What I do?

Ok so how did it go?

It was fun. I actually had a blast.

So he come to my house and we load up the cooler with the food… I made sandwiches 🥪, cut up fruit, potato salad, Tortilla chips with these guacamole cups ❤️, and then a small cheesecake for desert 🧺

So we get that loaded – he have big truck and on top was a red and blue Kayak.

So we start going – and I proudly announce “I will be the navigator” lol (you should probably not let me do that lol)

Once we get into mountains – GPS was shit!! We shoulda went OLD SCHOOL and used PAPER MAP!! Lol 🗺 …

But I look at map on technology so finally we find it, no thanks to technology lol … we had put driving directions into each one of our phones and he was gonna arrive 2 minutes before me ?? 😄😄 … that should have been a clue lol

And then your phone would tell you 7 more miles – but then when you drive route – suddenly is 53 miles lol what???

Yeah that was no good – but we finally find the place but it is packed… everyone from the valley heads up to mountains when heat is crazy… is much more comfortable and nice in mountains ❤️ … just everyone escapes there and was BEAUTIFUL weekend omg

But they tell us – parking is full, and we would not be able to launch the kayaks there…

But then the security guard tell us a place that we would love and should be good… so we evidentially like punishment so… we GPS again lol

Finally we find it ❤️ it was beautiful and serene… you can take FULL breaths here ❤️

Let me show you ❤️…


It is quite a workout lol … I thought perhaps I be in wheelchair today lol – cause it works your legs AND core lol 👏 … but totally fine… no aches lol ❤️ I think it’s magic up there … cause you breathe so deep from such beauty and the air so fresh

Is about 4,000ft above sea level – so your ears pop, lol … like airplane does when you go up. Air is thinner there – but crisp ❤️ the weather was perfect.

We have music 🎶, had picnic 🧺, exercise, lots of laughter – we have so much fun! 🙌

I was NOT murdered lol ✌️ my friends make me share location 🙄 ❤️ … happens when your friends all work in funerals lol 🙄

Yeah bitches – I am here : (maybe turn sound down – there will be rustling lol )

❤️ sorry about the rustling – I had a waterproof case on and also tied around me – I am NOT taking chances – but wanna remember the beauty and moment lol ✌️❤️

I just know who I am lol ✌️😘 😉

So anyway, how your soul not want that? Omg so beautiful!!! When you there – the world melts away completely ❤️

I wish John Denver had done a song about the Sierra Nevadas before he died. I love the way he saw through music 🎶 ❤️ West Virginia has a song and so does Colorado lol … I wish for one about the Sierras ( better be good lol)

Where my love for the Sierra Nevada Mountain range?? There is nothing – how is there nothing ?

Who would I want to sing that, if I don’t have John Denver to chose from? 🤔 hmm…


For now, that song fits ❤️ That one for Sierra

Otherwise there is nothing good 👎 … I give anyone challenge for that – but again you have to have been there and know that beauty and can put into words … otherwise do not attempt lol – I am harsh musical critic with certain things lol ✌️😘

So that is closest currently ❤️ … so that song for Sierra Nevadas for now… until someone can be brilliant 💋✌️

We find a little secluded beach 🏝 and we have snacks and 💧 water – I slathered in lotion all day long ❤️ I am more freckly, but not screaming red lol – woo hoo!!

Ugh freckles 😝 I don’t know why they bother me, only on me they bother ??

When I would complain about all the freckles … my grandmother would say those are angel kisses 💋😳

Every time she say that, I think of freckles elsewhere lol … ummm angels do not have to kiss me so much!! I am good!!

I am just dotted so 🤷‍♀️ and I also don’t like they can be dangerous – I have way too many!! (my kids used to call me cheetah mom because I was always making them go fast and I am dotted 🙄😄😄) – in my defense – they were very slow little people lol ❤️✌️

I swear the sun makes them darker and give me more!! 🤨

The beach was sooo peaceful and serene and just incredible ❤️

There was NO ONE… you can have such deep breath there! Look at how incredible beautiful that is!

How the Sierras NOT have a GOOD song??? OMG!! Totally kills me!!


