Huh 🤔

So yesterday when I come home from work I lay down about 5:45 and by 6pm I asleep 😮😮 … I thought only for moment … I was wrong 😑

I miss all kinda text messages 🤨 work and personal …

So I figure I catch up today…

Well – guy calls my phone at 7am lol … he say he worried because I not answer yesterday and I had told him about the crazy guy and shots fired – so he say he worried

Yes I am ok… I was going to respond today

So I’m not sure – we see …it’s very early on but I get it. We see … careful I gonna be watching

I do not want to feel bad things so careful – remember you don’t own me

So we see

You gonna have to be very careful with that – cause if I even feel like you think you own me – we will have issues … be careful is way too early to be like that so I’m just gonna go with he is simply concerned sincerely – but careful there – that’s a thing so easy does it ✌️

And then one of my people say this… be careful in Denver 😳😮 and look what they send me…

😮 we going somewhere else but still

Ok back to work

5 thoughts on “Careful

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    1. Lol… we had a crazy homeless guy attack one of our buildings – high on something for sure!!

      And then a day or 2 after that – shots fired by that location right there

      Was a crazy week that week lol ✌️


      1. Haha yes!! It is insanity sometimes in the city… not so much the country.

        In city things happen daily… in country is quieter ❤️✌️


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