New Stuff

So I know a new person 🙌

They are from India 🇮🇳… so of course I asking a ton of questions lol …

I was not sure how he fit… but he fit amazing!! it takes a special type – he has it!

I’m so excited – he’s gonna do great!!

He has wonderful personality and sense of humor that you do not expect lol 🙌❤️ he has a calming and peace to him

Anyway like I said – I’m grilling him about India lol … because I am curious 🧐

I want to know what is differences and I learn 😮

So of course I live in America… we have huge portions of food… tons of food… check out our top killers in America – is heart disease right up there – obesity … unhealthy foods and things

He tell me your healthy foods in India are cheaper… well here in America it is opposite … the healthy stuff is the most expensive … the healthier it is, the more expensive it is. (The almighty dollar always!)

But if you want fatty processed foods – those are cheap cheap cheap

And we talk about Indian food …which he say you can do without any spice? Yes? I don’t know if my tummy be ok? So he say he make and we see lol

Oh and he tell me this funny thing… when he got to America and went to Indian restaurant – he was like “what is this?” Lol because it was creamy when isn’t normally creamy … he says the Indian food is Americanized lol … yes I am sure it is…

Yes as Americans we take your food and Americanize it lol … ✌️ we do that to everyone lol

But don’t areas of the world take American things and cater them to that society… I have seen documentaries about things we don’t have offered at McDonald’s… but is offered only in other countries lol ✌️

Don’t you change our foods to your tastes?

And then on another subject… if you have a person who dies and has no money or no family or anything…

He said India takes care of each other – everyone pitch in little bit money to help, he say you just do. ❤️ he also say funerals are not as expensive as they are here in America

Here in America of course, it is an industry. You could do a GoFundMe … but generally is left to next of kin

It costs a lot of money for you to come IN TO the world…

And it costs a lot of money for you to leave the world. Sadly … that should not be the case but it is

You are looking at thousands of almighty dollars 💸 cremation cheapest…but still some don’t even have that, is sad 💔

If people are homeless – how the hell they afford a funeral? So yeah… you would become ward of the state and be in hands of coroner and public administrator.

Is much nicer to take care of your people. 🙏❤️ that is heartwarming

You don’t see that here… why? Because is the almighty dollar always.

Also everything here is commercialized – everything – because yup – you guessed it… the almighty dollar ✌️💸

He said India does not have same issues we do

I so curious about everything!

But yeah he fits right in!! He found his peeps lol ✌️

His sense of humor and timing with it is perfect lol … well mostly lol …

Because Sunday morning bright and early he send group text of just “good morning” lol.

Funeral people are always on alert lol – so maybe morning greetings little later on Sunday mornings and we don’t normally do that lol …

We just put out overnight activity

He will learn – he already is!!

We do sometimes do memes lol 😄❤️✌️

Lol… so my business – is one where I just say “you gonna be thrown in the fire” …

It is right of passage lol ✌️😄

So on his first day – we were not too sure … he wore too much cologne and it’s overwhelming at first to be at funeral home and we sometimes forget that cause we running all around ✌️

Well so …day one – we were like – will he survive? Lol

But we politely explained that we have sensitive families so maybe tone down the cologne… you can wear it… just don’t swim in it lol 😘✌️

So day 2, he actually comes back lol … and then his test begins lol…

The director had to leave for service, so he had to man the funeral home all by himself lol

The director was gone for about an hour and a half …

In that time, there was flower deliveries, package deliveries, families showing up, phones ringing and he did something to the alarm system and set that off lol .. all at the same time


But ya know – sometimes is crazy like that- he handled it like a pro… but he was funny … because when the director came back, he immediately goes over to him and says “you would not believe the day I have had” 😄😄😄

We say to him… hey!! you on day 2, you can’t say that yet lol … it was just funny – he has wonderful temperament and sense of humor

He will fit in perfect!! Also.. since he speak Indian he huge asset! He already help with language barrier for us ❤️

So let’s see if he survives lol … welcome to death 🤗

I’m excited – he very funny – and he picks it up quick… very smart.

See – just keep me smiling and never make me cry lol ✌️😘❤️

Ok … so there is all that going on…

And then I have the picnic on Saturday 😮

He called me today to talk about that lol…

It still sounds fun, I like his personality.

It’s a picnic ❤️ yay!

We each bringing things and I have to say… what do you not eat? Lol

He say he eat whatever – hmm 🤔

If you ask me that – do not bring sushi or fish – nothing from the sea! No! 😝😝 ugh and even the smell yeah no

I will make potato salad and bring sandwiches 🥪- he can bring dessert 🧁 and drinks 🥤 … and some fruits and veggies for snacking

And then we deciding where to go? 🤷‍♀️ well I dunno lol … if you ask me that – I am more fluent and familiar with Lake Tahoe … I always just think North … I never think of south

I do love the southern area below me… also very beautiful – I just don’t know that area well. Not my territory lol ✌️

So… where to go. We just have to decide that now lol

Ok so what if this actually goes well? 😮

How I gonna do that? Ok… one moment at a time ✌️

I’m excited … but it weird ? So??

