We see

So I dunno.

Day to day… I conflicted lol ✌️

I am probably just way over cautious? Maybe? Either way – I gonna learn a lesson. 😮😳

Also… I’m probably gonna be little tough ? Only cause protective. ✌️ sigh … you have to be!!! Seriously!!

You do not even know.

So we see… just takes time to know who someone is.

I am not sure – we will see – this should be interesting.

He text me earlier hoping my day was better than yesterday (it was) … and he say he bogged down with hurdles this week and can’t wait to see his little redhead … hmm 🤔

I texted back I was at store – which I was… after work me and the new girls went shopping 🛍 I adore my new girls!

I just get few things cause someone text me a list 🙄 I was gonna get shoes for self, but didn’t – they were platforms which I do love… but when I wear heals I tower over people omg … I do not like that!!! Omg my legs

Yeah I do not like to be tallest woman… I am normally 5’7” … but in heels 👠 … or platforms omg I sooooo tall!!! I can see over the clouds lol 😘✌️ pretty much ✌️ I don’t like it

So I decided against – I do not want to tower everyone – no I stick out enough – I am good. Ugh 😑

We all dressed in black and all sleek… there were 3 of us 😊


But just women in black lol ✌️

We forget what we wear after work – we don’t think of it … and someone stop us and ask us why we all in black suits shopping lol … she ask us where we work? We say Funeral Home

And she just recently lost someone. And kinda shared with us … that is touching to us, see with grief people are vulnerable … it hurts so they just come to us. They just wanna unload their soul, she say maybe she come visit and bring coffee lol – she was sweet woman – young woman.

I gonna have some community event to bring people to my funeral home. Don’t be afraid – we can give you information so you informed – there are many interesting and helpful things we can share.

And anyways – with the way the world likes to capitalize on fear … in todays world – isn’t it a good idea to just have this information or be informed about death – we are more than happy to make time to answer questions, or we are also kinda grief counselors but not really / it just happens with the job.

She also thanked us for what we do 😊❤️

Plus we see a lot of human emotion, so we are ok – yes please come talk to us – let us inform or help you 😊❤️ don’t wait until you devastated to know things

Anyway very very sweet woman – is kinda nice to always see humanity in this way? ❤️ where it isn’t anything but that loss – very honest and very human emotions – nothing else – just raw

Also today… something about a family caught my eye so I ask them a question? And then they brighten up and tell me all these wonderful memories ❤️ they came in sad and left laughing and smiling 😊 … and that is how you make it through grief 😘

We do for that ❤️ when you can give peace ✌️ I had no idea was connected to wonderful memories – I love too… and it just brightened and opened them up ❤️

Well anyway… so we shopping and that happen.

Then I get home, made a fast dinner and text him…

I dunno how I feel with this… is sending up my red flags – but then you know – it’s me… I am overly cautious…

Oh and then today… so… I speaking to someone I hire as contractor… and I talking to him about what I want done, can he do it and we discussing …

And then he says to me… ya know, you just have the greatest attitude … you are very nice and very friendly

Oh. Well thank you

And then he says … you married? 😩😑🤨

No, I used to be married to satan – but now I am not

If you gonna ask me that question, that’s what I gonna say lol

And then he says how is a beautiful sweet woman like you not married

Ok 😳 well because – I was married to satan, I am not now, and I rebuild my life. I am cautious with my time.

But see!! I tell you so you see – it’s always a thing

I steer the convo back to work and now I will be conscience of that.

Ahhhh do you see why I protective?

I think that guy is harmless, but it sends up my protection mode. I gonna be cautious and know to keep all business!

Yes. It’s flattering yes. I get it. Thank you … I just cautious and with business – I’m sorry I keep strictly business ✌️

And then so as far as guy goes…. I don’t know… I will see…just matter of time to show who is – so we see – I gonna give a chance – we see with concert guy…

You can not be insecure, I am not gonna do that … I’m sorry – if I want you – you won’t have to worry… you don’t have to really worry anyway… but I don’t have the energy to baby anyone …

I don’t have insecurity with men – just caution ⚠️ I don’t trust but not insecure – I will walk if not good

I’m thinking that I see this weekend? so we see

I want to be at ease and relaxed and not on guard with things. So when someone can do that – then that’s what I want ✌️… also add a fire – I do like that too 😘 … but let me be a person… that is gonna be a prerequisite so … we see

I don’t mind someone being their own person – I be supportive and all that – I be your cheerleader 😘


But you have to get to that point so we see – I want honesty sincerity and humanity so we see – rare ✌️


Cause listen – I handle my own self. I do not need a white knight to save me… I’m good.

If you sincere I will see. I don’t wanna be owned or anything bad. I want to still have my life – I still want my people, and what I do, and my family ❤️

I am just hard in this area. I don’t know how to not be hard because I am not given chance to be soft ✌️ I always have to be guarded!!

I want amazing life so… i want to be at ease and happy and always love life … I know life has punches and hard times, but I mean in general …

I can give that to self just fine… so… we see

So don’t bother if you not gonna be able to handle.

I rather know to start – why waste time?

But ok I will see – I’m totally not sure what I doing 😮 … this is not my thing – I have been out of commission for very long time – so yeah – I gonna be protective

Sometimes I have moments where I wanna believe the best- but we see ✌️


I will give life a chance – we see

20 thoughts on “We see

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  1. You are tall 😳 yes tall people stand out. They just tower over everyone and others have to look up. It’s funny sometimes.

    You told that you all were in black, I instantly got reminded you work in funeral so that’s why haha. Direct connection.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes… I do not like towering over people lol

      I usually do not do heels 👠

      Yeah lol – there were 3 of us all in suits, didn’t think about that making us stand out 😮 but it did

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You and the girls need to make up a sign listing what is off limits (in the non-public end of the home!) 😉 Bet you could all have fun with that one! 😉 It’s Friday Eve, so, hang in there just a bit longer!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have non-public areas secured already. Is prep room and some of the offices

      Public is lobby, chapel, arrangement rooms, and urn release room

      Public has many areas lol

      Ahhh I know and I work so many hours I get half day tmrw ❤️✌️ ahhhh Friday ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha we see lol … make it or break it right? Lol

        We see – will make for some interesting stories maybe? Lol

        So alright we see 😳🙏

        Enjoy your weekend also 😘✌️ hopefully you nice and cool

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No sign of rain in my area either and we still all hot

        Been pretty mild summer though – but we still not done so we see

        I wish cali got summer rain – I love love love summer rain ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You are in my life lol ✌️ sorta … here lol

      I probably do already have some in my life? Pretty sure

      I do same except I get overwhelmed if come at me too much too fast lol

      I am not a little red corvette lol ✌️… usually 😉

      I do have wild side which is probably tame for everyone else lol ✌️ but is there sometimes

      I also let you be you – while I be me lol 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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