We head back maybe 5:30? Cause we went far. and sun start to make way of descent

I don’t really know time actually, because I wasn’t paying attention to time really

So “ish” lol ✌️

Was a no clock day ⏰ chill 🙌❤️


So we get back to truck – have more food for dinner. And begin to head home… it late and we so tired and full lol… so we gonna get hotel and I would have own room… I want to do cheap place because I pay for my own… but there were no hotels 🏨 and we had more than hour to drive to my house and even longer for his… he was many hours away!

We pull over and he find a Marriott but I didn’t wanna be so expensive but he say he get both so alright whatever. It was nice room, and then this morning I meet him for breakfast in lobby and we load and head home…

On way home, we go right by Folsom State Prison … and check it…


Is beautiful area, you would never know was a prison there – is rich affluential area… there is also The Folsom Dam

There are fisheries and really cool things – there are shopping outlets if you like that.

We didn’t stop – we tired of driving lol we spend most of time in car lol – that is one way to know a person lol

He was always gentleman, never made it about sex… very chill funny laid back… wants to share life experience like that with someone 😮

Ok so… he is very older than me lol… 🤫 he was telling me story about how he start out as adult and I was not even born yet 😮 he is 20 years older than me 😮

No … I do not have daddy issues… he does not seem 20 years older in looks, but in life he has a maturity so I kinda like that. Just appreciates life, enjoys moment

I dunno … we have fun and he very happy to be with me lol … I enjoyed the time

And he is builder from the coast so… he have time to do whatever – he can do whatever he wants

I however, have to continue to survive also lol ✌️ for ownself

He say “can’t wait to find what we can do next time”

He ready to just take me all over the place 😮 he talking about flying to Vegas for weekend sometime lol

Ok wait !! Do not blind me… easy lol

He want to actually share life adventure when able

He live very far from me – 3 hours lol … but he speak about going everywhere lol

He likes Blues music 🎶 … I like it – but I am more of the classical blues ✌️

He says he has many toys – such as these kayaks and I guess buggies and many things lol

He has a lot of energy to be older than me lol … but he has a laid backness too

He’s like ready to be all in lol … umm … I say I work a lot … he say “ take some time for life” lol dang it


Ok life, let’s not be crazy

Why do I feel nervous to have someone back in my life? I don’t know. It give me weird feeling, because I don’t know?? And he is very much living life lol

So … I am not sure how to see? He is going to blind me.. I need to watch that… but he is fun and take me away to heaven so – how I not like that? How I not get blinded?

I had peace so … I dunno – yeah this one understands life – but he also has the money to do so.

He wants to do things with me… and make time to do.

Ok. So … 😳🤷‍♀️ ok let me just see

I like him, we have wonderful time and enjoy company 🙌 he very respectful

So I feel like I am asking myself – do I want life? 😮

Life what are you doing?


He say he busy, I busy and then we do weekends or vacas lol …

Careful with the blinding… slow


Lol … but then I have fun, and don’t wanna miss life… he tempt me with just life


It was just fluke I meet him and he like whirlwind

See … if I put myself out there… is always some kinda whirlwind

Am I ready I don’t know – am I ok with that? I do not know. I gonna think.

I had fun though ❤️ enjoyed


So today was awesome – he did good picking first memory

So… my friends all “do it, he want to spend time with you” lol .. I get that. It’s just so fast – I just meet


Ahhh so … very smart to tempt me with life

I am just not so fast… but he is on different time line than me… he wants to take in as much life as possible 😮

My friends are all “ let him”

lol … ok We see lol

They do not like when I say that lol… but I’m sorry – we will see ✌️ don’t make me go all fast!

So my life likes to be all crazy always ??? Doesn’t it seem that way?

I try to keep it pretty chill… life makes it all crazy

Ok so 🤷‍♀️ he older, wealthy and ya know – I just gonna be careful. Although I enjoyed the moments he show me, and he want to do with … he enjoy me also – we laugh a lot … our laughs sorta match

He excited to take me places

I just wanna make sure he not be blinding me.

And then also … I build my life so please do not ask me to give up – I don’t want to be at mercy again… he doesn’t seem like that type, but I just careful person.

He will remind me of being young so I want him to go slow lol


I say I am about the moments – so what I do?

I have such massive things always … oh 2022!

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  1. Yay for a good day/date!!!

    Of course you’re confused… the last time you trusted someone nearly destroyed you.