All of it weird… how we meet – how we click… it just happen

He’s quite bir older 😮… maybe 15 years or so ?

But we see … there could be red flags 🚩 I do not know yet. We see

So far he does well -definitely A on the effort!

He is totally not overwhelming me, which is good

He just hands back does his thing and then text me once in a while and called me tonight

So ok – he’s pretty chill – not stalker style type…so we see.

Ok well I wrote that last night and then fell asleep – so here ya go lol ✌️😘

Ps… also if anything I say is incorrect – please correct or elaborate so I know ✌️😘

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  1. He is right, healthy stuff such as vegetables, fruits, and all those protein sources are good on value. Unhealthy stuff is more expensive. But we still need money for that. And as you said almighty dollar 😂

    I wonder how you hire people, what is the criteria and what work people need to do and what is pay range? I heard average American earns $42k. 😮 That’s a lot of money here. Literally millionaire.

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    1. He bring some watermelon 🍉 today … but it had Indian seasonings on it ?! It was hot to me… but he say not hot lol – my tastes are sensitive to heat?

      He said … that his family tells him oh my you got fat 😮 … He said is not offensive that is how they speak.

      He said was very expensive to come to America – and usually ones who come to USA have money?

      I asked if there was way to sneak into America? And he say yeah but they catch you lol

      He say you don’t have gun issues and even your police are not allowed to shoot anyone without permission.

      And if you commit a crime – they always find you and you guys have a fear or respect of police

      Where that is not always case here

      Also… you guys don’t speak of sex or gender lol

      I asked him … what was the biggest thing to you when you first come here? He said there was culture shock but the biggest thing is how we have to all work work work for money to live – we always working

      He said in India is more relaxed and the woman stays home and handles house – the man works and it goes well

      My own culture is supposed to be that way… the woman is supposed to stay home and take care of home and kids – man works … but here in America that was like a million years ago

      So if you come to me for a job – bring resume… I wanna know where you have worked before, how long you did jobs for, and what you did – your resume will tell me all that about you…

      Then I will call you in for interview – we see how you react with us, and if would be good fit?

      I wanna know how you handle fast paced or stress under pressure ?

      I also wanna know how you would handle an A type personality because I have a lot of those – they control the services and they have to be on it

      Can you work well on a team and jump in when needed?

      I have arrangers and directors – they are same but one is licensed – I can get you licensed if want

      You would work with churches and cemeteries and the VA ( veterans – cause they get military honors)

      You also deal with state and counties – doctors, hosp. Coroner etc

      You coordinate and schedule services and then carry through services and whole time having communication with family making sure they taken care of

      I also have admin – which is what I do… financials … reports … I am responsible for all repairs on locations also… and scheduling staff, hiring etc

      I have attendants who work with directors and arrangers – they serve the family and see if they need anything or help seat them.

      And then I have part timers which do little of everything whatever we need

      Well your salary depends on your job … I make about that… directors make more because they are licensed for their job…

      Attendants and part timers make little over minimum wage – is part time no benefits

      If full time you get benefits such as insurance – health and life, dental. Paid time off, vacation, etc

      Is funerals so can’t really have errors – we teach you but sometimes you thrown in fire lol

      Have a good sense of humor cause not easy job – is death you gonna see a lot of sadness and sometimes your heart breaks for them… know how to balance and self care

      This is a job that kinda requires a level of dedication

      You are taking care of grieving families so you have to be able to stay in control to make all go smoothly … you have to give them heart, and still be firm and help them through grief and the service. Sometimes everything comes at you

      But you have a team behind you so isn’t so bad – we have best team

      So that would be how you get a job with us. Best if you have office work so we know you familiar with computer work – there are ALOT of programs we use – for corporation and also state etc

      Must know computers … speak English… if speak another language MENTION that – cause that is huge.

      Different languages help us help those communities … I need Indian, Spanish, Russian etc

      I need good work ethic and to know you gonna come to work and I can count on you.

      Have good sense of humor and good moral demeanor because we deal with many things that have regulations – I need good morals cause I am not dealing with any bad stuff

      I like perfectionists – because they organized.

      I also have receptionist who just answers phone and greets people for us… they make just above minimum wage. Mine just turned in her notice so I have to find another

      We need help so if people looking!

      It is not a job for everyone – you will see dead people, you do have to touch them to verify the numbers on their tags and paperwork to make sure identity is correct.

      You have to accept caskets ⚰️ with people in it, as well as, cremated remains – you will have to fill urns and things like that.

      Also drive a hearse lol or flower van …

      It is a job that you do not know what’s coming next – so you just go with flow and work with family through all that.

      It can be stressful – but again I have entire team behind me so isn’t so bad … and they make you laugh to balance.

      You have to have a good demeanor so everyone get along and work well together for sake of family

      Sometimes people come to us but is a job they don’t realize until they there … is not for everyone – not everyone can handle the things we see or deal with.

