At all once

So yesterday – I woke up really early, because I had to be in Sacramento really early. At like the crack ass of dawn!! Now I messed up my sleep!! I literally came home, had a drink of water and flopped on the bed thinking “Just one moment” and here we are 🤨 at the crack ass of dawn again – ugh ok what are we on? Wednesday? Ok

I was supposed to be back for a service … ha! That did not happen.

I get into city and I only supposed to get few papers and head back… but then since I training so many people… everyone like hey I need you omg

Ok so I handle one, jump to the other at another location since I already right there…

Then I get call from boss – hurry your ass up back, family coming for release – ahhhh!

So I drove it like I stole it – omg

But I get back and my big big big boss – over my boss had to do something for us “I” was supposed to do and he had never done lol

So I run in and he in a web meeting – and he says to me… can you check my paper work 😄😄❤️ he did great!! He is so funny!!

He knows I run all over place training and things. Whew! 😥

Yesterday was a day that was insane! Plus is my end of month and helping 3 locations! 😮 ahhhh 😳

Insane times 3

I swear I need a couple clones!!

Anyway whatever – from the minute I start work until the end of day – omg 😱 like a rag doll!

I have ONLY been at new location… umm… all last week was my first week… but the Friday prior is when they call me to get over there. So I have been there since 22nd

Well I was zipping all over the place and I miss my morning meeting, but I see it on my peoples computer and I wave as I zip by the camera lol

My big big big boss says “so weird to see you at that location” (was my orig location) because I passing it off – and I been neck deep in new one.

But is funny, I have only been away for week, almost 2 weeks.

My new location is hour away from rest of them, and this summer I been gone a lot!! With like Texas and everything. Omg

And then when I came back – everyone one else was sick, so they home and I work … (thank you mom for calling me away ❤️) see she still protects me lol 😉❤️

If I didn’t go to my mom, I woulda gotten sick. I would have been with them.

And if didn’t go to my mom, I would not have met this guy person. We never would have crossed paths ever!! And the whole thing was complete fluke! Completely!

So… I flew home on American … and maybe week or so before flight home – American ask “hey you wanna upgrade for $100?” Ummm – yeah ya know what fuck it – yes yes I do lol … so I upgraded to first… I was by myself and emotional and just whatever … so I did that

And the seat next to me was empty – I watched the seats everyday! Oh good, no one take seat next to me… literally every single day I check!! Ahh ok in the clear. ✌️❤️

Until literally DAY OF FLIGHT – dammit someone next to me! Ugh ok whatever

So when I go… it was him. From minute I sit, we laugh and talk entire time- the waitress thought we together and we like no no, we just meet. 3 hour flight was over in a second!

THEN… 🤨… the person who supposed to pick me up tell me as soon as I land – she just cut self can’t get me… needs me to find ride to help her …omg

And he say I can bring you 😳 ok well what I do? She was waiting for me for paramedics and I did not have ride – so fine ok – if I die, I die. Dear lord protect me lol … and it was fine lol … but I was lucky 🍀 … I am lucky even when I have bad luck

So he drop me at her house and asked for my number, then the insanity continued with the rest of my life. 🤨

I thought was fluke with the way we clicked… cause that can happen … but he text and ask for picnic – well ok that is different… and was wonderful – still really clicked

We just laugh and have good convo about things and I don’t talk about death. So I dunno?

He book us the most incredible hotel 😮 and we going to this incredible place – I forgot what day was the concert and thought was Saturday

When me and my people look and see who the concert is – for one moment I almost died 😮 the smile across my face was HUGE!! Because Saturday night concert is :


But no it can’t be… that can’t be right because I would have had no question yes or no lol ✌️ omg no question!

But no the one he taking me to is Sunday night

Ahhh – I was not lucky here lol … I’m kidding – but I love both of those ❤️✌️…

Sunday night be cool too. Probably older crown lol so we see – I do not know artist for Sunday – is blues music … so be new lol

I am still not too sure… I have ALOT of hesitation… I am cautious person usually. So I think life puts things in your life to give you opportunity of growth? So we see, I am an old dog though… but we see – I am also whirlwind with life

When I in middle of no where – I be quiet, I have peace… I like the zen ❤️

I stayed sooooo invisible… and I still try to… I knew the moment I leave the middle of no where that life would rush back in… I knew it!

I just thought it would be slower??? Not “ready set go” 🤨 I thought life would ease back little at time… but nope full throttle 🚀

I have only been back from the middle of nowhere since January … that’s when I get house … literally from start of 2022, up til now, this year has had everything humanly possible!

Ok so… the year I lived a lifetime 😳

I was under the impression that… as you age, things wind or slow down… ok well, that is not happening in my life … In my life …it feels like it’s gearing up 😳😮 dear lord have mercy!

Ugh – I swear my life somehow got insane. 2022 is just this crazy insane year! Omg – one lifetime in one year 😮 this is my most insane year of my life ever!!

I prefer peace so I chase that … but I am also this way… listen to the words lol

So… when in middle of no where I can just have peace. I can stay hidden and control the insanity cause there is peace… I silent ❤️ no problems

But then if I live life – it explodes 🧨 – I am very well aware of this. Hence the extreme caution

I am a life whirlwind – which is probably why I hold death up well? Or I think I do lol ✌️😘 (if something happens with my mom everything out the window lol) but typically yes – but I am reserved subdued life whirlwind… that’s why I cautious who come close.

I do not let go with life because it will go insane!!! I am trying NOT to have insane but it’s happening anyway… so fuck it – whatever – I will live life and see … just a little … I do not really trust life and it’s shenanigans

But lately there signs ??? Just peoples words or things that say live life before too late ⏰

I know… I will see – I just cautious

Fricken 2022!! Making me live life all at once

2 thoughts on “At all once

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    1. Yeah well then the weekend coming 😮

      I am not totally sure what life I want. Or if I ready to live – I have liked it quiet 🤫

      I also have not had someone in my life in forever – I am also not sure about that either, but I guess we see

      My people say relax let life happen so we see

      But we see – yes thank you 🙏 ❤️

      Good luck with life also 😮✌️🙏😘

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