    I’m laughing at how opposite we are… you require sep room. On of ky first ‘dates’ was ME suggesting and paying for a room that we used for only a couple hours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes 🙌… had wonderful time ❤️

      Yeah… little bit of that… but he is gentle demeanor even driving. He has sisters, he very family oriented

      I do believe he has a son – somewhere in my age range 😮

      Lol… well I just meet, I only learn him during this trip. Lol

      Was funny though cause he didn’t wanna do some cheap place – he say with hotels he just can’t lol … ok whatever – just be aware I can’t do things like that

      And he just takes care of

      He actually excited to spend time with so… I dunno 🤷‍♀️ lol I like him – is just fast

      Total whirlwind! Whirlwinds make me nervous

      Plus this is just new


    1. Yeah and I forgot a detail… his birthday – IS the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 lol … he is also a cancer 😮

      Hahaha well I always enjoy life … I love all my moments (mostly – not really the cry ones)

      I love life and experiences

      I am little nervous with being a girlfriend or anything? I dunno?

      I have no reason to be – but I am

      He just totally whirlwinded my life

      Makes me little nervous with fastness. I do not trust fast. Well I try not to lol ✌️

      But he totally has different time line than me. He wants to experience every moment of life and enjoy with someone before he doesn’t have chance and while able

      Lol … ok whirlwind

      I am just slow 🦀

      Life is really making me experience everything this year 🤨

      So we see, but I had wonderful time 😊 it was very beautiful. ❤️✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I had wonderful time. We enjoyed the whole day!

        Nice choice on impressive outting

        Well he isn’t young and he know that, and he has money to do whatever he wants – he wants to share with someone

        That is all he talk about – having companion to enjoy life experiences with

        Even way he puts it make hard to say no… how I say no?

        Lol… no no.. don’t take me to beautiful amazing places to have fun lol omg – how I say no?

        He hit that one outta the park for sure – smart choice

        Picnic and kayaking

        Plenty of time to know him and talk and then stunning with the scenery and keep me busy doing fun things

        He want to live while he can… he just wanna share with someone

        I always speak of moments and living life …and then life is like “ok … then let’s see how you do” 😮

        But yes had a great day with lots of fun – very peaceful ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful images. 🙌 It’s a very beautiful place indeed. Looks so serene and peaceful as you said. 💕

    I hope you enjoyed it, don’t think about anything else right now, life is good just think about that. It will unfold on its own, no worries.

    Yeah John Denver did not make a song for this place, I like him, his West Virginia was so good. I absolutely love it. 🙏🏽 Wonderful lyrics.

    😁 I got to see your freckles, yup I have heard they are mostly on redheads and due to some special chemicals only found in rare people. So you rare 👌.

    Rest up now. 🙏🏽 God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes VERY peaceful and beautiful ❤️

      Yes I will try 🙏 just little cautious

      Lol – I had never heard that so I google ? 😱 is only 4 to 5 % of population 😳 I had no idea lol 😮 interesting – did not realize that

      I remember always being the only dotted one usually 😝 some have just few … but not like me

      But I grow up in warm states mostly – everyone was tan and beautiful – and I was dotted lol, and kinda really white

      Sun burns my skin a lot … it sizzles me – I have to wear a lot of lotion to be ok lol

      If I don’t I get bad burns – actual burns 😮 … I don’t really tan lol … also I shed like 🐍 if burned bad enough ugh omg

      Interesting though – now I want to know more? Why is like that?

      My red hair has other effects too, like with medication – it takes more pain medication for red heads … also anesthesia all that?? Something about red heads ??

      I don’t understand what is? But very interesting info

      Medically they were always saying to me – is because of your red hair lol – what??

      Yup work tmrw ✌️ have a good night 💤 🙏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have been to eastern seirras many times but never wondered why there isn’t a song for the Seirras like the one John Denver style. I also wished if he could have made one. Rest I loved your travel with this older gentleman. Life is so beautiful some times with surprises. You meet them but you are not sure. But the good thing is you are having wonderful time. That’s what matters. I hope time will reveal everything. Thanks for the share. Loved it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I enjoyed very much, was comfortable and fun … good choice on his part

      Cause now that is my memory with him lol – I did have wonderful time.

      I like his appreciation of life and things, so I looking at that.

      My life is so nuts… from one minute to next lately!! Lol

      But yes had incredible weekend ❤️✌️ thank you 😊


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