Ahhh life

Today after work, I had to get keys made for new employee.

I keep all the keys to all the funeral homes on my home and car keys… sometimes I feel like I have janitor keys lol …cause there are so MANY!!


Anyway, I have a lanyard… it used to be Sailor Moon, but it broke… and then I could not find same. I liked that one … but last Halloween? I bought a Halloween lanyard – and since I in funeral homes – I just keep the Halloween lanyard – I like it ✌️😘 kinda fit well all year for me lol ✌️

So I making the keys 🔑 and the guy helping me says “check you all already decked out with your Halloween lanyard”

Ha! I do not do holidays this early – we literally DO have Halloween things out NOW!! Come on!! It’s August 1st… see commercialism – ugh it’s bad. Disgusting actually… but whatever – welcome to America 🙄

Anyway… so when he say that to me… my mouth just spoke before my brain had a chance to stop it lol… and I say “oh that’s from last year, but I work for funeral homes so it still fits” lol – it has skulls and stuff lol

He laugh – but did not expect me to be from funeral home and that sometimes takes people back for minute. You don’t really expect it – usually I don’t say anything … but it just flew out my mouth lol

It was kinda funny – I forget totally about the lanyard holding my keys.

I also went in a store after work 🤨😝😝 😷

Yuck!!! Anyway… that sucked, but I needed milk and stuff so I had to. I didn’t plan ahead and order this week. I haven’t gone into grocery store for at least a year lol – it’s been awesome ❤️ I can be lugging things. Is just easier for me… it’s very hard otherwise because of chest… but whatever – I handled it.


It was Monday… Tuesday be crazy too… relax – no Covid or Monkey stuff yet? Or anything else they can throw a us. I will say if anything becomes issue. Currently no.


So… my transfer – I might lose my boss and have another, in which case be careful…

I am fiercely loyal so just be careful ✌️my boss has my level of trust so… not sure another could handle like my boss does so… I will not be very happy – I want only my boss and my people.

Although I already fall in love with the staff have now! They amazing and are GREAT teammates ❤️

Wonderful click and also teamwork!! So I already enjoy them, I want this one… but it could make me lose my boss ☹️

Because it’s not in my area, is in another area and county. I am a check approver – I am not allowed to be a check approver for multiple areas… I can either have city, or country.

I would lose all my solid people for new people 😮😱 gasp!!!


Can 2022 cut the shit with making so much change?! Enough already!!! Ugh can we just be boring for little while?? Ya know where nothing happens ? Can we maybe try that and see how goes? 🙏 I am tired of constant constant constant change omg stop ✋

Ok. So life is making me live my entire life this year 🤨 ugh – seriously?


Ugh … fine. I just like it little more peaceful and not change everything insanely!!!

Can give me some time to absorb things? Omg

See life gets fed up waiting for me to live it.. so then it just throws it all at me!! I’m totally sure that’s what happens!!!


Ugh … it’s gonna make me be all back to life… I kinda like the quiet and peace. But ok … I suppose I can try more life for minute? Ugh ok I DO love life, but slowly … no pushing … life pushes!!

In middle of nowhere was just so away from everything … now I have one foot in peace and the other in life.

I dunno. I do not know if I ready for life to come back? I do not know? I like my little life where keep to self and focus on work and family. That is also life.

But lately since I in the thick of it at work? Many say to me… go live life for minute

I know I know – I will – I know they right little bit.

So… I’m not too sure with life ? I do not trust it at all!!!

Anyway.. I’ll figure it out… life will make me 🤨

Also… so one thing 😄😄… this guy – totally click with him – his personality is just very awesome 👏 we laugh a lot … however lol …

So I use emojis obviously lol ✌️… I feel it helps you “feel me” lol 😘

Anyway… I always use the usual ones lol

He uses the one that he made look like him 😄😄 so that makes me laugh – I am not too sure about those always in text lol – I never use those

There ya go lol … there is me lol ✌️

Anyway on that note – good night 😘❤️✌️

Now it’s just funny. Lol 😄✌️ good night 💤

7 thoughts on “Ahhh life

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  1. My emoji is fat with pulled up blue hair – exactly me!

    I finally started getting a (false) sense of control over my life then ended up with 3 sick/injured cats (and the 3 kittens disappeared, hopefully taken by humans, not coyotes).

    It never stops!

    Yay for good staff at thd new location!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol oh stop – you are funny

      Well that is not very brightening lol

      I would be happy with a simple “lull” lol

      Yes very happy with the staff – they amazing – I also love the location.

      But I give up my team maybe? I not be part of? I don’t know if they can fix or will allow. 🙏

      I might lose them and then it be all different – so I do not know. We see

      Depends on management – better be good. We see.

      But I hope to keep my people 🙏🙏😩😩🙏🙏❤️❤️


    1. They do kinda nail it in cartoon form lol

      And yes… cause you can customize it… even with freckles 😮

      Well I handle the finances – so they need checks for things – I have to give ok and approve the checks they need.

      I do many things lol ✌️😘

      Liked by 1 person

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