Come original

So… happy belated Friday 🙌❤️ early Saturday

Was bittersweet Friday …

You would not believe the craziness of today.

I can’t tell you anything sorry.

But I can say… I saw evil … and good✌️ but I already know the good.

I had no commute 😮 .04 miles from my house 😮❤️

Big city is insane and crazy… little town is more quiet… but not crazy insane with other things

Also… I think big city – but this is small town… is completely different, so my mind is absorbing that

Is weird. I’m just used to insanity lol ✌️

Big city:

Little town:

See?? Drastic difference 😮

Anyway… we see how goes. What will life bring? 😳

And that brings me to tomorrow…

Ok so… peddle kayaking lol … he is sweet and funny so alright we see.

His voice is very happy sounding lol …

It’s funny because I like the way he does not overwhelm me… he chill. Not effort to get in pants, but instead to know life … but we see…

I start to think – it’s probably fluke and maybe we not click… but then I talk to him and then it clicks again? Is weird

But we will see, I observe tmrw

I am not sure really what I think about this.

I want to not like him… so I can be like “no” ✌️😘

But I do like him… he is sweet, kinda funny – he sounds so happy lol … he’s very chill 🙌

So we see – adventure time picnic 🧺 😳😮

I just gonna see if actually click

We see.

Probably be fun though… I bought spf 50 for body and spf 70 for face … whatever – say whatever – that is still NOT enough spf!!

I just burn easy. 🔥 … lol and I live in California ✌️

I do not like the smell of sun lotion. 😝

Alright well good night for now… I be back soon ✌️

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