      You see the best of humanity and also the worst. But you have to give decency to all and respect all religions and people.

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    2. Also… 42k here is nothing… you just above poverty

      The houses in my town are anywhere from $450,000 to millions of dollars… my monthly mortgage is about $2,500 a month 😮… plus I have utilities about $250, water trash and recycle ♻️ I think like $120?

      Then my phone bill 💸… and credit cards which I don’t have any debt – I pay right off

      And then groceries … for me and daughter 1 week groceries it be about $150

      Things she needs? Whatever that is at the time for clothes or whatever – but not cheap!

      Gas is almost $7

      If you were to rent a place – rents are sky high! Higher than my mortgage

      Totally not millionaire lol… I wish lol

      I am just average – I think?? Lucky but average lol ✌️ ☘️

      I asked about your homeless – he said you don’t have them the same we do… is not as bad as us.

      We so expensive people can’t survive – and also drugs or mental conditions

      … that is NOT a lot of money here lol

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      1. Whatever he said is true. If I earned $42k in USA, that would be roughly 3.3 million rupees here. So much currency difference. Here that is considered super rich. 😮

        Fuel is anywhere around $1.5. Basic food and vegetables around $5-10 for a family of 4 for a week. It’s good here. But that is still a lot of money for us. Very different currencies we have.

        I respect the work you do. Seems very hectic and always fast paced. I know computers, I work on my laptop all day. If I was there I would give it a shot. 🙏🏽 But I don’t know if I would fit. I have no experience with deaths fortunately. So I don’t know. But I respect you and the people who work in this industry. 🙏🏽

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      2. Well he did say in India is not as hectic and you aren’t not always having to work to survive… you have more of life than work.

        It is expensive to live here – but also I am in California … my cost of living is higher than most of USA because is California

        Hawaii is REALLY expensive!!

        The currency is crazy different … he was telling me about yours …

        So one American dollar … he tell me was a lot of rupees ? But I forget how much he say?

        It is hectic and fast paced sometimes – there are down times – depends

        You never know what gonna come in… that’s why weekends I pray 🙏 lol … cause come Monday is crazy!

        You don’t have to have funeral experience, I do NOT mind training someone if they fit with us, and sometimes is best when have no experience so we can teach you the way we want you to do it, without any prior habits.

        If you have heart, good morals, good communication, good work ethic and a sense of humor for balance… be respectful always

        Also maybe be somewhat social… is a people business, you taking care of people.

        You do not need experience if you have a drive to succeed…

        We will train.

        He has no experience in funerals either… lol… he has office background… I been spending a lot of time with him training, but many things he will learn ON the job. I am showing him our programs and how to do them – what he need to know and showing him best way so don’t get swallowed ✌️

        He does good… he has good English and speaks Indian ? I don’t know which version – you have several don’t you? I keep forgetting to ask that?

        He is very delightful to work with – very good personality, appearance, demeanor.

        His personality is easy to get along with… good sense of humor and outlook to life … he jumps right in to help ❤️ Right away he does

        He is kind and thoughtful, so far has good work ethic… everyone is liking him and he fits at this location sooooo good!!

        I always tell people, when you looking for a funeral home – shop around, because each one different …

        There are several to possibly fit. We are nationwide and some tell me is worldwide 🤷‍♀️ I dunno?

        But it just depends cause each one handles different populations And communities.

        I have ones that specialize in Jewish or Muslim …

        Mine specializes in catholic and Greek

        The one he works at has a high Asian population – so he will see many Asian funerals

        My AOR (area of responsibility) is 3… the 3 I just mentioned …

        But there are many funeral homes – you can go to any one you want or fit in with, but I sometimes bounce between funeral homes if people need help. Is good to have experience of other operations.

        Some of staff embalms – but only those who ok with it and want to do it (that’s a big no for me – I do NOT wanna do that. lol) ✌️

        ** also one other important aspect… you can be passionate about your work – I am, but do not take work home in the manner of thoughts … you have to leave the heartache at work ✌️

        Can be crazy business – not for weak hearted – we have children sometimes so… it can be difficult

        You can NOT bring that home!

        You have to be able to juggle your own life – and be able to walk away when work is over

        That is hard to do. But you can not have heartache or unbalance in work AND life – is best if you have calm life and this is a calling? Many have stories to what brought them to us . I will have to ask his? I won’t see him today though – I don’t think?

        You can get burnt out in this business. Be aware of emotions and your own self ✌️

        Also a level of maturity helps because is sensitive work. 😊

        I love my team though ❤️… and I’m good with people in this area. So I like the job

        But welcome anyone ❤️ you learn as you go

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      3. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time to tell me everything. 😊

        He is right, 1 USD => 80 INR (as of today) its crazy difference.
        We have many languages and to be specific the last time I checked we had 21 spoken languages in India. So you can ask him if you are curious which language he speaks. Most common are Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc. 🙏

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      4. I did not see him today … probably not again for few days he has some days off because of schedule they have him on.

        But the minute I see him I will ask!

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