Jesus lol

On Friday at work – I forgot my reading glasses – so I had to order a pair on door dash – thank god for that! Lol

Well it took awhile and I had stuff going on already – was already in thick of it…

And then the notification came on my phone …

Lol… Jesus 😄

For one quick second – I was like what? 😮

I’m at work handling churches and stuff so was kinda humorous

Thank you Jesus 💋😄❤️🙏✌️ 🤓 lol

I got to meet Jesus lol

Yeah it doesn’t stop lol … too easy!

I’m so sorry but this what happens when that is your name, you use that on door dash and I work in funerals – you have to have fun somewhere ✌️

Ugh Monday – here we go 😳

6 thoughts on “Jesus lol

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    1. Well hello there lol – long time no read 😘✌️

      Lol… very true… very thankful was Jesus and not Satan lol

      Thank you Jesus lol ❤️

      Good to finally hear from you again – I hope all is well!!

      Take care 😘✌️

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      1. See … life lol … how it goes 🙄 rollercoaster 🎢

        Haha yes yes you do lol ✌️😘 … you way behind lol – only teasing

        Glad you back 😊🙌

        Liked by 1 person

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