What is this???

I have this video I wish I could show you. But is of my mother. For her privacy I don’t want to share …

But I dunno what’s wrong??

They do CT scan and every blood test – everything coming through normal… is not normal!!!! I promise you something is not normal!!!

She having these episodes where she has these shocks?? It reminds me of when you are asleep, and you dreaming – and whatever dream you have – maybe falling – you jerk?? Do you understand??

She make this weird face and for quick second jerks oddly, but tells me she doesn’t know or realize she do that. She keep doing it?? It makes me worry and cry

They say go to Neurologist… but we have been and they tell us she fine.

She not fine!!!

All tests come back normal – she is not normal… her brain or something is misfiring ?? Causing her to jerk?? Why …and what’s this blood in urine??

Ugh 😩

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I have no idea what to think

I wish you could see this video …

She’s fine and talking to me… I was gonna put her pajama pants on because she was only wearing the hospital gown… so I was explaining what I gonna do and asking her if she have any pain or anything?

She say no. And would jerk… I would say “what was that?” and she say “what?” And would jerk again… I would say “Mum, why you doing that?”

And she say “what honey? What’s the matter?” Because I would start to cry.

So I don’t know.

Anyone with an Alzheimer’s/dementia person who experience this or know of this?? What is this???

Some are so bad the care home thinks is stroke 😳

I am just so confused

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  1. the hospital doesn’t do full body tests? like checking everything to determine what’s wrong. because yes I understand what you are saying, suddenly jerk off. I have had a few instances in my sleep of it. it’s scary.
    The hospital should check everything.

    Please take care of your mother. I pray for her. God bless you.

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    1. They have been – we asked for MRI yesterday but due to insurance reasons and being in ER they were unable to put in that request.

      So we go through the neurologist to have that ordered

      It’s very scary!!

      I hope we can figure out 🙏🙏 I gonna lose her – but I want her to be ok. I want her to have peace at end of life.

      It almost seems to erase her memories as well?? She not remember me…

      I say “you know who I am?”

      And she say “ yes honey, I know who you are”

      Who am I?

      And she just says “oh you are her” 🤨 lol 🤷‍♀️

      I say “Mum, I am your daughter Trisha”

      And she say “oh yes honey, I knew that”

      She knows my spirit cause she smiles a lot around me and is at ease with me… but she forget who I am to her … and who I am at all ☹️💔

      It’s very hard 💔

      Thank you for your thoughts and support ❤️🙏🙏

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