will ask me “what’s your whatever?” I don’t know all the social media thing names …

        I hate that – yeah no wrong person

        I like a tight small little world lol – don’t burst my bubble lol – a world I can trust so – I do not trust any of that – not even for information

        So far what they do right? And they dangerous in many ways so yeah you should not get me started lol

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Hahaha we used to do stupid ones – like … is your refrigerator running ? Well you better catch it

        Or something stupid lol … but we would laugh and laugh! We were young – and then caller ID ended that until blocking lol ✌️

        I am too old for that now lol but is funny

        There used to be these people who would do prank calls and they were hilarious – I can’t remember their name?

        Such stupid things lol – ahhh to be young and stupid lol

        Liked by 1 person

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